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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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no way

You have got to be kidding me!! I am SHOCKED that this article is being published with the DN! I have seen some amazingly stupid articles...but this takes the cake. WOW! Nothing like slander against innocent (not proven guilty) individuals.

Tainted blood

This is no witch hunt and no religious persecution. There is nothing religious about FLDS, old men, raping teenage girls. The FLDS leaders telling these girls that the outside world is all evil and corrupt, and telling these young FLDS girls that this is what GOD wants them to do, and that they need to put up, shut-up, and take it, and bear all the rapes of older FLDS perverts. They have no chance for a legal marriage. They cannot whatsoever have their precious Mormon pioneer blood tainted by outsiders.

Re Thank you DN ...

Thank you DN, You are correct. I cant believe anyone who thinks a little intimidation by eye contact is nothing. We have all been intimated by eye contact at one time or another. Think back when you were a child, that is about the mental status of most of these women. We all have to remember the inner fear they have of these men. Elissa was a very young women at the time she was intimated in trial, kudos to her bravery. Intimination can be stronger then words because you never know exactly what the consequence will be. That is just my opionion...


Anyone who thinks some of Warren Jeffs' most rabid supporters weren't doing everything they possibily could to try to prevent their "prophet" from being convicted of rape simply doesn't understand the blind devotion that they have for Jeffs.

They broke law after law after law in trying to keep him from being arrested. They certainly weren't going to let him go to prison if they could stop it.

Now they want to derail any possible criminal charges that will be coming from the investigation of child abuse at the YFZ ranch.

They'll claim of course, that no abuse has been proven, and that proves that there was no abuse.

Just as they claim that Warren never participated in the abuse of any 14-year-old girls.


To silenta: I thought the same thing. What would be such slanderous descriptions on the part of law enforcement? a hunch???

From the Creek

"Reading all the FLDS posts where FLDS men post as woman is more than a bit scary. FLDS are not to be trusted in any way shape or form."

Would you tell us just HOW you know that FLDS men are posing as FLDS women? That's almost as laughable as this article. Do you really believe that not a single FLDS woman knows how to use or has access to a computer with internet access? I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken. I like to laugh at all the accusations thrown around against us, but then I realize people actually believe them.

Just so you don't accuse me of being an FLDS man posing as a woman, I actually am an FLDS man.


This is a terrible article. There is no context at all (I had to go to Salt Lake Tribune for that) and the people listed are treated in a public forum as if they are guilty and have already done something illegal. C'mon, let's have a REAL article and not a piece of yellow journalism.


Dear DN, The comments here seem to indicate that your fair-minded and literate readers outnumber those for whom you published this defamatory article - for now. But unless you mean to replace those readers with those who only read the headlines on tabloids at the checkout, you might want to rethink your editorial policy.


The reason this dossier was sent out was because the judge in Texas who ruled on the child abuse case received notification that "enforcers" from the FLDS sect could possiby be a threat to her and family. Her home and self are under guard. The DN did not print the reason for the dossier. If the DN is your only news source, you might not know that.


Well YOU no it alls! For your information you have locked up the only true PROPHET in the world living in this day and age. Please set Warren Jeffs free. Our people need his good wisdom and knowledge.


witch hunt? | 10:14 a.m. June 11, 2008
There are witches in Texas? Who knew.

"Dear FLDS sympathizers: You reap what you sow...
Deal with it. You are busted.
Have a nice day."

You sound like Charlie Manson.

I wonder

I wonder who notified the judge that "enforcers" from the FLDS "could possibly" be out to get her--Sarah again?
Maybe they do have enforcers--I hope not. Maybe they'd even like to get her--could hardly blame them. But stupid I don't think they are. Right now they have many, many people nation wide who are upset with Texas' heavy-handed and unconstitutional treatment of the FLDS people. They'd be FOOLS to lose that support by any violent action.
No, I'm not FLDS.


geez...almost all of these folks on the dossier are either described as people who once gave somebody a mean look or as people who've never exhibited any violent or intimidating tendencies.

Looks like Judge Walther and ilk are no better at counting threatening adults than teen-aged girls.

This is an outrage

Washington County must be stopped. Sue them, remove them from office, whatever it takes to stop them from violating the rights of it's citizens. Do they show ONE crime committed by any of these people, ONE conviction, even one formal complaint filed. NO. It's all allegations, suspicions, observations of biased authorities. Nothing more. It's libel, it's slander, it's criminal. The "authorities" just won't stop. They must be sued to get them off these peoples' backs. There is NO excuse for this kind of thing. They could do it to anyone and everyone. I have a deep distrust of Utah and Texas authorities over this. I wouldn't live in Texas and maybe it's time to leave Utah.


Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN GUILTY!

Here you are saying that IF a disturbance should happen (which I think they're entitled to, given the way Texas has maltreated their families) here are the ones that most likely will be guilty.

Don't publish stuff like that, and shame on the goverment/law enforcement for doing this!

Leave them alone!!!

Sticking together

We FLDS need to stick together. These outsiders are trying to bring us down. They are heathens. While we know with out a doubt we are gods only pure ones.

Re: outrage

"Do they show ONE crime committed by any of these people, ONE conviction, even one formal complaint filed."??

Does Warren Jeffs and other FLDS man being convicted and sent to prison for abusing children count as a crime?

You forgot to include Arizona, and now Canada, in your list of places you should deeply distrust.

Basically, any place the FLDS have abused children should be included on your list.


"Washington County must be stopped. Sue them, remove them from office... They could do it to anyone and everyone."

The paranoia indeed runs deep in our community. When you've been knowingly breaking the law and looking over your shoulder to see if you're about to be caught for as long as we have, you know everyone is out to get you.


this article is PATHETIC! it really is religious persecution. i think the deseret news should be ashamed for publishing this article. i don't care what the purpose was in it. these people have done nothing wrong based on the article. if you want to post names and faces with crimes, make sure they are real crimes. pathetic....


Lets see:
-Someone "stares" at someone else in court or uses "body language" that could suggest that they might not be a total wimp, and we need to post their pictures like mug shots to the masses. (If a muffler were to backfire on Judge Walther's street today, the jackboots would go round up the whole bunch for questioning.)
-A guilty conscience is an ugly thing but the Judge needs to understand that everyone is not as vindictive as she is.
It's the FLDS that need the protection from the judge, not the other way around.

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