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Published: Friday, June 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Our dining experience at Salsa Leedos was VERY memorable........but not in a good way. We tried it shortly after it opened and was not impressed. Decided to give it another try and found nothing had changed. The combo dinner reminded us of a Banquet frozen dinner. We tried to find fish in the fish taco (it is a stew like mixture) and the chips and salsa are bland and flavorless. Yes there is some zip or heat, but that is to compensate for no flavor. Tex-Mex, no. Authentic, no. Better than drive through fast Mex? Good question!

Connie Hickman

Thank you for your opinion on this eating establishment. I really appreciate all your articles and information on the different restaurants in Salt Lake. It gives me a good insite on where and where not to eat.
Plus, I love and enjoy all the recipes you print...
I look forward to your next article..

"What? I don't know?"

sounds like a server who is just there to get a paycheck and hopefully a generous tip which I think I wouldn't leave if I had that type of response from a server who is supposed to know what's cooking in the kitchen...

Steve Jensen

I cant believe the review.. I think Travis(the owner) Is going to loose sleep over this. My family and I dine at Salsa Leedos often. I have had a service issue or two but Travis always seems to get them taken care of those problems right away.I can not believe the comment on the chips and salsa. I know the chips are homemade and the salsa is the best in the state. The gal that did this review needs to give Salsa Leedos another try. I assure you the cook cooking that night is going to be in big trouble. Just a note I believe Travis has a review that was written by Dessert News hagging on his wall in the restaurant. His walls are filled with plaques and great reviews. So as a great Salsa leedos fan. Please give the place a try.

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