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Published: Saturday, May 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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This is great news for the University of Utah! I am so excited to go to South Bend if this deal gets finalized. Go Utes!

AZ Coug

Been there, done (and won) that.


Starting At Michigan this year will be cool, starting out 0-1 isn't, but such is life when you play a top 10 school to kick things off! Congratulations Utah, I hope you get to go to South Bend and learn what it's like to be in the "Almost" same class as BYU.


This is a great opportunity for the Utes to make noise nationally. Lets hope the Utes can get the deal done!

BCS Buster

Been there, done (and won) that.


Re: AZ Coug

Have the Cougar defensive backs been discharged from the hospital after recovering from multiple broken ankles after the last time they played? Brady Quinn appreciates the school record for touchdowns in a single game. His eyes still look like dinner plates when he thinks about how wide open every player on the field was.

Y Grad / Y Dad

That is great news, Utah! One way to get around the Mountain and get some national exposure.

UT Rhyno

If a game with USU is all that stands in the way of playing the Irish, I say drop the Aggies if they won't move their game. Anyone you would replace USU with on the schedule will almost certainly be a better team anyway.

One game only?

Great for the Utes in their aims to play ND!

My only concern is this one game deal? Take one & one series like other teams in the conference. BYU has done it with USC, ND, and other pretty major programs. A one & one series legitimizes the MWC and Ute football.

But this is good news.

AZ: Please check your facts.

Considering the source, I am not surprised that you don't have your facts straight. The Cougars got drilled in 2003 and 2005 when they went to South Bend to play Notre Dame. So much for "being there and done (won) that."

However, the Cougars did beat a 6-6 Notre Dame team coached by Ty Willingham in Provo in 2004, which is not the equivalent of beating the Irish in South Bend. That was the highlight of a 5-6 Cougar team that year.


Yoots will get their fanny's handed to them.


Teams with tradition (like the school an hour south) have already played against all the big boys.

If You Can

See if you can get a ticket - who cares - GO COUGARS!!!!

tongue in Cheek

Schools like Weber, SUU and Utah need to make these sort of 'dates' with major college football programs. It is how the little schools survive, go to a big schools home, get trounced and earn a paycheck. BYU gets these sort of programs to come into their stadium so they can whoop on them, teams like Akron, Eastern Washington and those types of programs. One day Utah can be just as big as BYU and get a home date with a good school.


Actually, BYU got drilled when they played at Notre Dame.


Perfect time to play the Irish when they are losing lots of games. It is about time the Utes start playing "name" teams. They want respect, but til recently, Chris Hill keeps scheduling cupcake teams. Michigan and UCLA are a start. The jury is still out on if the Utes will continue to improve schedules.

Vernal roid

I wonder if the Gators would be willing to play the Utes, Urban knows what it's like to play a bunch of nobodys every year, and it's not like he dosen't owe the U of U for much of his success and helping him get national recognition.

Re: AZ coug

My most recent recollection of BYU in South Bend brings to mind Brady Quinn shredding BYU's secondary for numerous single game records and a "W" If you want to talk about 1-2 starts, then yes, you have been there and done that!

Dim Whit

Too bad Kyle won't be around to coach this game...

Re: BCS Buster

Please check the date on your computer...it's 2008. I know Yewt fans like to pretend that it's still 2004 and that one good year makes a football dynasty, but please do try to focus on the present and future instead of the past - that is if it's not too painful. Here's to the Irish teaching the silly Utah Hillbillies a lesson in 2010.

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