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Published: Saturday, May 31 2008 11:49 p.m. MDT

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What it shows is that Mormons are NOT a "peculiar people", they are just as greedy, wordly, ambitious, and cutthroat as anyone else! That is what is shows.

Who knew?

Oh, I did! I have lived among such self-centered Mormons my entire life!


Oh Kay, you're just bitter of our talent and success! Watch out, it's showing!


we are greedy by wanting to compete in the world and to have secular knowledge of all things around us? How about them people who are from other churches sitting in a classroom when I was in graduate school? A lot of them were Catholics and in all good fun, we teased each other, but also respected each other's beliefs etc, with no "holier than thou" mentality. Why the bitterness? Sorry if you had a bad experience with Mormons but don't judge the whole church because of the foolishness of the few...

Bad Apples

There are a few bad apples in every barrel. To stereotype anyone from any religion based on what one person in that religion did to you personally is short sighted.

If you live in Utah with a high percentage of Mormons, chances are you will have more run-ins with Mormons than maybe people of Muslim faith or Southern Baptists. Learn to separate the church from the individual person. There are scumbags of all denominations if you ask me.


I am a convert, please, please do not Judge The Church by Me. I am a work in progress, sometimes slow progress. I do not watch much TV. Reality TV is low on my list. Right Now Family Guy is more real then anything else on TV. Except COPS. I am proud of our members who have had success. From the unreality of Beauty Pageants (Mrs. America). To singing, dancing and survivor which I only watched the 1st season. I would not Judge the Church by Marie Osmond either. Donny okay I have thought of late that, he should be among the 12. Thats an example and a Fine Missionary in his own right. You have to also Count. Mitt, Gordon Smith (R) Oregon, Orin Hatch (R) Utah both as a public servant and a Song Writer. Gladys Night and many many others. Mormons are Vastly mostly Winners and M. Russell Ballard who I love and respect is right. Mormons love to Compete. Nothing wrong with that. WE are among the Very Best and Very Brightest. Well Raised, Strong Work Ethic, Respect for others, and Love The Lord. Yup that be us. Come Join Us, and I did.

Ronald A. Young

I think if you look to be offended by any group of people then you will be offended. Just in the Cards (face cards deleted of course). If that is your excuse not to join in that, that will be what it will be. We are having fun sorry you are missing out. If you are Bitter then eat some sugar, stir it in and you will be sweeter. For every Mormon that offends you, and most do not even know that they do. If they did they would care and say sorry. About a month ago we had to do some correction on the Mark of Cain thing. We could have been offended, and we where. We just gently dealt with it and moved on. Was our friend still is our friend. But I am so glad we didnt have any Black Investigators that week. The only one that is hurt buy you being offended is you. Its like your losing/gaining weight, the most interested person is you. Your Hole in One you, Your Promotion You, You getting your TR you etc. etc. For most of the rest of us its about Him.


Nice to know Mormons can be successful in reality shows. However, watching them can be depressing sometimes when participants are more worldly than I care to watch. So now I don't even watch Family Guy. You may say it isn't all that bad which means it isn't all that good. Give me I love Lucy, Andy of Mayberry and Perry Mason any day.

Utah Mormon

What I don't like as a Mormon is when shows and media (whether TV or written) make a big deal about the contestants who are Mormon or were raised mormon and then those contestants act in ways that are NOT becoming to the LDS lifestyle. Like two of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars, one smokes and "used to" drink alcohol, the other has a self-proclaimed "problem with modesty" and when I saw their mother at the CMA she was in a strapless gown that obviously didn't follow Mormom modesty outlines. There are a few others out there who proclaim to be Mormon but then their actions are not inline with church standards. That is embarrassing to me especially when I have to explain it to my non-MOrmon co-workers who ask me about it!!


A couple of times on my mission I came across one religion who really was terrible to me, so I guess since I had two different encounters, forget the nice one I worked with before my mission, those two mean that all from that religion are just terrible.

There is nothing wrong with competing, we do that in the work force, it is a healthy way to move forward, anyone notice that just like most of the contestants, those Mormon kids that didn't win, took it with class. That is part of what needs to be taught in competition, to gracefully lose.

On American Idol, it was and has never been mentioned that David and Brooke were LDS, others have been more obvious, and it seems like they are the ones that have made some choices that do not go in harmony with the LDS church. For those who are going to say, only the Mormon's make a big to do about someone from their religion, AI made comments a few times that Elliot Yamin was Jewish.


What a claim to fame! Mormons are somehow superior to other people because they perform better on realty TV!

Wow! The LDS Church MUST be the one and only true and living Church! Afterall, they placed higher on Dancing with the Stars and American Idol! That PROVES the Mormon church is TRUE!

Give me a freakin' break! What an embarrassment you people are to yourselves. Get out of your bubbles and wake up!

Ya know...

I feel a bit like the one writer -- it can be embarassing when celebrities who are known "Mormons" don't act the part.
I also think that, competition aside, some Mormons want to use their talents to share the peace and hope and love they have felt from the Gospel. That's all.



To Kay, Hazel

It is funny that you say that we are not peculiar people...I had to reply because all the time people told me that I was different...with out knowing I was Mormon...I think all depends how people takes things...I love the Parable of the Seeds..and the Talents...I will say all of them...and the teachings of Our Savior.. Have you read them?
We celebrate the success of all Our Family members...and pray for peace and understanding for all that suffer...we celebrate the success of everybody who give us a good example,makes our life happier and the world a better place to live, no matter who they are or what they believe, and join all of those who suffer with prayers,service,support...etc..if we follow Our Savior...wordly should not be in our vocabulary,or griddy...what it matters is what Heavenly Father thinks about us not so much anybody else.Words hurt if we let them,I am so glad the adversary doesn't have control either...just if we let him.I don't know how old are you,Sorry you lived around just self centered Mormons..for me all my life I had live around the best friends you can ask for...I will love to meet you,and change your mind about us..

Mark Allen

Well , I am LDS but I wasn't ordained with a cookie cutter . We are all different ,striving to be better , if we were perfect ,we wouldn't be hear only Jesus Christ was perfect .Just as the BTK killer didn't represent the baptist church no unworthy member represents ours.


My Theory on all of this:


That was AWESOME!

I laughed really hard at the comment about how missionaries are dropped off somewhere and are forced to live in the situation and place they are in. It's very true.

GK from England

When positive Mormon news is highlighted in the media, there are always the cranky Anti-Mormons who can't resist a verbal attack. May I suggest the Anti-Mormons go and make an appointment to see a doctor about their negative and pathetic state of mind.


Humanity has always enjoyed competing.
I enjoy many of these shows.
I have no idea whatsoever what religion has do do with any of this and wonder why a member of the 12 takes one second of his day pondering such a thing.

Mom in MO

Whenever I read the comments, I am glad I moved away from Utah. The hatred coming from the non-members is always the first thing that I see, read, feel. It's like a war-zone. The people here in MO are much friendlier. Why is there so much negative swarming between people out West? The very first comment from Kay says it all. I read both SLC papers online, and it's always the same.


I can't believe how many people jump onto any article about Mormons and immediately start posting hateful comments. I'm even more amazed when they say they live in Utah. Is that the attitude they present to all their neighbors and coworkers? What a way to live. Their lives must be miserable.

Or, maybe it's just that the anonymity of the internet allows them to show their true colors, while in public they pretend to be tolerant and accepting.

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