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Logan star plans to join Cougars after mission

Published: Tuesday, May 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Boogie man

First !!! Now ya'll go to sleep


Sorry Utah State, we really are, but such are the breaks! I hope this will be a big benefit to BYU down the road!

Let's see...

I wish Nelson success at BYU. There seem to be lots of assumptions on what went on in his 'recruitment'. I've never seen a more judgemental lot of people (aren't you BYU, Ute and USU fans all really mostly LDS?? What do they teach you in Sunday School in Utah these days?).

All Nelson has done so far is beat up on the best small schools in Utah and scored 13 points on Fresno State. How will he do vs. PAC 10 or other top caliber teams??

From WA

Even as a BYU fan, I don't really like it that you can transfer schools without sitting a year after the mission, the whole re-recruiting thing feels wrong to me. That said I wish him and all student athletes the best in all their endeavors.


Nothing against him personally but just how large is a 3A school? Who has he beaten besides Box Elder? Write a story when we land a top tier QB from California or Florida.

The real story should be why BYU has never been good enough to play in a top level bowl game or why we can't even win most bowl games in second tier bowls. Why is the program stuck in the mid-majors? Why is our recruiting class no better than it was in the early 1980's??


Welcome to Cougartown Riley!!!

Patata Brava

There will be some people who will complain that this young man got some sort of "special privileges" not afforded to other missionaries by talking to BYU coaches. My grandfather died while I was in Argentina. I found out three weeks later. You know, I am ok with this. I don't mind.

My mom sent me newspaper clippings about my high school football team. There were some issues that we discussed as I had put my (academic) scholarship on hold, and housing needed to be worked out before I came home again.

If he feels that he can improve his life by going to another school, how is this different from any other person who wants to transfer schools while in the mission?

As for the Aggies whose feelings were hurt, the best revenge is winning.

Canada Cougar fan

This is great for BYU. This kid is nothing but the best. I know this is not easy for all fans in Cache Valley so I will not rub it in. I respect all you great people and it is hard for us BYU fans when the shoe is on the other foot. BTW you really had a tremendous talent and a fine hoop star in J.C. Carroll. He made you all proud. Congrats!

Re: 3A

Obviously a Ute troll scared that BYU has added another top notch quarterback.

He obviously thinks that the Utes should stop recruiting players from Utah since only kids from California and Florida have any real football talent.

Go Aggies

Good job USU. Could you have made the decision any easier for him?

BYU: 300+lb lineman, plenty of weapons, 60000 fans. Long shot at making it to a respectful bowl game.

USU: The excitement of playing San Jose St. and the scotsman!!!

This kid isn't stupid. To 3A??, I watched Riley play at Logan High and he would have started and been the best player for any 4A or 5A team in the state. See the record books.

And the Winner Is????

It is always amazing that someone has to express some negativity about a player such as Nelson transferring to BYU. Either there is a question about when the transfer occurred or what is the big deal about his coming to BYU.

If the shoe were on the other foot, such as he decided to switch schools like when Olsen transferred to UCLA(they all laughed then)or the kid decided on USU or Utah over BYU then all the haters would be out kackling about the recruiting coup State or the 'U' just pulled off and, oh by the way, poor BYU(lol)lost a good to great quarterback who saw the light, finally, and came home to one of the truely great teams in the state, especially had it been the 'U'???

One has to believe that eventually the really good ones will gravitate back to BYU. This guy went to State becaause of the poor state of affairs of BYU football when he signed with USU. Obviously things have improved in Provo???

I site two 11-2 seasons, two bowl victories and 2 consecutive undefeated MWC seasons.

Bronco preaches quiet, intelligent consistency.

I'm not surprised at all.

Notice Utah wasn't even mentioned???????


Wow!!! This a huge blow to the Aggies. Riley Nelson was the future of the program. To those of you who question his skills, wake up. This kid is the real deal and will have no problem working his way into the BYU starting position. Had USU been able to provide any kind of blocking for him as a freshman he would have helped them win even more games. Their is a reason BYU went after him. He is probably the most talented QB in the west. As an Aggie fan it is painful to see this happen but winning will cure alot of pain and winning in Logan just got much more difficult.


Stop talking like your a Y fan. You're red all over! Weak arguments, this kid is a national talent QB and everyone knows it!

Funny how U fan rubbed in Olsen bailing on the Cougs (and still do) during his mission, but now suddenly when this happens to the cougs they're screaming "Foul"! C'mon have some backbone.

ain't nuthin

Man, I watched the kid in high school and the few games he played in college. All I gotta say is good luck byu. This kid was a great high school player, but he wasn't anything special in college. Maybe he'll get better, but who knows.


It looks like Utah State is again in a position to prop up the BYU football program in the future with Riley. Readers may not remember that Lavell Edwards played at USU and knew enough about football to lift BYU up from an also ran in the WAC to a national contender. But USU is getting stronger and better each year, it takes time to overcome being asleep in offbrand football for 40 years.The Aggies will be back.


As one who follows all 3 big universities in football, but mainly BYU football, I honestly felt a little bad for USU. They are a program close to going down a division, and then this happens. This year they have a tough road schedule, and not so easy home schedule.

I always hope teams like Duke, Florida International, and SDSU can get out of their slumps, but it looks like USU is destined to stay in theirs. I feel for ya Ags.


Riley is not 6'1" more like 5'11" also he was not a parade all american as a QB. He was an all american all purpose player!!! because he comes from a small school and played several positions. Let's make sure the facts are correct. He will make a great QB he will be a starter I have watched him several times and he can make it happen. I watched the game when Logan beat Skyline it was great. They did beat up on some 5a teams. Good luck


If he wanted to go to BYU, why didn't he just go in the first place? And how is he supposed to concentrate on his mission when he's got recruiters emailing him nonstop? This just isn't right.


Thanks to all the Cougar Fans for not being boastful. As an Aggie Faithful this hurts but one player does not make a team. He's got tons of talent and will probably do well if he is surrounded by the right players. Good luck to him.
As for my Aggies, they need to show that the program has been improving. They were in a bunch of games last year but couldnt pull it off. This year, they need to win those games and if they dont, Coach Guy wont have to be upset about Riley leaving, cuz he wont be here anymore.
That being said, I hope we can pull off an upset in October to show that USU is really not that bad of a place to go play football. And if we have another bad season? There will always be basketball and with Plaisted gone, the Aggies will rule ESA. :) Good luck to both schools, just not to BYU when they play the Aggies. :)

To 3A??

Corrections, we are have won the last 2 lower level bowl games

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