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Charges are expected against FLDS officials

Published: Tuesday, May 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oh, how I wish, Peter Van Sant would of had more time interviewing Big Willie on 48 hours.Looked like to me,Big Boy was about ready to blow a gasket ! Big O' Willie refused to look at the BISHOP'S List, confirming underage marriages to men old enough to be the little girls great-grandpas'. I have to wonder about Willie Jessop, how many wives does he have, and are any of them little girls? Can anyone answer that question for me?


To Sharon:

I found Willie's interview comical. He looked like a poster child for anger management.

And don't expect a straight answer from the FLDS on anything. So far, all we get from them is "I can't recall", "Not as far as I know", or the proverbial "I've never seen it"... ha

Willie Jessop

Boy, they got the best of him on 48 hours, didn't they?! It was obvious he is not accustomed to being questioned, and that he has some anger issues! I think the FLDS attempted PR campaign is quickly coming undone...


Who could believe that Willie Jessop was angry? What's the big deal? Only 400+ children were taken away, it's not like they are important or anything.


Perhaps some FLDS members can help with a couple of questions. How many of the children are Willie Jessop's? How old are the mothers? Will Willie being joining Merril in hiding soon?


J-man...I totally agree with you...That Willie is about as phony as a three dollar bill in my books.Seeing that all reply in the same way and tone,
I have to wonder if all the FLDS members have regular weekly meeting instructing them how to answer questions.
INTERLOPER...One can only guess how many others are in hiding with the Father of the Year..Merrill Jessop. He and his wife both need prison time for giving their little girl over Warren Jeffs.

Enquiring Minds want to know

I google'd in Willie Jessop aka Willie Timpson...very interesting reading for anyone who would like more info on him.

The devil own

FLDS will be left alone when they quit making slaves out of women and children, and let the FLDS women do whatever they please and marry whoever they please. You FLDS men are sex abusers, cowards and frauds.

FLDS girl

To: Enquiring Minds want to know | 10:22 a.m. May 29, 2008

You clown, Willie Jessop and William Timpson are two different people. Get your facts straight please.


Hey...get your facts straight..and dont hide behind FLDS girl when it should be FLDS guy...not only that do your research. WILLIE ?? is that you?


I beleive that some of the under age girls, while being protected by CPS, have allready began to open up and are telling of abuse by guess who? Mr. W. Jessop, should soon begin running and hiding with M.J. Arrests are coming soon. CPS gave you FLDS men a chance to run and hide, but you instead became caught up in the notion that the state would return your under age sex slaves and tell you "never mind, carry on", but look at the bright side, you may receive a cell right next to Mr. Jeffs, and get full protection from your worst enemies,- the other men in prison! Just like with Jeffs, the govt. will stop at nothing to get justice. DNA will confirm that after Jeffs arrest, some others are guilty of continuing the child rape, defenders beware!!!


As a child, I lived in a community that had polygamists. My girlfriend in school was married off when she was 14 and was pregnant soon after. I felt so helpless to do anything for her when she was so obviously unhappy. Ultimately, she was forbidden contact with any of her schoolmates and was withdrawn from school.

Because of this experience, I find myself believing what the authorities have found. I know my girlfriend was abused and I doubt that anything has changed in the last few years. The brides keep getting younger and the boys are thrust into outside society ill prepared to function and fearful if they say anything there will be horrible retaliation.

I believe when the authorities begin a full investigation, they will discover a large number of FLDS members who have disappeared over the years.

Don't pre-judge until all the facts are in. FLDS is a sex cult in my opinion.

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