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Charges are expected against FLDS officials

Published: Tuesday, May 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What I don't understand is how any woman could consent to this 3 wife rule. If you want a girlfriend to hang out with, you can always make friends with your neighbor, one that has her own husband.

Even if I were single, I would not want to join in someone else's marriage just for the sake of being married.


don't worry...very soon that baby will have a chance to bond with an adult. say in like 12- 13 years

re;grandpa phil

would you give one of your 3 daughters to some 50 year old in 'spiritual marriage?

David Greer

Oh Joseph Smith. Look at the mess you started with your revelation on celestial marriage. It just won't go away.


In Europe this news about FSLD sect is taken very seriously; the rights of children, of women, and of course, also of religion.

The main enemy of free speech is somehow free speech itself

It's very depressing, although I think it was a good decision not to keep the children collectively away from there mothers.
By the way; where are the fathers.........??

The writers of the USA constitution have been closely looking in the past at the Dutch "declaration of independence", while being occupied by the Spanish armies.

The very delicate mix in both constitutions about freedom, equality, dignity of children and safety makes it necessary for any new generation to re-invent the right balance, just because by not doing so, children girls and boys and women are over and over again the first victims considered their dignity.
I know that Europe is a lot to blame;
Colonization, slavery, two world wars and a holocaust.
Also two unimaginable incest dramas in Austria these days.(24 years below the floor,incl.4 children of his own lockes up daughter).
Natasha Kampush (8 years locked up somewhere else) has told the BBC that she thinks she can be of any help.

Alfredo, Amsterdam.

Texas dreaming up lies

Enter commentI no longer have any faith in the law
The Judicial system is controled by CRIMINALS

All desnews can talk about.

Because it looks like the civil proceedings are going down the tube, maybe the possible criminal might be in order. Of coarse with the higher standard of evidence, and because there is no evidence, this is all just empty talk.


Can those of you who keep defending the whole idea of polygamy, by using the bible, please just get over yourselves?

The people in the bible also owned, sold and traded slaves with G-s blessing even!

The first Republican Party platform was right "The platform states that it is "the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the territories those twin relics of barbarism-polygamy and slavery."

Quit using a religion to cover your unquenchable thirst for misogynistic abuse, power and control. You're sick barbarians. Plain and simple.


To R:

You want a name to prosecute, try Merril Jessop.

Since Warren Jeffs is already locked up and it's common knowledge that Merril was running the show in Texas for the last 4 years, then he is responsible for the underage marriages in the YFZ too.

That's if Merril will come out from under the rock he is hiding under!


Sure, the CPS and the FBI knew exactly what they were after when they went in there. They knew exactly what they were looking for...computers with digital photos, a bed in the temple. Remember every picture tells a story and every picture has a negative or is in a computer. They knew what girls to look for etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These were obvious "wedding pictures" and how many more are there and of what men and girls? The teenager from Canada supposedly visiting a grandmother when her grandmothers live in British Columbia and Alberta respectively.

What amazes me if how far the polygamist promoters go in justifying abuse of 12 year old girls by a 52 year old man (Jeffs).


The Bible doesn't "promote" slavery. The Bible (esp. OT) places strict limits on slavery (such as a limit of seven years), although not going so far as banning it.

Re: R

I think that what Boots meant, and most people understood, is that you can't use the Bible as an excuse to live a lifestyle that is abusive or degrading to another human being in todays world.

Apparently, since then we have learned that all human beings should be treated equally. In earlier times, remember women were not treated as equals. In fact, they could be traded or sold. Same with slaves. We got over that,too.

No need to go back.


I watched 48 hours this evening and the man who interviewed Big Willie did not mince word one bit..he lay-ed the cards right on the table....and Willie boy lost his cool....he showed his true colors ! !...He is such a weasel


"Then why do you want me to answer those questions?" Jessop asks.

"Because your church has been accused of sexually abusing children, thats why," Van Sant says.

"So has the Catholics, so has any other religion, including Mormons. Should we just take them all down? Is there not a crime committed in any religion? Why do we single it out?" Jessop says."

Isn't it interesting that when cornered they always seem to go back to accusing others of doing wrong. Fortunately that doesn't generally hold up in court as a good defense, 'Hey, some Catholic priest abused little boys, so why shouldn't we be able to rape little girls?'

Polygamy is sexual slavery. Period. You simply raise your victim to believe she can't get to heaven without becoming a concubine. The whole thing is just sick beyond belief and I can't believe we are allowing a modern generation of American women to be turned into sex slaves by these perverts.

I guess Utah, Arizona and the rest of the country can let this happen.

Texans won't.


Did anyone watch CBS 48 Hours tonight. The interviews with people who have escaped from the FLDS are amazing. The people who have left or have been kicked out all tell of the abuse and control that take place in the FLDS society. I hope that the viewing public can come to their senses and demand that the crimes here be punished by the law. People being kicked out of the compound, wives re-assigned to other men, young men being forced out on their own with little or no ability to cope with society. Now tell me this is religion. Texas CPS is not waging a war against a religion, they are wagging war against a repressive society that has taken the rights away from people. We have only began to scratch the surface of this problem.


They have Rape, Child Molestation, Broken Bones, Forced Marriage and Marriage of underage girls to old men. The purpose of which is to impregnate the females. Mind Control, Brain Washing, Casting Out, Switching of Wives and Children from one male to another. Incest, Inbreeding, Race Hate, that is what they have among other things. If you put children in an unsafe environment when stuff happens to them, the blood is on your hands. Did you think that when Jeffs went to Jail, that the problems of the people where over, and the oppressed would be freed, well think again.


These poor young girls indoctrinated into the church of rape. The U.S. needs to step in and let all of these brainwashed mothers, wives, and uh, sister-wifes?...of the way of the rest of the U.S.

I am very curious how the influx of money to all of these wives and inter-families work. How are the tax dollars being applied, when they are seeming to have government contracts, and running a town.

I also wonder, why (well, not so much) they do not want their children to 'know the impurity of the outsiders'...when it seems that all of them are ...at best...first or second cousins intermingling and reproducing.

There are laws broken right there.

Never mind that so many have 2 or 3 children by the time they are 17 or 18...statutory rape.




The result is going to be absolutely gross and horrific...this much I already know.

Grandpa Phil

To: "re; grandpa phil", I will answer your dumb question. I offer any of the FLDS families sanctuary against unjust and illegal persecution and denial of familial rights. I never said I did not have a problem with a pre-teen marrying a 50 yr old man. In all of these proceedings, none of us has yet been made aware of any such marriage going on in the FLDS group either. All we have heard from CPS and the gainsaying hate-mongers is innuendo and bombastic allegations served up only to create a firestorm of maniacal hatred against people who are different. I have talked with these people and I find them pleasant, intelligent, and caring; characteristics which are sorely lacking among those trying to take their children away. If one of those families needs a place where no one will bother them or threaten them, my home is sanctuary. It is for my family and it can be for theirs too. My daughters are 9, 8, and 19 months and we will not be looking to any weddings for MANY years. I was 43 when I married my 19 yr old wife 13 years ago. 'Nuff Said. Any more dumb questions?


There is a story about someone trying to sell a child, on Craigs List;is Texas CPS already selling the FLDS children, to the highest bidder? Man that is fast!

Grandpa Phil

COSMO, sounds like a good rumor to start. It is better than some of the fanciful ideas put out in here lately.

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