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Charges are expected against FLDS officials

Published: Tuesday, May 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Title misleading.

The title of this article should have read "JEFFS Criminal Cases Building." Rounding it up as all FLDS cases building was misleading. So far CPS have failed prove child abuse at the YFZ--the proof they've said they had, later we find they were lying. It appears they're scraping at the bottom of the barrel in trying to justify what they've done. A picture of Jeffs smooching a kid 2 years ago? Oh ya, that's a *really* good reason to rip kids away from their families. Please.

I'm tired of this circus show. The children should go back home.


It's truly ironic, and laughable, that the FLDS child abusers want CPS prosecuted for trying to protect their children from abuse.

More and more they're showing their desperation. Deep down they can see that their PR campaign is failing and that they're headed to prison.

It's too bad these abusive old men aren't already in custody, because most of them will be in hiding by the time they're indicted.


Hello America! You are witnessing the reality of your new government. You no longer have the Constitution of the United States of America. You are now governed by Homeland Security. All previously assumed rights are null and void. Please submit yourselves to your new Government!

here ya go

here is the standard FLDS argument;

I'm not FLDS, I'm a lawyer/scientist and I don't live in Utah...and I'm against child rape and welfare fraud, Kicking young boys out of the community,BLAh blah blah

but, what the texas CPS did is reprehensible...to rip those poor kids away from their loving mothers!!!

Texas is going to pay big time for trampling on the Constitution

re: whatever

Hey there! Just thought you might need to know that:

If Property Taxes are not paid, the property in question will eventually be sold for back taxes.

If a person qualifies for welfare in Hildale or Colorado City, they must submit to all the forms and regulations that any other person living in any other city in Utah or Arizona.

What's it to you what I do with my money? I really don't care what you do with yours.

Isn't it great to live in America?


Do the apologists for polygamy never stop? Many things were done in Biblical times that aren't done now because people know better, so spare us the tired old claim that God wants 50-year-old men having their way with girls young enough to be their granddaughters. The fact that polygamy is covered under the bigamy statute in Texas does not get the offenders off the hook. The statute does not have to use the word 'polygamy' to outlaw the behavior. Nor would any person fully in his or her right mine consider Warren Jeffs and those who came before him perfect and inerrant.

The only thing misleading occurring is efforts to cover up what goes on among the FLDS. And, yes, some gullible reporters fall into the trap of repeating FLDS propaganda. But, even as they do that, the wheels of justice are moving inexorably through pounds of evidence that will end the FLDS charade.

re: here ya go

Here is my argument;

I am FLDS, I am not a lawyer/scientist and I do live in Utah...and I'm against child rape and walfare fraud, Kicking young boys out of the community!

Texas CPS is reprehensible...to rip those poor "Children" away from their loving mothers!!!

There is no Constution. "AND YER KIDS ARE NEXT"

Stop complaining about what we do. Please see that you need to secure your own rights under what you call you Constitution.


Colorado City pays the LEAST taxes and receives the MOST welfare of ANY Utah city.

so much for your self sufficient lifestyle

bleed the beast

to "well..."

Colorado City is not in Utah. You might want to get a few basic facts straight before you comment.

Mad Granny

Maybe the way that this was handled was a little rough,but stop and think--if the children were left at the ranch how long do you think it would be before they all were moved somewhere else ??With numerous other places already established,it would not be hard to move them somewhere they would just blend in.I have no idea how this will all end,but after all it is about the welfare of these little innocent children.It would break my heart to if I thought any child was made to submit to these dirty old men.


Hildale Utah

Median age 13.1
Youngest in state 26.8
Youngest in nation
Persons per household 8.55
Largest in state 3.13
Largest in nation
Avg household income* $21,822 $41,316
Per capita income $3,772
Lowest in state $14,492
% of families in poverty 32.4% 11.4%

Average household adjusted gross income from federal tax returns
Source: Utah Tax Commission 1995, US Census, Utah and Arizona Departments of Education.

Colorado City Arizona

Median age 12.5
Youngest in state 32.2
Persons per household 7.97
Largest in state 2.62
Avg household income* $19,663 $35,426
Per capita income $2,319 $13,461
% of families in poverty 61% 11.4%

Hildale received $405,006 from federal housing grants to remodel 19 homes on FLDS land. And Hildale Mayor David K. Zitting, an FLDS member, was appointed by two Utah governors (Republicans Norm Bangerter and Mike Leavitt) to sit on the state Housing Development Advisory Council.

In 1998 Hildale ranked last among Utah towns for average payment of federal income taxes paid per filer ($651 annually), but it is first for tax exemptions (3.62).

Re: I have many | 7:31 a.m

I am so sorry to hear that you have many pictures such as this of your daughters. I can't imagine any daddy in his right mind kissing any little girl in that manner. It doesn't matter if you try to convince people otherwise, it's obvious what is happening in this picture.

To Listen: They did a lot of things in Bible times that just don't work for me...one of them is polygamy. I don't think it's righteous, and it is abusive to women.


I'm still waiting for any FLDS person to explain the logic of having Warren Jeffs or Merril Jessop sanction a marriage between a 14 y/o girl and a 50+ y/o man.....


"However God gives and takes. He has taken the principle away for now..."

I think God would be a lot happier, considering all the grief of late, had He not introduced it in the first place.


"How can any FLDS person justify a 14 y/o girl marrying a 50+ y/o man in an arranged marriage??????"

Because Texas law said it was OK... prior to 2006 when the marriage age was raised to 16. And there was no restriction of the age of the husband. FLDS was just following the Texas law.


thats why they built the compound there wrz. but, now the law has changed. too bad. pack it up and move somewhere else. just like they moved the cabinet shop in hildale


"I'm still waiting for any FLDS person to explain the logic of having Warren Jeffs or Merril Jessop sanction a marriage between a 14 y/o girl and a 50+ y/o man....."

Texas law sanctioned it prior to 2006.

"Difficult to know...

exact numbers, but we are certain that all of the children were properly accounted for."

Just my prediction of what will happen after Texas' Supreme Court upholds the appellate court's decision and CPS returns 203 children.


"thats why they built the compound there wrz. but, now the law has changed. too bad."

If the law was changed, FLDS should follow the new law. But Texas can't prosecute marriages that were performed when the old law was in effect.

And incidentally, that's why Texas changed the marriage law to 16... because FLDS came to town.


FLDS get real! In the "real world" when a 14 y/o girl is married off to a 50+ y/o man in a bogus "spiritual marriage" it's actually considered rape of a minor.

And whatever some outdated Texas law said before, never made it right. It has always been dirty, immoral, and perverted.

What parent would actually allow their 14 y/o daughter to be married to a 5o+ y/o man just to satisfy his sexual pleasure?

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