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Charges are expected against FLDS officials

Published: Tuesday, May 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Grandpa Phil

As soon as the Appelate Court decision was made, every one of those FLDS kids was in more trouble. CPS and Judge Walther are not the kind that will sit calmy and listen to such critism. Their only vindication will come in forcing some type of incriminating testimony out of those kids while they are still in captivity. They are NOT going down without a fight and those children are going to suffer the brunt of this still. Case workers will descend on every foster home and group home in Texas with instructions to extract SOMETHING out of those kids that CPS can use to vindicate themselves and what they did. It would not surprise me a bit to see a host of new allegations of abuse all of a sudden being published by Texas CPS. As ALWAYS, the children will be the losers at the hand of CPS. This is not longer about child abuse; it is about Texas CPS and the Judge saving face.




I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. At the very least, I expect Warren Jeffs to be indicted for actual rape of a minor. The men who fathered children with girls who were 13-16 at the time should also be in the first round of charges. There might be a warrant for Merril Jessop, since he has been performing the role of Warren Jeffs in the illegal marriages. Or perhaps Willie Jessop, though he may disappear before that happens.


follow the paper trail....follow the money to find the source of the stink.

-old chinese saying


Folks, this despicable act of treason by Texas must end now -- today -- not later this week, not next week, not next month, and certainly not waiting possibly years for all or any of this to make its way through the legal system to the SCOTUS. Return ALL the children to their families, don't just throw them a bone by returning 12 or 15 at a time. As a nation, we have to rise against this gross miscarriage of justice, or as the theme song to the TV show "Cops" goes, "What cha gonna do when they come for YOU?" When government refuses to act within the scope of even any one law, we no longer have rule of law. The society as a whole is doomed to mass collapse. Seems to me that we were warned about this over 165 years ago . . . .

Still Angry in New Hampshire

I sincerely hope that the U.S. Constitution remains in effect here, that these "boxes of evidence" that the article mentions, which were seized unlawfully due to an overly broad and baseless warrant in a non-criminal case, be barred from use in any criminal prosecution. Anything else opens would completely undermine the fourth amendment. I wish someone in Texas would read the Constitution...


Why not add tax evasion, failure of the males to register for military service, harboring a fugitive


I think it is time to take action against both ordinary and serial polygamy. Serial polygamy is a rising menace in which children become pawns.


These young girls must think its an honor to be having Warren Jeffs children.Please get these children the help they need.I think the state of Texas needs to keep digging to put all those men away for a very long time.Not just in texas but in the other states also.Mr. President must get involved in this also.THE POOR CHILDREN HOW BRAINWASHED THEY ARE.


Some FLDS have bombarded this blog with lies, half-truths and denials since the day this story broke.

It wouldn't be a bit surprising, therefore, to learn that some of these bloggers are the child abusers who have married these child brides and that their main concern all along was not in getting their children back, but in halting the investigation.

They're scared that the longer Texas keeps digging the more likely it will be that Texas will find evidence that will send these men to prison, just like their good friend, Warren Jeffs.


Listen you who say " was there ever a good form of polgamy." God is the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac. And what were they? Polygamists! Cover your ears lest they fall off at such a scandalous thing. So if God is the God of old polygmists it stands to reason that God supported the practice at one point. However God gives and takes. He has taken the principle away for now, but you who question it, the practice of polgamy and its validitity in any time period, STOP and consider that Abraham a polgyamist is making it to Heaven.....or was the Bible wrong to call Abraham a "Friend of God"?

Re: Angry in NH

Unfortunately, you'll probably get your wish. Some bleeding-heart judge will rule that the evidence is inadmissable because of an overly-broad search warrant.

The child rapists will celebrate and the little girls, who are destined to become their child brides, will continue to be groomed to be their sex slaves.

At least they aren't your daughters, so you can rest peacefully at night.


Follow the money.
There is a big demand for very young white children in the adoption racket. This is a potential cash cow for Texas CPS and they aren't about to let go easy.


YES!! YES!! YES!! Thank-you for being a sensible thinker on this blog. So many nin-com-poops write without thinking through to how this is going to affect THEIR RIGHTS!!! Thanks again.

Cannot Believe

I cannot believe you folks who state that you do not want this evidence used against Jeffs! Whether you agree or disagree with CPS's decision to remove the children, that is what happened and they now have the evidence in hand and it was obtained with a search warrant. Why not use it? His being brought down would be the absolute best thing possible for all of these folks, especially the children. He's a tyrant, not a prophet. I'm sure those FLDS folks who were commanded to "repent from afar" and split from their families will agree, but they are just too scared to come out and say so!


FLDS pay property tax(including back taxes) and stop taking welfare in colorado city and hildale and sending it to texas.

i can't wait to hear from the FLDS defenders ....


thats what i thought

Texas Roundup

The guilty need to go to Jail --- It's illegal to molest children.

Its also illegal to "ROUND UP" a whole community of children --- release the children


FLDS, so the whole world is wrong and your group is right, is that correct?

How can any FLDS person justify a 14 y/o girl marrying a 50+ y/o man in an arranged marriage??????

about time

you mean to say they are actually going to try doing it legally, a little late don't you think.
As soon as they are done are they going to bring criminal cases against CPS and the Officers that broke the Law to do this raid as well?

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