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Impact: Hearings halt as state regroups

Published: Friday, May 23 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The lawsuits to recover damages need to start now. In addition, the bureaucrats who perpetrated this atrocity need to be prosecuted, and held personally liable. The people of the United States are disgusting for not making more of an outcry on this. I probably wouldn't like most members of the FLDS, but that doesn't make these government atrocities any easier to stomach.

Fumarase deficiency

FLDS diagnosed cases of this rare genetic disorder which can severely restrict the life expectancy of children have not featured in the antics at the ranch. Texas now has responsibility for hundreds of children affected by the Jessop/Barlow descendants genetic carriers of the condition. Let us hope those children have had genetic screening and that plans for them take this into account.
Has anyone detected any media or legal attention to the phenomenal rise in diagnosed cases in FLDS communities in several states and isn't this an important factor in the Jessop families? The genetic combinations of sexual relationships between carriers in the small communities of FLDS in several states account for the rise in prevalence of an extremely rare condition elsewhere. I think we should be told about this and surely this is a factor to be evaluated in plans for children affected.

New Mexico

The newest court ruling is all well and good, but I wonder how the court, attorneys, and general public will feel the next time a 14 year old girl is forced to marry some fat old slob three times her age or some poor young man is forced to leave home because the fat old slob can't handle the competition......all in the name of the Lord?? There has to be a better solution than to continue allowing these men to control every aspect of their wive's and children's lives. Perpetual servitude is what is happening under the guise of religion.


Finally, some semblance of justice. I don't trust those scum of the earth CPS, though, it would be just like them to oppose the Court of Appeal. They are ruthless baby stealers, and will stop at nothing, having no shame, and no heart.

The outrage is growing, though, and this is only the beginning of the movement against CPS. They must, as every good citizen now realizes, be abolished forever.


TEXAS....PROVE THE ABUSE or give back the children. I came from the FLDS and being judgemental of others, strick blind obedience,lack of trusting your own conscience and arranged marriages are all abuse to me, but they are not breaking the law. Prove that there are underage girls pregnant or being abused or admit you took the kids away based on a rumor. I had my children taken away from me on a rumor started and circulated by some of the FLDS and got mine back after it was shown that I was innocent. Yes it hurts to have your loved ones turn against you just because of a difference in belief. Many of the closed minded teachings are found all over the world and so are pregnant teenagers. Prove they have underage mothers that are forced to have sex or treat them like you do everyone else. It is not illegal to look different, or teach children to be self righteous. I want my childeren to believe they are good and trust in a God that allowes us to be individuals and still love unconditionally those that have chosen to be different. Prove illegal actions or give up the fight

Deaf Ears

Texas court did the LAWFUL thing for these people. The Justices could not rule otherwise because the Texas CPS engaged in flagrant violations of the Constitution and due process. Of course its not over by any means but at least puts a stop to the CPS steamrolling machine. Its disgusting by any standard. Over 450 kids from FLDS ranch kidnapped and tortured by Texas authorities. Yes, I believe tearing a child from its mothers arms and sending him/her to a stranger home is torture for the child and the mother. Just think of the harm done to families by these sicko state agencies. Multiply that thousands of times around the country. It's time for all the states to rethink their so called mandate to "protect the children" and get out of the business of social engineering and morality policing. Family services? More like family dis-services in Texas.


Texas CPS will not go down without a fight. Hopefully this sorry mess will get resolved and the children will be returned before too much time passes.

What would really be great is if the FLDS took a few lessons to heart, specifically:

Not all the world is against you; it is possible to find common ground with people who have different points of view.

When law enforcement investigates, tell the whole truth. When stories change and facts are omitted, law enforcement gets suspicious, leading to further investigation and trouble.

Continuing to engage in plural marriage may be tolerated by society; allowing child bride marriages will not be tolerated. Those who promote or conduct these marriages will continue to be hounded by the law. Continue to engage in this activity at your own peril.

Finally, the lifestyle promoted by Hollywood and the godless is not universal. There are a lot of people who live moral lives, avoid premarital sex, drugs, think of abortion as an abomination, and try to follow the Savior in word and deed. Passing universal judgment is no more fair than all FLDS being lumped together, is it?

Come visit us sometime; you might be pleasantly surprised.


Funny how the ACLU has not weighed in on this civil liberties issue. The FLDS belief system doesn't fit with thier liberal, one world view. But one cannot argue that this is every bit as bad as state sanctioned (dare I say, mandated) disruption of families on a par with the 19th century slave trade. And to think that I was at one time proud to call myself a Texan.


A story from the civil rights movement, during a U.S. Senate hearing:

The Alabama sheriff announced that he arrested the man because he might commit a crime.

Bobby Kennedy suggested, sharply, that the sheriff should go back and read the Constitution.

A Texas/YFZ tie-in:

The CPS and local judges in this case probably ought to do the same, for they have saved the children from a crime that might be committed.

For all of us:

We should now, right now, turn ourselves in, confess that we could very well, in the future, commit a crime.

Possibly, we may have to go to Texas or some location close by to get arrested for that possible future crime, or we would end up in a padded cell instead.

edited update

north carolina

Praise God.Now those children can go home.The ranch needs to incorporate as a town with each household having it's own address so this can never,ever happen again.

On fumerase Deficiency

The Amish also have various disorders related to inbreeding, but you might also note that AUTISM is virtually unheard of in that society. While I appreciate the bad, you must also accept and not ignore the good that comes from inbreeding. Should we "evaluate" blacks and Mediterraneans because they carry sickle cell or Jews because of Tay-Sachs? Should we "evaluate" every person blond and blue eyed since those are also recessiveness issues AND a by-product of inbreeding? The issue you have is the "ew" factor from current societal standards which STILL fluctuate as can be seen with the allowance of first cousin marriages in the U.S. and NO incest laws on the books in France. The biggest problem that you are ignoring though is that a third cousin or beyond might marry in the FLDS AND still produce an affected child. This would be quite legal, yet still produce the problem. The difference though is that the FLDS would not abort, which likely impacts why they have so many affected children are born and raised in that compound. Aborted fetuses aren't counted in the fumerase numbers.


Ha! Celebrate now! Who still has the kids? Too bad for you, polygamy lovers.


The question I've always had regarding this case is "Who will be next?". If this seizure of children en masse was allowed to stand,it would set a very dangerous precedent. What religion's teachings would come into question next? There are already movements out there claiming that certain teachings in many Christian denominations (such as homo-sexuality being morally wrong,etc) are "dangerous". How far would they go in "protecting" children?


At first I thought that the FLDS was guilty of all the things accused of. While I don't condone the practices of FLDS, especially the "child brides", I feel CPS was wrong again, as usual. CPS accused my friends of child abuse when their daughter broke her leg. Claimed it was done by her dad because of the nature of the break. Kids were taken away for 2 weeks before the mother got 50% custody back... her husband had to move out, and the other 50% was given to her dad. Father was finally allowed to move back home after a year, and after the judge then threw out the case! I think CPS oversteps their bounds a lot, even though some cases are liget, this was not. Yeah for FLDS!


Where are all the fathers? Wouldn't they want their kids back too? Or their wives for that matter?


The real lawbreakers and criminals are the CPS and the sheriffs who kidnapped children at gunpoint based on an easily verifyed pack of lies.
The CPS went on to hold adult mothers against their will, to violate the constitution by taking childrens holy books - something which has never been done in the history of this country,
the CPS separated families by hundreds of miles, lied about the ages of mothers,
and lied yet again about pregnancies to try to bolter their failed case.
- What needs to happen now is criminal and civil charges against the perpetrators of these many crimes.
Its also sad that based on some shock words so many were willing to forget all the laws and condemn before proving guilty.


CPS will not go into the inner city and pull this same kind of raid, looking for the person that got a 13 year old pregnant, they will not do it and you know why. It was easy to go to the FLDS Ranch with their state of texas army guns etc. draging off mothers and children and than taking the children away from their mothers it,s shameful that this can happen in the good old USA well it did happened and shame on texas


"Prove they have underage mothers that are forced to have sex or treat them like you do everyone else." By definition, an underage mother (below the age of consent) was forced to have sex. Sure, there is hysteria surrounding the FLDS in Texas, but the issue is what else should CPS have done? How many underage mothers are necessary before CPS should remove the underage children and conduct a hearing?


I believe the primary (perhaps the only) difference in the doctrine of the LDS and FLDS is polygamy. I've watched with interest the developments taking place in San Angelo, comparing and contrasting them with the challenges faced by the early LDS church. The attitudes of "nonbelievers" is quite similar. Basic civil rights were ignored in both settings but fortunately the judicial branch of our government has matured. There are still concerns about forced marriages that deserve investigation and can be resolved through regularly scheduled interviews with the parties. Since the marriages are sanctioned neither by the state of Texas nor the federal government, individual rights would prevail if anyone wished to get out of an abusive relationship. Brainwashing, in the 19th century and today, was an easy rationalization to taking action against people whose values and beliefs lies at or beyond the edges of social norms.


The case is headed to the Tx. supreme court. Everyone take their two hands and get a good grip on themselves. You can see that this is headed to the US Supreme Court too.

And that takes time.

The wheels of justice are slow but steady.

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