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Published: Sunday, May 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We need Boozer. But Milsap has to be the hottest, most underpaid player in the league right now. Miller better find some way to sign this kid long-term cause someone else would pay him 8 million a year and put him into their starting lineup in a heart beat.

Boozer for Bogut?

Boozer for Bogut? Please Bogut is not worthy to tie Boozer's shoe. We really have some ignorant fans. WOW1

Angel, Macedonia

here is the key: We need defensive strong center, send Okur and Boozer to Orlando for Dwight Howard, put Kirilenko on 4, and sign Iguodala on free, next thing will be celebrating the champions ring

Beats the lottery

We beat ourselves, not finishing plays, missed layups and dunks. Angel, Macedonia you might as well wish for a million dollars you are not getting Dwight Howard, or Iguodala. The real key is signing our MVP and team leader D-Will to a long term contact. If there are any big trades this year it will be with AK-47.


Wow Angel, can we get Chris Paul and Lebron James too?!


I agree Milsap is an awesome player. I look for a great season next year. We have a great Jazz team; with a little more polish I think this team could "get 'er done". Great season Boozer, Milsap, D Will, Korver, Sloan and all the team. Have a great summer, and let's get it next year.


Great centers are few and far between and once you have one, you don't trade him (unless you need to dump salaries and conspire w/ Stern and the Lakers). So no, the Jazz will never be able to trade for Howard or Yao Ming.

Unless Fes' develops, the Jazz will be in the same position as they were in the Stockalone days...destined to be perennial runners-up. LA is only going to get better. They'll sign another decent PG with their MLE to split time with Fisher, Bynum will be back and they should win at least 60 games next season.

Jazz have too many one-dimensional players: Boozer/Memo - great shooters (usually) but no ability to post-up or drive inside (like Odom). And lousy defenders. AK: limited offensive skills, great help-defender, average one-on-one defender. Brewer: good slasher, decent defender, limited from the outside.

IMO, Deron is the only "untouchable" on the roster. Jazz will never trade Memo or Boozer, so in terms of the starters, Utah has to get better from the 2 and 3. Korver and Millsap are great off the bench. Price is fine for 10 mins. Backup center is a huge problem (unless Fes develops).

Millsap or Boozer

There is going to come a time for the Utah Jazz that they will have to decide upon which power forward to build their future. They will not be able to keep both Millsap and Boozer. Millsap has a strong work ethic (like Malone) and will continue to work hard and improve until he is one of the best in the league. Boozer stands in his way as a starter, but Boozer is already a max player. The decision will need to be made.

LHM, what ya gonna do?


Boozer choked, plain and simple. He played the entire post season terribly. All he can do now, is come back stronger and, hopefully, learn to play defense. Defense is one thing that Boozer must work on if he ever wants to be even close to the same caliber player that Malone was. Believe me, Boozer will never be a Karl Malone, never. However, he can still be great some day. He needs to REALLY work on defense, get tougher in the post, way tougher, and remember that team wins matter more than personal numbers! I think that at times this season, he was worried more about getting his game double double, than winning. A player can have a double double ever game of his career, but if that same player can't help his team win with playing defense, then what is the use. Hopefully, the Jazz staff can get Malone to come in and help Booze on defense, I know he would. Malone can teach Boozer to go up with authority and make teams and officials respect him, because they sure didn't this season or post season. Only thing is, will Booze take the help?


@ carey in indiana

I 100% agree with 1) and 3) but as far as 2) goes I think Price is an excellent backup point guard, I thought he played better as the season went on and played some of his best ball in the playoffs. It's tough to play really well for only 8-10 minutes a game. Besides, how is there not going to be a drop in production when DWill, one of the best point guards in the league, leaves the game.

@ Sloan Hater

The Jazz repeatedly tried to get Boozer the ball in the block, so I'm not sure what team you were watching. The problem was that Boozer was not adjusting to double teams and he wasn't being strong with the ball. I mean how many times did he get the ball poked away from him when he had the ball in the post? He averaged 3 turnovers a game in the playoffs, and he was also blocked ALOT.

@ RE;Sloan Hater

Again, it looked to me like the Jazz tried hard to get Korver his midrange jumper.

There are only so many shots to go around and Korver isn't exacly the first option.


You guys are nuts about Boozer. He is a thug and is too short to play in the NBA. Look what happens to him when he is surrounded by taller players like Gasol and Odum. He has to foul in order to avoid being schooled. He has to push someone in the back to get a rebound. Boozer belongs on the shelf beside the likes of OSTERTAG!!! He was a great JAZZ player just like BOOZER will be.


We need a BIG center like Stoudermire( Phoenix Suns)

The laker Winners

To Mr. Wallyword, it is you and some of your fellow jazz fans that are the crybabies. Also, your jazz team are the physical thugs. You must be on drugs or something.

Sign my yearbook

Geez, it's entertainment, nothing more nothing less. Have a nice summer, hope to see you next year in Coach Sloan's gym class. Geez!!

doesn't have a clue

Can anyone say defensive stops or take it strong to the basket. That is why Boozer has lost his game. He is not doing any of the above. If he does not play with defensive or offensive intensity, which is most every game, he gets dominated. Boozer, compare the one game in the series where you did well and compare it with all the other games. How many times did you take it strongly to the rim? How many defensive stops did you have? It should be obvious. If you play with very little defensive or offensive intensity and effort and your opponent does, who do you think is going to have a good game??


Look around the league at the teams that are still playing. They all have long athletic centers or power forwards (Rasheed and Duncan) who are capable of blocking shots and finishing above the rim. Boozer has and always has had trouble playing against height ( the good ones anyway). Can he get good enough to win a championship regardless of the competition? I hope so, but I doubt it.

Moto X

Well, Boozer said it now lets see if he does it. Early in his Jazz career, he put his mind to it when all the analysts said "he can never be a 20 & 10 guy". He proved them wrong.

Boozer plays poor defense for sure. He talks likehe has taken the playoff lesson this year personally and I hope he did. I guess we will see next year whether he comes back better or not.

AK and Brewer better practice their open jumpshots. They were both huge liabilites, in that respect, and were a major factor in Boozers failure. He was double and triple teamed repeatedly, and what was the consequence? AK and Brewer clanking open jumpers while their men stood in the paint around Boozer and waited for the inevitable rebound. Nice.

Our shooting guard has to be able to shoot not just dunk.

On the brightside, you have to say we were very competitive with LA. Every game was close, unlike other series which have all had multiple blowouts.

I still think we are in the top 3 or 4 teams in the league--just unfortunate we probably met the best team early in the second round.

Reality check

All of you who are taking the positive outlook on Boozer and think he will get better and learn from this, work hard over the summer and come back with a chip on his shoulder ala Karl Malone or any of the players who have a little mean streak and take losing personal remember, this guy spent his college years being coached by Coach K and has now spent the last few years of his pro career being coached by Sloan. If spending about 8 years under those two hasn't taught him how to play good D and show some heart and fire then nothing ever will.

The guy is a numbers guy only, and thats all he really cares about. The Jazz will never win a championship with him as their go to guy in the offensive sets. Unless DWill continues on his upward trend and carries the team to a championship that is.

guess who

I am from L.A. and I like the Jazz because of their teamwork. I like their style, hard work, and discipline as an organization, However, we will need to improve on defense one way or another and d-will have to be the type of guy who can take over a game when necessary which he is very close to doing on a consistent basis. But if either of these things are not accomplished we will never win a championship.

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