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Published: Sunday, May 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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yeah, swagger. genuine confidence. not boozer's forte. but it's possible. on the other hand, I've read suggestions to trade boozer for bogut + mo williams or udonis haslem + jason williams. Whatever. It will be fun to watch what happens around July 1 & check out the Olympics, while waiting for a great Jazz season in 2009. It's sounding like next year the Jazz nucleus will be torching opponents like an Aussie brush fire.

Pool Game

The kids at the pool have invented a new version of the age old game "Marco / Polo". The new version is "Boozer / Loser". Ouch!


We don't need apologies.

We need a better big man.


From listening,
to most of your comments, many of you have never play high shool or collage basketball

coach sloan is not the problem it is the 2 guard and 4 or 5 postion
you can live with one bad post player but not two and no nba team as won a title with bad defence for 1 and 2 spot....... penatration kill ever time ever time... deron good brewer need to get getter or move on to an other team


Boozer played awful during the playoffs, but he had a great regular season. During the season he hit the shots he missed during the playoffs. Weird. I supposed it all came down to confidence, as he would've gladly taken and made those 15 footers earlier in the year the Lakers begged him to take in the playoffs.

Boozer the Loser

Boozer didn't only play bad, he played with no heart. That's what bugs me. I'm ok with a player having a bad game, but I'm not ok with a player who will not even try out on the court. Boozers unwillingness to play hard, dive for the ball, jump for a rebound, and take the ball strong to the hoop is pathetic. He played like a complete wimp.

Do You Remember?....

the Golden Rule, people? Yeah, that's right, the Golden Rule. You know, "treat others the way you'd like them to treat you".

I'm disgusted with how many people on this message board are ripping Boozer a new one because he was in a shooting slump in the playoffs.

We GOT to the play-offs, didn't we? And Boozer had NOTHING to do with it? And you'd be a danged fool to think that we played better against San Antonio in the Conference finals last year than we did in the semi's last week against the Lakers. I think we just lost to the NBA champions, people. You might argue that we got to the Conference finals last year and got beat this year in the semi's. True, but L.A. was a whooooole lot better than Golden State was last year.

So Boozer is human. I remember Malone having some VERY low scoring games against the Bulls in our 2 NBA championship series too. Anyone going to say that the Mailman didn't have heart?

Still mad at Boozer? If you are, since you think being a "never-miss" NBA player is so easy, YOU go do it.

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

C'mon Booz work harder

Lifetime Jazz fan here and I have to say that Booz could be a much more solid player if he would work harder. Yes, he put up solid numbers during the regular season, but did he realize his true potential? The bottom line is right now he is too soft on defense and not smart enough on offense. We all witnessed this. Were the playoffs an aberration? I don't think so. The competition got stiffer and Booz wasn't ready for it. The time to prepare for the playoffs is during the offseason and during the season by working harder! When you reach the playoffs the game is that much harder and if you haven't prepared yourself sufficiently, it's going to be tough to elevate your game. D' Will on the other hand had a large well of regular game experiences in which to draw from and he was able to elevate his play and be a true leader.


Unfortunately a new nickname was earned during the season, Boozer the Loser. However, Carlos has all the tools necessary to succeed at the highest level, and I have faith that he will improve dramatically. It's great that he knows he can improve, wants to improve and has a list of improvements he wants to make. Here's my list:

1) Team defense. Be CONFIDENT in leaving your man to help a teammate. Your teammates will leave their men to get your back. Do NOT stand there like a deer in the headlights while wondering what to do on D. Commit and put out 100%. To learn better D study game tapes with Phil Johnson or Sloan or Corbin next to you, and ask them to break down all your defensive moves (or non-moves).

2) Shooting. Unlike some I would advise slightly changing your shot. Don't take the ball so far back, take it up a bit higher and farther forward, and this will make your release quicker and higher. If you work on it for an entire summer, you will improve dramatically. How do you get to be one of the best shooters? Imitate them. (continued)



Tiger Woods had one of the best swings in golf, yet he know he could improve, and so he did it. His new swing is steadier, and he does not bring the club as far back around as he used to do. Now he has a slighly shorter back swing because he learned that it is easier to control. A great basketball shooter also has a simple shot. There have been very, very few shooters who have long back swings like your shot, Carlos. Dick Barnett from the Knicks was one, and that's going way back. Almost every great shooter keeps his elbow pretty well under the ball as viewed from the front, and the ball seldom gets as far back as the top of the head. You have the hand-eye coordination to shoot as well as any big man in the game. Work on that as well as extending your range. You will seldom need to shoot a three-pointer, but if you can shoot that far, then those 15 to 18-footers will be like eating ice cream.

3. Don't worry too much about scoring. A great team doesn't need you to score 20-plus points a game.



Come On Boozer

Great regular season players amount to squat. Look at McGrady. Use this off-season to learn defense. Yes the fans blame you. Clank on free throws, clank on 10 footers. What happened? Paul Millsap is just chomping at the bit for some of Boozer's minutes. Paul would blossom to a 20 point 12 rebound guy with Boozer's minutes and plays tough defense. Paul goes up strong every time. Trade Boozer for Elton Brand. Boozer wants to be in L.A. and you know Elton wants to play for a winner. Iguadola for
Boozer. Can you imagine Iguadola working with Williams? Both are free agents.



I've always felt that Malone hurt the team by scoring 26 points a game rather than, say, 18. He held the ball too much, looking for ways to penetrate the defense, and this was like pouring cold oil over the rest of the team. It really got to be a problem the second year the Jazz went to the Finals because by then Malone had convinced himself that he was the go-to guy -- the man who should take the shots at the ends of quarters and games. Unfortunately, he wasn't as great a shot creator as a so-called go-to guy must be. Usually Stockton was the Jazz's best go-to guy. And you don't usually need a go-to guy anyway if you stick with the team concept even when the going gets rough during big point deficits or toward the end of games. So, Carlos, don't worry about scoring 20-plus, just worry about doing all the little things rights, and you'll find yourself making fewer turnovers, more assista, more rebounds and scoring more efficiently.

4) Get meaner. You don't want to go out there with the idea of hurting anybody, of course. (more)


you must be more assertive. Do not push players in the back when rebounding and avoid charging when you have the ball, but otherwise you need to have more of an attitude -- a chip on your shoulder, if you will. Prove all those naysayers wrong. I think this in part is why you've already overexceeded many expectations of you, but I have faith that you can one day get good enough to make the hall of fame, and you must continue providing critics wrong. When you slap at a ball in your opponent's hands, really whack it. Malone never cared whether he slapped so hard that it might hurt a guy's fingers. If a guy was careless enough to show the ball, he really hit it, and you should do that same thing. If you ever need to foul on purpose, make sure that player knows you mean business. One way to make an opponent miss shots is to take his mind off his shot -- make him think about the last time you took his feet out from under him. Again, I'm not asking for flagrant fouls, just good, solid and HARD fouls.

'Nough said.


The truth here is that if Boozer penetrated when he got the ball like Millsap did through the playoffs, fans would not be angry with him. If he played with the heart/intensity that Williams and Millsap did through the playoffs, fans would not be upset.

We could not do what we expect Boozer to do, if we could would we watch NBA basketball? He is paid millions because we can't and he has the body to do it.

Boozer just needs to play with that strength that Millsap does and with the confidence that Williams does, or he is just no worth the millions he is paid.

Props to Memo though, he was HUGE for the Jazz in the playoffs and I am so glad they have him.

re: Jazzsmack

Well, most smack talkers are clueless about the game, anyway.

Great year, Carlos. I can see past this and know that the Jazz will have a great year next year. Keep things tight at home, and get tougher on the road.

I'm looking for homecourt throughout the playoffs next year. That's how it gets done in the NBA.

Have a nice summer with your family.

Great season

Another great year for the Jazz. There is a lot of parity in the NBA (just look at the Western Conference final standings this year). It's very tough to win it all. The Jazz had a great season but matchup problems with Gasol, Odom, and Kobe killed them. People have slumps, it then becomes mental and exacerbated by all the criticism. Boozer will bounce back. Rich had some great insights. I used to watch Boozer back at Duke and have always been a fan. He'll work on that quickness and footspeed this summer to improve his defense. Unfortunately, he can't grow a few inches in length. The Jazz really do need a quick, long, tall 5 man or they will have the same defensive problems next year.

Thanks for a fun season to watch. Go Jazz!

Sloan Hater

What a man.

He could have pulled a Fisher and brought his child's treatment to the forefront, but he received almost no attention in that regard.

I'm sure the emotional drain and high expectations almost played a part in his poor postseason play.

As a Jazz Fan and a basketball fan, it would be STUPID to get rid of Booz. He is a great rebounder, terrific with his back to the basket, and an underrated passer.

The trouble starts with Sloan. Boozer isn't Karl Malone. Booz doesn't have the stregth Malone did to charge in the lane off the pick-and-roll. However, Booz is much better isolated in the low post. He is twice as quick as Malone and finishes with either hand.

All Sloan had to do was give more space to the low post and leave to spot up shooters (Dwill and Korver) on the strong side to make teams pay for double teaming Boozer.

Alas, all I can do is campaign on against ignorance.

Fire/Retire Sloan

Re; Sloan Hater

Even if Booze was given the space, he would have still forced those shots since he was struggling. All we can hope for is that Booze learns from this and will utilize the situations when they double team him and hit a shooter like Korver.

Speaking of Korver, I hope that dude improves on creating his own shot. There's someone to meet him everytime he touches the ball. I hope he learns to utilize the pivot in order to make some room between him and the defender. I love Korver, but it's tough when you can't get the room to shoot. I will admit Sloan Hater that Sloan did not utilize Korvers mid-range jumper coming off a curl. Korver's deadly on that play.

Pay attention..

Sloan Hater is a moron. If it was as easy as just isolating Heartless on the low block and putting shooters on the strong side the Jazz would have won the last two championships. If you paid any attention at all you would have noticed the Lakers were doubling Heartless from the weak side. Heartless' problems stem more from his absolute inability to play tough D or even try. Get lost on the pick and roll much? Notice Heartless' one good game in the playoffs came when he busted his behind on D and rebounding, his shot still looked like crap.

carey in indiana

Long time Jazz team of 20+ years This team is close, but need a few different pieces.
To keep: Williams, Millsap, Okur, Korver, Brewer, and Kirilenko.
Either trade or find different roles for the others.
For what to trade and why you say?

1) A defensive big. No explanation necessary
2) A dependable backup point (then again, who doesn't need one of these) Too much loss of production when williams goes out
3) Millsap needs more minutes, too many intangibles to leave on the bench. I've seen the guy change the inside attack of game by himself for the past two seasons.
I think if the jazz brass can solve a few of these problems you'll see a stronger teams. If not, they'll continue to lose to the Lakers, Spurs, or have to wait until those teams get old.

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