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Published: Sunday, May 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I think D will makes booz look like twice the player that he is. I think he has potential though. He needs to practice catching the ball, passing to moving targets, and defending with his feet instead of hands. Maybe he should play some soccer in the off season. haha. I still love him and believe in him. Thanks for not leaving us like Fisher did.


Good luck Booze! Hope things work out well for you and your family this summer and looking forward to you playing with the Jazz next year. Not all of us are fair weather fans.


I can't believe crybaby Kobe and his band of thug's beat the Rockets and the Jazz. I hope the next team that plays them, LA, beats them in 4.

I just wanna win

I just want the Jazz to bring home some hardware. 20 years of watching and cheering and losing to teams that bring home the title (Bulls, Spurs, and probably LA this year). I just wanna win. I just want Sloan to bring home the bacon. I think this team can do it. Maybe next year.


Next year will tell the tale on Boozer. If he really does improve and plays better in the playoffs in spite of any defensive scheme against him, I'll be his biggest fan. Until then, I'm not so high on him. He has too many chinks in his armor. Little things that cost him during games (dumb fouls, turnovers because he's unaware of who's around him, etc.)

One thing he'd better not do is change his shot. That high arcing (NOT arching, people) shot is the kind that can provide consistent shooting percentages from game to game. Flat shooters are streak shooters because their room for error is so much smaller (one inch versus 12+ inches).

That's All we can Ask..

Thanks Booze! Enjoy the off season, see you next year!!


RE Potential: "Thanks for not leaving us like Fisher did."

I take it you're not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan?!

Post Moves

I'm a huge Boozer fan. Hard to find anyone stronger or with better hands in the league. I love his spin moves that take him right to the hoop. It is almost a guaranteed score of foul. He is a good jump shooter too but I think he went to that too much when he could have taken the Lakers to the glass every time. He's also a great rebounder. I'll take his strengths over his poor defense any day. We just need to get someone tough inside to compliment his and Okur's good offense but poor d. If that can be Fez then we can continue to build from within and not make any changes - although we probably have to do something with either Almond or Miles. Almond seems to be the odd man out on a very deep roster of 2 guards.


Have a great summer, Carlos! And thanks for a great season.


You hope the next team that plays LA that LA beats them in 4, me too.

Re: I just wanna win

I just want a new Porsche to show up in my drive way.
I've learned in life just because you wnat something it doesn't mean it's going to happen.


Boozer at times, especially in this playoff series was almost as "OVERRATED" as Tracy McGrady!! I mean that! How does Paul Millsap just come in the game and make the team so much better? Did you not see that run start with Millsap in the 4th? As soon as Boozer fouled out, The Jazz went on a bigger run! He's a disappointment and is
being overpaid!! Here's some advice for Boozer! Take a week this summer and spend some time in Louisiana with The Mailman, and maybe he can teach you how to play better defense!! Deron did it with Stock, I dont think it would hurt you any! It's sad to see Luis Scola get made look like an all-star and Lamar Odom look like a superstar because someone plays sub-par defense! Booz, learn how to play defense, make easy shots, and stop settling for jump shots and maybe we'll win a championship a lot sooner! GO JAZZ!!


like i said boozer lack many things. he is timid, soft,his demeanor is not that of a winner. the jazz will make the playoff and that is it. history will continue to repeat it self just like the 20 years that has passed. enjoy the years of disappointments jazz fan.

if only we can take the heart of millsap and give to LOOZER.


what is boozer saying when he says he is a leader and cornerstone for this franchise??? are u kidding me? we can trade him and d will, will turn millsap into a better player than boozer. Atleast millsap is tough and backs up the things he says. And he is not afraid of posting up taller guys unlike boozer who shoots fade aways like a girl.. I love the jazz but sometimes boozer just pushes my buttons :)


Where is Booz coming from--team leader and cornerstone of the franchise? Give me a break. Your traded buddy.

Frederick of Logan

I have respect for Boozer. Some fans lack class. Some fans think they know more than the coach and they enjoy shooting off their mouths. Thank you Mr. Sloan, and Mr. Miller and all the Jazz players and most of the Jazz fans.

I love watching Boozer play...

I hope I get to enjot it many more years. He's a great player and seems to be a great guy. He's still given alot to this community and team even if they didn't win the playoffs.

Thanks Boozer!
A fan


Memo to fans: I am a big Jazz fan, I love the Jazz, I think we have great fans. I think we have some of the most ignorant fans too. D Fish is a good guy, I still wish him well with his family. Boozer is still one of the leaders of the team with D Will. The refs did NOT cost us the series. I swear the glass is always half empty with some fans. This team will be solid for the next decade. Championships do not happen over night. Let this team gel more. We have now had 2 very productive years in a row with some very meaningful playoff games, and great playoff runs, that is what turns boys into men. The Jazz are going to keep getting better. They may win a championship, they may not. That is what the sports world is all about, it is hard to win a championship but I believe this group will do it. Just keep being supportive and back our team. Thanks for a great year Jazz, and we love ya Boozer, we got your back. GO JAZZ!


I can handle a guy missing shots - what killed us was his horrible, horrible defense! He need to work out with Bruce Bowen over the summer.


Until we get the killer attitude it's just a bunch of nice guys playing basketball. Somewhere, sometime, somehow you have to be able to say: "I am not going to beat you I am going to destroy your will to play the game". Then we will win ALL the marbles and go home. I prefer to call it SWAGGER!

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