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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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$o $ad

$how me the money

"Stolen Innocence"

The result of Mrs. Wall's book pre-release publicity Hoax in Texas resulted in the "Stolen Innocence" of over 400 children. I pray she can live with herself. I pity her!


She has books to sell. Just one more of the FLDS damning book selling crowd. Bet she hopes you all will buy one. Money the root of all evil. They don't say that for nothing.

Elizabeth Conley

You go girl! The only way to break the diabolical hold Warren Jeffs has on his followers is to drain his coffers of the money he's stolen from them. Use that money to heal as many victims as possible.

Christian women take note. Give some men an inch, and they'll take a mile. The "male headship" rhetoric that you've been hearing in recent decades is dangerous stuff. Do you want your lives and those of your daughters' to be as miserable as those of the women in the FLDS?

Nip it in the bud, ladies! Tell your husbands you want to be part of a healthy church where women are respected!


Based on what I read on this forum, this book will be a runaway best seller. Go for it!!

Will I buy it. No. I will wait for the movie.

(Also, some brave librarian will order it for their library and I can pick it up there.)


I am glad the book is out. there is so much secrecy about the FLDS, that it will help to shed more light on the practices. Elissa Wall has a lot of courage and I hope that the book sells well and that the money will help to get other young women out of situations that are abusive.


Warren Jeffs, presided over young teen boys being kicked out of their communities and their homes never to be seen again by their families. He convinced a wife of a man who was taking care of him to leave her husband along with the kids, and the poor man never saw his wife again. He comes out and tells people not to wear red, forcing poor people to get rid of many of the clothes in their closet. He continues the myth that unless these poor men and women life in plural marriage that they can't go to heaven making this life a burden for them.

Warren Jeffs is a desaster, he has caused a lot of pain to a lot of people.

so what

i'm sure she will have a $million$ reasons to get to through her "trials" in life. sorry but i only see the crocodile tears.

Brave Woman

Elissa Wall is a brave woman for having the courage to stand up to Warren Jeffs and ascert her rights to make her own choices.

Hopefully, her efforts will give other young FLDS girls the courage to throw off the shackles of these controlling men.

Not surprisingly, Mr. $o $ad above is upset that the pool of available child brides could be seriously affected by all of these events.

Save the children

And why not? If she were your daughter or sister....?

It's about money

It is unfortunate Elisa Wall decided to use fake names for many of the characters in her book. She had no choice for they are all lies. To use a real name may have resulted in a libel and slander issue of which I am sure her lawyers warned her on.


I say to her good job. I think it is very admirable what she has done to stand up to oppressive people. What she has done will help many people.

I hope this lady

is now happy, but I notice that she and Carolyn both have their children with them.

FLDS Smear Campaign

First it was Carolyn Jessop, now it's Elissa Wall. Anytime a former member who has escaped from the FLDS speaks out about what is really happening within the FLDS community, the FLDS smear campaign begins.

They know that some of their practices are illegal, and evil, but don't want the rest of the world to know that.

The trial and conviction of Warren Jeffs is a joke to them. They're so trapped in their delusions that his edicts are god's will, that they can't see him for who he truely is, a con-artist and child abuser.


Another escapee from the religion no one escapes.

And a book deal to boot, eh?

I should "escape" the Southern Baptist "cult" and write a book on my terrible ordeal. I'm sure the chapter on infant male genital mutilation (circumcision) will be particularly engaging. Perhaps they'll raid all the Baptist churches in Texas and take away their kids. Any doctor could confirm the "systematic pattern of abuse".

Good for Elissa

She was a victim of the FLDS cult. She has to right to write a book if she wants. There are more victims than just her. Just do some research.

FLDS Guides for Raising Kids

General Guidelines for FLDS Children Ages 0-2 Years

A General Daily Schedule for FLDS Children Ages 2-6 Years

A General Daily Schedule for FLDS Children 1st - 3rd Grades

A General Daily Schedule for FLDS Children 4th grade Highschool

A General Daily Schedule for FLDS Mothers Ages 14-18 Years
(NOT NEEDED: Because our 14-year-olds don't wear makeup, these children seem young, but they are very bright and understand more than adults realize. They have been well indoctrinated, er, taught, to be child brides, and, even though they only have a 7th grade education, they are fully prepared to take on the responsibilities of being a wife, mother and child at age 14.)

A General Daily Schedule for FLDS Boys Ages 14-18 Years Surviving on the Streets
(NOT NEEDED: Although our 14-year-old girls are "sweet", our 14-year-old boys are a mess. Thankfully most of the competition, er, boys, have been kicked out of our community and are no longer our responsibility.)


Good for her but nope I won't be buying it as am sick of everyone writing a book. Will she donate the money to the cause of heling the "lost boys" or other women that need to escape or will she pocket it and gloat

I notice

That she has her child with her as does Carolyn.


Starting over has nothing to do with writing a book to get gain. But of course, all those FLDS haters (or should I say mostly LDS haters who want to lump that church together with the cult?) out there will buy her book. Enjoy your hate.

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