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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No Name (Sorry)

"Richard" cont.

Everyone wants to pass judgement and lay the blame on someone, but nobody offers an alternative or offers solutions to fix the problems. I'm not say that CPS is perfect, but the REALITY is that CPS is all we have right now (better than nothing).

When a child is being abused and cops make an arrest, do you think the cops pick this child up and care for him? NO, CPS does. It is CPS's responsiblity to ensure the child is no longer placed at risk of being abused again. The suspect will get out of jail sooner or later and CPS has to find out if the mother/caregiver/guardian has shown that she will be protective of the child when the abuser gets out.
This type of investigations can take a while and the harsh reality is that CPS has TIMEFRAMES, cops don't.
REALITY is that abuse is a pattern, a mother who was sexually abused will partner up with a male who will abuse her and her child. You can arrest the abuser but mother will end up again with someone just like him again and the abuse continues.


To Richard,
No, this was not a brochure ware comment as you say. It is CPS's job to protect the child. As stated, if there is "reason to believe" the child/children are removed. I have seen first hand children saved. I have seen children returned back to parents in a short time from 1 day to 18 months or more. Every case is different.

No-name(sorry) stated alot of comments that are facts. Maybe you should read them Richard.

I will ask this again. I thought more than one wife is illegal in the USA. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


Social worker charged with false report
Staff Writer

PRESTONSBURG A criminal summons was issued Wednesday for a social services worker charged with making a false report against his clients.
Floyd County Chris Newsome now faces a class A misdemeanor charge of falsely reporting an incident after an investigation by the Prestons-burg Police Department ended Wednesday.
The investigation, which began earlier this month after Auxier residents Richard and Kimberly Hardy produced an audio recording of Newsome during a regularly scheduled visit of their son, sparked several other complaints from the community against the Floyd County social services agency.


CPS is just getting more bold at what they normally do to smaller families.

They treated my family similarly, and my lawyer advised me to cooperate while they kidnap my daughter because they could otherwise retaliate by kidnapping my younger son, and there would be no chance any case would be resolved before she turned 18. It didn't matter how well we'd raised them, or that my daughter was already advanced in college math before being college age, or that we'd been officially recognized by congress for the children's accomplishments the past couple of years. All that matters to them is their own (paid-off) "therapist's professional" opinions.

That was quite a shock to me, who had always believed in the "liberty and justice for all" that our forefathers laid down their lives for. Maybe we'd be as good off under some other totalitarian regime if this is not stopped. So let's stop it. I say ask our politicians to show who they'll support - families and freedom, or a nationally supported multi-billion-dollar kidnapping ring. Only vote for those who will support our true freedom (from homeland threats like corrupt CPS agents).

Stop Child exPloitation disService now!

Your neighborhood next?


I have 11 videos of CPS visiting my home and completely violating my 4th and 14th amendment rights, I have court documents showing they falsified medical records, falsified a warrant, and i have recorded phone coversations where the fbsS worker blatantly lied, as well as the fbss supervisor extorting me.

apparently, the constitution of the united states is worthless.

CPS is a state agency, which is bound by federal laws, however, cps seems to make their OWN laws.

CPS wishes to settle out of court with me, I prefer to make a precedence case in the supreme court, and smear them all over the news, then start a coalition to abolish this agency.


Why are government agencies given immunity? Those who are in government positions and who abuse the constitutional rights of others should be given a greater punishment!

It looked like CPS decided what they saw at this ranch even before they went in there.


absolute power corrupts, absolutely

I fought and won, they have qualified immunity and can do whatever they want to anyone. Many of you will be subject to them as you argue with a teacher at school or disagree with a doctor on care. I soon found out that mandatory reporters are also given immunity. My children still fear them and we work every day to give them a stable life.

Harrison Mullins

I think the cps and is the worst goverment orgnation known to man or woman I think most of its employes on nothingmore or less than a bunch ol liers and cheats.

LaVista Gossett

I'm on the other side of the spectrum. Because of complaints, I've had children removed from my care. I've experienced first hand the abuse of athority by CPS. Someone should hold them accountable for their actions.


It is sad that cps can just walk in and distroy people lives like they do. Right here in Brown County there are over 1600 chidren in foster care and 54% was put there by one tripping cps worker. I would like to know if there is a way to stop these cruel people from kidnapping children from their parents. Cps workers lie to you and make false documents so they can do whatever they want to do. When you go to court you dont even get to defend yourself but cps sure has a lawyer sitting on thier side. These people are heartless and all they think about is the money they get from it. They remove children because of allegation. Dont even get to prove you are innocent. Cps will lie and get the cops to come to your house and break in if you dont answer you door.The power tripping cps worker has so much animosity against everyone. I would like to know how to stop these evil people?

Before we drink

. . . the kool-aid with FLDS trolls, remember what this article was all about -- some of the workers called in by CPS as an emergency measure because of the magnitude of the situation CPS encountered upon its entry into YFZ proved to be less than stellar performers.

OK. We all agree that's bad. That is not to say, however, that CPS was wrong to intervene, or that the FLDS were not -- and are not -- abusing their kids by subjecting them to an oppressive and immoral lifestyle.

They are.

And the emergency was created, not by a false report, but by the dangerous and immoral leadership and lifestyle the FLDS still, for the most part, defend.

It's unfortunate that the FLDS children, the actual innocent victims of both the FLDS and those few incompetent CPS caregivers, are still largely unprotected.


How shall we start a coalition to abolish the Child exPloitation disService agencies?

I'm in.


Cps is totally corrupt! Period!! There must be Due Process when you deprive someone of their child or property!

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