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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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To Gold: Do some research on CPS - they are a brutal organization wherever you find them.


When are you people going to get that through your heads?

The FLDS children should have been given back LONG ago, and never taken in the first place. What is happening right now, EVEN IF IT WERE LEGAL, would be the most inhumane, brutal thing!

Have some heart and brains! This is so obviously a sickening bullying brutal action of the State and CPS. Anyone who can't see that is so totally brainwashed it's pathetic.



G comment -
the problem with your rationale is that I really don't care whether CPS found evidence of abuse.
You don't care ? It's ok that based on someone's opionion that these girls/women were repressed,etc that 464 children are uprooted and placed with total strangers ? I have concerns about any children you may have based on these screwed up beliefs.


Grandpa Phil,
Your post means alot, considering you have first hand knowledge of the inner workings of CPS and family court.

Grandpa Phil

Caren, CPS is "protected" from lawsuits due to their status as a government agency. They can only be sued with their permission. Not likely that is going to happen.


I think this is horrible and CPS is to blame and should be held responsible. I dont blame Texas in general. There are many people who are born and raised in Texas and are very respectful and honest. This whole situatin has reflected on them unfairly. CPS is like this all over the country. This paticular tragedy is a lose/lose situation. Tax payers will pay. The children are paying now and so are the parents.


To Gramma,
I do have heart and brains. Where did you get your info that there was no abuse/neglect? So, did they rule out all of the findings? I made a comment on the neutral side and you taking it out of context.
I have seen first hand children saved from the hand of someone that took advantage of them. CPS first priority is to protect the unproteced, and to find a permanent situation be it with parents, relatives, kinship, adoptive placement.

Concerned for Familes

If you have ever had dealings with Texas CPS you will soon realize that their sole purpose it to ruin your family and your life. There are no real check and balances system for CPS they are always in charge. Along with many counties that have paid Attorney ad idem on their payroll which is a direct conflict of interest. It soon becomes obvious that the attorney representing your child are actually looking only to keep their job and do not have the real interest of any child in mind. CPS will not listen to any parent under suspect nor will they listen or contact anyone that might have first hand knowledge of your child or not. They PAY WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO KEEP CONTRACTORS FOR EVALUATIONS for you and your child in business. CPS IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL IN TEXAS. Now problems in San Angelo because the are a high profile news story is moving much faster than any other case on their current files leaving all other cases in limbo.

CPS Child Protective Services or better said CPS Communist Police State...


Gold, please just google "CPS" and "big business" or "CPS" and "organized crime" or "CPS" and "gestapo". Read some of the truth about these pack of sadistic thugs who steal children and babies for money and power.

Where did you get YOUR info that there WAS abuse?

Maybe you've seen a case, or even two, where it appeared that CPS helped. I'm sceptical. I've read case after case after case where they have done everything from lie, create false reports, bully, intimidate, abuse, sexually abuse, to murder (PBS did a story on a CPS worker who became a foster parent and murdered, and was convicted of murdering a poor little girl - the CPS worker / foster mom duct taped the little girl to a chair in the basement and she died, I believe, from suffocation.) There are many other stories out there about sick, twisted, perverted CPS workers. Power corrupts, and CPS workers have more power than God and Satan put together, at least that's the way it feels when you're a wrongfully accused parent. Please don't believe all the Oprah / Nancy Grace crap that you hear / read.


And one thing people can do to help is to donate to the litigation fund for FLDS - go the Captive FLDS Children website, and give whatever you can. Also, sign the Petition that is online to Free the FLDS Children. And let your elected officials know, today, that if they don't speak out NOW against this abomination of the justice system, you will NOT vote for them.

Oh, and boycott Texas -


Texas cps and police officers from the fortworth police department came to my house and removed 3 of my children and placed them out of state with a convicted child abuser after i told them my Children were not to Leave the state of Texas! Texas Cps and the fortworth police department removed my children 2yrs ago and the Tarrant County DAs office, OAG office of Texas and The courthouse in downtown Fortworth Texas can not find any records saying cps and the police removed my kids!


Whatever is going on with flds is wrong. What is worse is the Texas cps! I should know. My daughter was taken away all based on a lie, a well documented lie! They took my daughter away. After a lot of heartache and money she is back with us. I have no history of violence or abusive behavior. A therapist was fired. A school headmaster lost his job. A teacher was fired. A school administrator was demoted. A social worker was transferred. A social worker was fired. The report was made up. The report cited a doctor who doesn't exist. The state's lawyer was caught in a lie. Child protective services is broken. While the protection of children is necessary, and their goals and objectives may be noble, reality is such that they do more harm than good.

Jim Green

Sweet justice. As I told you in my earlier entry, the entire case against the FLDS was and is a scam. And those of you who watched CNN tonight now know I was telling you the truth.

I made only one mistake. There were not three girls under 18 which were pregnant. There were just two and none below 18 have given birth at all. So, the FLDS were correct all along. They do not marry off minors.

One girl is seventeen; one girl is sixteen, though the 16 year old says she is 18. None the less, it is not against Texas law to be 16 and married or 16 and pregnant.

The State swore under oath that 31 minors were pregnant. Now if you notice, my entry was dated in April. Do you honestly think I was the only one to know this information?

No Name (Sorry)

I am an Ex-CPS Investigator. I have worked Criminal (as a COP)and Civil(as CPS)Investigations; I'm still a Cop. I want everyone to understand CPS IS NEEDED. If you have seen that things that I have seen you would understand this. The majority of children who are killed or abused; the suspect is a a FAMILY member. This is just the way it is, I don't like it, but its REALITY. There were times I thanked God that I wasn't carrying my firearm when talking to people who confessed to killing or abusing their children (it is a very depressing job and takes it toll); 16 child deaths total. It's one of the reason I left. I have worked investigations where I know I saved children, but on the same hand, I worked investigations where I know deep down inside I was doing more harm than good for the child and family. I say this with an emphasis on the difference between a criminal investigation and a civil. Law Enforcement has been around for centuries, CPS in Texas has been here maybe 40 years? Hardly anybody quits Law Enforcement, CPS has a turnover rate of 54%; see what I'm getting at?


gold wrote: "CPS first priority is to protect the unproteced, and to find a permanent situation be it with parents, relatives, kinship, adoptive placement"

Sounds like brochure-ware to me (unless they are protecting themselves). Is this why you think CPS has justification to violate the law?

When you hear, "We're CPS and we're hear to protect you," be afraid, be very afraid!


The Texan wrote: "Hey Grandma (obviosu FLDS poser), abuse was found, that why the courts ordered the action they did. You have dementia or something."

Yeah, the appeals court rescinding that court order must be an FLDS poser as well...

Would you like an aisle or window seat in the sanitorium, Texan?


ING wrote: "I can't help imagining my own children, 9 and 6 years old, in such a situation. I don't think they'll ever be in that situation, and I would never do anything to put them in it..."

Be careful your confidence, many (maybe even many on this list), never would do anything to put themselves or their children in that situation, but they still found themselves in a such a situation. I wouldn't believe it could happen, until it happened to me.

That is why the reaction is so visceral.


Obvious wrote: "The numerous posts on this site supporting the FLDS do not reflect the attitudes around the country. The public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of reigning in these polygamists. "

Well, I live in Washington (we already had our CPS nightmare a years ago), and I although I do not comport with FLDS beliefs, I thoroughly support them.

However, if you think this action is lawfully about 'reigning in those polygamists," then it is probably more important to reign in you. I say this because you indicate a willingness to deny due process to others, a keystone of tyranny.


Watcher wrote: "I don't consider leaving children with abusive parents until the parents have been tried and convicted of abuse to be an American tradition or constitutional."

I see, due process is not needed in the USA. Has it occurred to you that the reason we charge, then present evidence, then arrive at a deliberated verdict, is to protect the innocent? You just decided they were abused (and it must have been some awkward definition you used), and suggested punishing the victims who might not even be victims. If it were your way, why go to court at all. Just accuse, take what you want, and let the wastrels languish in jail.

Watcher also wrote: "We're not certain that all of the children actually belong to parents living at the ranch, so the state first has to determine the legal parents of each child before the children can be returned."

So, they can take your children for weeks to determine whether they belong to you, before they are returned? Am I detecting a neuro-disease here, or is this the New Logic?

No Name (Sorry)

For "Richard." You have some keen issues brought to mind but I have to point this out, CPS 1st priority is the protection of the CHILD, not the family or parents.
1st, do your homework; if a child is being abused, it does not automatically mean the child is "Removed" from the family, CPS has to first find or attempt to find a family member to place the child with while the investigation is ongoing. The reason for this is to place the least amount of emotional trauma on the child. But if during the course of the investigation the investigator finds out or suspects family knew about the abuse, did nothing to stop it or has shown a pattern of being non-protective, CPS will then remove the child.
I have to also mention that CPS attempts to come to an agreement with the parents (and person who accepts placement of the child) to take steps to ensure a investigation is conducted without interference and the child is not at risk of being abused while the investigation is ongoing.
Think about what would happen if CPS investigates, suspects abuse may be occurring, does nothing and then the child dies.

No Name (Sorry)

For "Richard" continued.
Do you suggest that CPS just leave the child with the family until the investigation if finished, thereby leaving the child at risk of further abuse. Reality is that the family (suspect) would apologize, convince the child it won't happen again and to say nothing. Children want to protect their parents.

CPS's only concern is that of the CHILD, the CHILD who is too afraid or who doesn't even understand that what the child is being subjected to is abuse. Many children living in abusive homes don't even understand that they are being abused, they believe it's normal. I seen children taken from VERY ABUSIVE HOMES and crying to be left with the ABUSERS. This is all the child knows, all the child has ever grown up with.

The problem with this is that policies and procedures get put into place to handle situations (regardless of actual abuse) the same way. If CPS treats abuse differently from one family to the next, attorneys would cry foul. 80% of what CPS investigates is RULED OUT, that tells you that 80% of the time, CPS is wasting their time. Time that is taken away from real cases of abuse.

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