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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"As for the poor writing skills of the Mental Health workers, they are probably drawn from the same pool as the CPS workers. Few of the CPS workers we have come into contact with over the years have the comprehensive skills to grasp a technical concept such as legal rights and almost none possess the compassion to look inside an issue and weigh the consequences of their abuse. Their reading comprehension skills are minimal and sometimes laughable. That is sad."

In many states all you need to be an entry-level social worker is a B.S. degree in anything. State agencies like CPS and many others soak up the graduates that find that their peace studies or feminist theory degrees don't get them far in the private sector and whose records don't qualify them for the graduate schools. They get decent salaries, good benefits, and employment for life since it's very difficult to fire state workers. And they get to impose their will on others.

Wanda Farmer

This is true about the case workers, And if you say something to them. they will tell more lies about you. I live in Milam Co. TX Population about 25,000. Cps took more then 400 children into foster care last year. Only 120 of them are with family. My granddaughter and grandson, are apart of them. Based on false accusations. These case workers don't care about the children, they just want the money. We didnt even get to talk in court. Cps told their story, and that was the way it was. We had no money for an attorney.We were not told our rights. They retaliate if you complain. If you don't stay quiet, they threaten to send, your children some were else. And we wont be able to find them. You just need to sign your rights away. So they can adopt them out. For the money. Our children are being sold to the highest bidder, the government. There are 6 million people in the US saying that cps stold their children and know one can do anything about it. Thank You W. F.

G comment - 1:32pm

the problem with your rationale is that I really don't care whether CPS found evidence of abuse. I care that the women and children are let out of that compound so they have some options in life. It's unclear to me why you try to impress with big words that most here do not understand (like "non-sequitirs", which you misspelled, by the way, since I do understand it) when you could simply speak in plain terms.
You have yet to actually address the issue. You state that kids don't go to college, but I'm assuming that you realize they grow up. And if either pregnant or brainwashed, they won't have a chance to go to college. So stop beating around the bush and trying to impress with big words. Try actually addressing the issue of servitude being forced upon these women and children. That is, after all, the big issue. That's why the children were taken. The most ironic part is that you FLDS don't even realize that is the issue. You think it's about underage brides. lol - wake up. Free the women and children and you can live as you like.


"You state that kids don't go to college, but I'm assuming that you realize they grow up. And if either pregnant or brainwashed, they won't have a chance to go to college."

Do you not realize how silly this exchange has become when you state that the government can take children away because parents don't send them to college?

I'd be laughing now if your views weren't so disturbing. Maybe CPS should start taking children away from people that make $20,000 a year or less, since they obviously can't afford college.


CPS, the most corrupt, cruel, and powerful department of any government, operates like this everywhere in the world. US, Canada, you name it - they steal your children and you have no hope. Judges go along with them, politicians, for the most part, don't care, or regurgitate the evil PR phrase "in the best interests of the child". People have to unit and start a class action lawsuit (I believe there is one in US already), and pressure their politicians with petitions and so on. Don't vote for anyone who isn't going to protect your rights as a parent, and ensure that your child or baby can't be stolen.


James Rich

Just how long does it take to 'investigate' wether the original call was real or false? My understanding is that it came from a black woman in colorado who has a history of making crank calls.
Where's the arrest? Where's the FOI forcing CPS to reveal their phone records? Have these calls been traced? I think that any 2 bit detective could figure this out in around 2 weeks - maximum.


Just as i thought..no one saw the photos of the ranch from the air. There are at least 12 houses and a number of mobile homes. Not everyone was living in a single residence. Since some men had 1 wife they were probably in the mobile homes.The men with many wives had a large house for all the members. Since when is just FLDS the only religion brain washing kids. Italian mom and my dad had to sign for kids to be raised catholic. Them folks really mess you up. And we all force our views on our kids. After all why say to kids...because I said so! Anyone raising a child has 5 years to mold that child into whatever they wish. As I said return these families to the ranch and help them to change. CPS= largest abuse warehouse. They are foaming at the mouth with the hopes of adoption bonuses.


Well I am one who had the same done to me the more people talk about how abusive cps is the more powerful they become. I am so overwhelmed on how they are able to get away with what they get away with.I believe that so many of them are un wed and do not have children of there own and are able to tell you how to raise your children.The gov. is so out of it that they do not even know what is going on.So instead of us talking about it lets do something.Tell me police are here to protect and serve right, and they have to abide by the law well what makes cps so different. People think that if they pick up the phone and make a call they are saving a child. well let me tell you the child or children are in more danger when cps is notified so before making that call think to yourself am i doing good or bad,also ask yourself if you have children would i want this to happen to me!


You do know, don't you, before this is all said and done, Texas Taypayers will be writng a check over to the FLDS for SEVERAL BILLION DOLLARS.

You watch and see. There won't even be one conviction on underage marriage. Prior to September 2005, girls could be formally OR informally married (common law) married at 14 *with* their parent's permission.

After September 2005, it was 16.

When you look at the 2007 Bishop's census, not even one marriage violated the above. Some came close, but none violated.

Regarding the bigamy prosecutions, if Texas is stupid enough to bring those, it will be overturned by SCOTUS using Lawrence vs Texas language of "consensual sex between ADULTS."

Under Texas law, these 14 to 16 year old girls were ADULTS.

Holm was refused to be heard by SCOTUS because Ruth Stubbs was legally a minor under Utah law.


Don't mess with Texas.

Leave it alone.

It'll mess its own drawers.


What's the Difference between CPS and the Gestapo? When the Gestapo sent people to the concentration camp, they kept families together.-
Robert T. McQuaid


Boycott Texas. It's the only language they understand.


And by the way, quit repeating the LIE that there was abuse at the FLDS ranch.

CPS already admitted, there was NO EVIDENCE OF ABUSE. But there sure will be abuse to come for those poor little FLDS children, given the statistics on what brutalities occur in foster homes. Drug addiction, suicide, incarceration, homelessness, this is what they have to look forward to.

Before you so quickly condone the actions of the State and CPS, you might want to do a bit of research and think for yourself. After all, if you really care about the "best interests of the children" you would think long and hard, and do a bit of research, before you so blindly accept what the government and their thugs foist off on you.



Gramma, not sure about Boycotting Texas, but my husband came home Friday and told me he was offered a job in Texas. I told him no amount of money is going to make me move to Texas after all of this. There are 49 other states in the union - he can pick another one.

I'm not saying there was not abuse in the FLDS compound, but I am NOT going to live in a state where the state government representatives hold adults as minors until they give birth to snatch their kids or any of the other things I have heard about their CPS.

I don't have children yet, but that does not matter - not moving to Texas.


Wise decision, Tina.

Read the Frontline segment on Logan Marr, the 5 year old who was taken from her "unfit" mother, and given to the foster "mother" / CPS worker. This case reveals much about CPS and the kind of people who have power there.

All it takes is one (anonymous) phone call. A vindictive ex, a jealous co-worker, a creepy neighbour. There is no justice in a court where one side (the government and CPS) have all the power, and everything is done in secrecy. If you do run into problems with CPS, don't meet them without a (good) lawyer present, and (if state law permits it) tape record everything that transpires between you, CPS, doctors, etc.

Read up on your rights, and how to fight CPS, should that horrible day ever come to pass.

If I was young again, I would really think hard about having children. I can't think of anything worse than losing them to CPS. But I'm hopeful that things will change, given enough awareness. The human race has much goodness, unfortunately, right now there are a lot of evil people with power.

survivor of cps

what cps is doing in Texas is what they do all over our country. Every child taken into thier protective custody is victimized or revictimized by an agency full of people trying to justify what they do, so that they can sleep at night. cps is in denial regarding thier own mental health and is in desparate need of intervention. They themselves have become the neglectful and abusive guardian. The only way to change them, is to challenge and confront them,which is what has been happening across America IF you will just see. The time has come, for our nation to TRUELY be made aware of the unredeamable disfunctionality of cps. Because, what happened to my family and the families of half a million children every year, and now FDLS families can happen to YOU. If you don't believe me, try refusing to send your kindergarden child to the dentist and see how close cps gets to your door.

survivor of cps

when I think of cps, I think of the Stanford prison experiment of 1971.


Being a foster adoptive parent for 15 plus years, I can see that cps has to investigate by law. If a child is in danger, or reason to believe of abuse/neglect the child is removed. It is up to the judge to make the final decision how long the children stay in care or go home. I thought by law ,having many wives is not legal in the USA. If fathers were infact causing harm to the children the children would be removed from the home. If the mothers of the children were aware of this , they are as quilty. As for the cps workers being rude, etc. It is like many situations, there are good workers, and not so good. Same goes for teachers, police, etc.

Deborah Bratcher

CPS in Texas has been out of control for years! They believe they have "magical" powers of discernment, making SNAP judgements against people and then only changing their tactics when high-powered attorneys are brought in. It's anti-American,and, as so many before me have pointed out, CPS plans are way more harmful to children than the parents the children are removed from were. I hope to have a say to Gov. Perry, too, if a real, sincere probe into the constant misconduct of various CPS offices is undertaken.


If there are so many victims of CPS isn't it time for a massive class action law suit.
You should all contact the attorneys of FLDS and team up. Or have they made class action lawsuits illegal already ...The big surge in kidnapping came after the Welfare reform bill so most of the victims still are incarcerated someplace. It is about time to get them released.


CPS should be abolished. If there is a suspicion of abuse, it should be treated just like any other crime. Due process and the presumption of innocence should not be thrown out. People need to stop buying into the idea that there is abuse everywhere, and that just because some kid has a bruise or is crying, they must be getting abused. We have been totally brainwashed by shows like Oprah, and the media, who see abuse everywhere. If parents are having problems, they should be helped. Too many parents have lost their children, merely because they are poor. All the money that is spent on government mooches could have paid for all these families to live like royalty. The government is the true evil here, for it is what is behind CPS. Remember, CPS is just an arm of the government. Demand that your elected official abolish CPS or immediately make reforms that take away their abusive power. Demand also that such things as anonymous accusations be outlawed, and that the penalty for a false accusation be jail time!

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