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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What is obvious is the Texas authorities were in over their heads here and some individuals abused their power. However, the individual hearings will proceed and most of these kids will be returned to their parents. I suspect the preteen/teen girls may be separated until they reach 18. But life on the ranch has changed forever. The numerous posts on this site supporting the FLDS do not reflect the attitudes around the country. The public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of reigning in these polygamists. They no longer live in secret. They will have to watch their backs from here on in.


Horrific and shameful. Where is the humanity? The basic relationship between a mother and her child is something every human being should understand.

I can't help but think, "what would I do?" I would die before letting my children be taken away from me. I have small children and I know how much they need me. This is criminal and every American should be ashamed.

Re: Watcher

I don't consider leaving children with abusive parents until the parents have been tried and convicted of abuse to be an American tradition or constitutional.

The children have rights too, specifically, the right not to be abused by their parents.

We're not certain that all of the children actually belong to parents living at the ranch, so the state first has to determine the legal parents of each child before the children can be returned.

God Bless America

Do I agree with plural marriage? No. Are these children being raised to be terrorists? No. Have we allowed government to be our conscience? Yes. Do you want more government intervention in your lives? Vote for Democrats.

This raid, we now know, was based on false pretenses. Return these people to their homes and let them live in the land of the free and home of the brave. And prosecute those that break the law, whoever it may be.


To: The Texan

"Hey Grandma (obviosu FLDS poser), abuse was found, that why the courts ordered the action they did. You have dementia or something."

I couldn't have asked for a better expression of Texas bigotry than this.


@ Axe to Grind

You're right being rude to people you have imprisoned is not a crime.

You know what else isn't a crime? Indoctrinating your children.

But that is what they are now saying is the primary reason they tore these kids away from their families and refuse to give them back.




That my friends is not a slippery slope, that is a cliff. IF CPS can justify this action on the grounds that they "felt that the children where being indoctrinated to be abused and to be abusers" then heaven help us all.

Moreover, if they where worried about the scope, instead of carting them all off to a concentration camp and separating them like cattle, maybe they could have just put the community on house arest until they figured out what was really going on. But hey, that might not have made the news.


"Who do you root for? And is there a way both sides can lose?"

Well, you root for neither and hope for significant change in both.


To: Axe to Grind

"Being rude and insensitive to people in such a trying circumstance, though unacceptable, is not against the law."

You're in for a big surprise.

When a governing entity aprehends people and then shows animosity toward them, it is evidence that the aprehension itself was a result of the same animosity.

Texas is in deep and will pay BIG.


RE: Obvious | 1:47 p.m. May 14, 2008 said "The numerous posts on this site supporting the FLDS do not reflect the attitudes around the country. The public sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of reigning in these polygamists. They no longer live in secret. They will have to watch their backs from here on in."
Yea, that is what the news and the Government said about the Short Creek Raid and we all see how much it changed the FLDS - not a drop!

Also much of the public sentiment is against the FLDS because the mainstream media is bias. There are few if ANY reports on the women that CPS have now said are adults. Almost no reports on CPS trying to take babies away from these women. NOthing on CNN or FOX about a new mother sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a newborn. Want to keep the public on your side... limit what you tell them. Paint everyone with a wide brush!


How does one look at this situation without judging? Very difficult to do.

Life is a series of choices, and for each choice there are consequences, good and bad. This is nothing more than the Law of Karma at work.

And we see it at work now with this situation: a Karmic rebalancing, nothing more.

No debt goes unpaid in the Universe...


Only a sadistic sociopath could possibly think that stealing innocent children from their parents is ok. PERIOD


Texas is the same State where the Government killed the families and children in Waco. While I believe that FLDS has an evil philosophy of life, I believe that there are many organizations that are evil but I do not support government taking their children and their lives. There has been no due process as to individual children. This is way it is hard to trust governments.


It is time for all good people to stop being silent about this. Please send a note to Gov. Perry and demand that he put a stop to it and return those children to their mothers.

Psych Nurse

These children under 5 do not have the neurological development to understand what is going on and they are grieving for their mothers' in the same way as if their mothers' were dead. The longer these kids stay in this situation the more damage is being done to them.

Chairman Kite knows this. Please try to find his email address and send him a letter of support in his efforts to reunite these children with their mothers.


As a retired public agency risk manager (legal liability, safety, insurance, etc.), my hope is that the state of Texas will face tens of billions of dollars in civil liability for this unspeakable violation of civil rights and, moreover, that complicit CPS/police/government personnel will be held criminally responsible for their illegal actions and will serve hard prison time. Where are the federal 'authorities' when they are needed the most? Why have the kidnappers not been arrested?

Granny Relda

Interloper, bumblebees can't fly, according to physics. Stuff that in your pipe, then pipe down. CPS is ALL about the $. Every child entering their system is accorded a bottomless pocket of Federal dollars. You wanna know why Social Security is bankrupt, look no farther. CPS is the culprit, nationwide. No charges will be brought, no social wreckers (or their racketeering partners, the judges and attys)will be held accountable for the disaster these families are experiencing. PTSD is a common after-effect following CPS involvement. My children's therapist says nobody'll do the studies to prove her theory: children who've been CPS -involved do poorly afterward because of the trauma of losing their families & entire worlds when they are removed and placed into fostercare. When a REAL crime is committed, the criminal is removed to custody, not the putative victim(s). May God bless these families, ALL of them.

don't get mad

get even. Or at least get involved. Google "captive flds children" and go to the top page. If you look at their side of the story (those videos must have been shot before their kids were taken away, right ?) and still think they have a reason to fight, there is a Donate page. Put some money into it, that's the only way to send a message. If their defense fund grows very large, it will be noticed. You homeschollers out there, and other odd balls, these people are setting a precedent in a battle that might be yours tomorrow. You think your state's agencies are not watching this ? This will tell them how much they can get away with. This matters. Those folks have no choice in the matter, they have to fight this (apparent) injustice. You can choose to support them. And get a few friends to join you. It might be the only way to DO something. And no, I have nothing to do with FLDS, far from it. I'm all in favor of prosecuting crimes of abuse. I don't think you need to be FLDS to be deeply disturbed by this thing.


"If CPS workers mistreated FLDS members while they were in protective custody, that is inexcusable and, if proven, CPS workers who violated CPS procedures or broke the law should be held accountable."

If CPS workers COULD be held accountable these abuses would not have happened.

Missing the point

Sure, this was not handled in the best way possible. Granted, it should have been planned better, and CPS clearly hadn't done their homework on how they were going to provide for all these folks...
BUT- these compounds need to be taken down. I have no problem with the LDS church. I have no problems with freedom of speech, religion, etc. I do have problems with the FLDS that consistently flip the bird to the laws of America (laws that the rest of us abide by), consistently manipulate our tax system to their benefit, and consistently abuse children. Those things should be red flags for all Americans. If the FLDS members will abide by the laws of our country, by all means let them live in peace. Until then, I commend Texas for the effort though not the actual execution.


I am grateful that some mental health personnel observed these things. When the lawsuits begin, their testimony will give the FLDS folks some strong ammunition. Texas is not the only state that has a problem. We had a daughter about 10 years ago that was acting out and was at our request, placed in foster care. She was thrown out of the Foster parents car while traveling 35 mph and left by the side of the road. A sweet couple came upon her and call us. She was injuried with a several bumps on the head, arms, and legs. She was lucky. We picked her up and took her to the hospital and then home. The state tried to start trouble, but with the help of a good lawyer, the state backed off and we forced an investigation. Needless to say, we would never want to see any child put a state supported agency, that behave in such a manner. Our daughter, is married and has 5 children and doing well. However, she still does not trust the authorities. We have a wonderful relationship. So, beware, when the state says that they are here to help.

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