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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Raymond Takashi Swenson

It is clear from these eyewitness accounts that you will be treated better as a terrorist at Guantanamo Bay than being a 4 year old child held by the State of Texas Child Protective Services.


I could hardly read this without wiping away a flood of tears.

I do not agree with polygamy nor underage children marrying.

But, this is very sad, I just can't understand this.

More interesting

For what it's worth, I don't think that any of the parties involved in this fiasco are completely innocent nor do I think that they are all guilty. I don't think that the FLDS are totally wrong in some of their beliefs, but then I don't think that CPS would have taken on a case of this magnitude without having some kind of grounds for doing so. Mistakes have been made by all parties involved and some more will continue to be made. It has been said repeatedly that this case is unprecedented. Both parties are trying to work through tons of legal and moral issues. I don't think that it will end anytime soon. I think that we all need to stop being so vicious in our postings and let the courts and the lawyers work this out. Hopefully what's best for these kids will be the end result.

Las Vegas Guy

I have found it very difficult to believe anything that the Texas Government has said about this whole situation. I have not for 1 second thought that the mothers of this community were abusive in any way. The Men I can see as being strict and overbearing and I can even believe some abuse perhaps. But I believe the State of Texas is reporting lies, lies, lies to help sway Public Opionion in what they are doing. These women have done nothing to merit them being taken from their children. If a government agancy attempted to take my kids from me or my wife for no good reason. They better be packing a lot of heat. The Texas CPS is sounding a bit like a Communist Division. Hey who's for the Government telling us how to raise or kids? ef off Texas CPS.

Ax to grind

As the FLDS and their supports have complained so much about the CPS motives in this case, I just wonder if all of John Kight's complaints came simply because of his neutral observations at the Colliseum, or if many of is his complaints are based on trumped up charges of trivial incidents because Kight had a previous ax to grind against the CPS.

Being rude and insensitive to people in such a trying circumstance, though unacceptable, is not against the law.

Child abuse and child rape are.


I intend to give on a regular basis to the FLDS defence fund, and have already given my first donation. But don't expect the lawyers to save them. It is only WE THE PEOPLE, who through our outrage and demand for action, will have any real long-term effect. Boycott all the news organizations that are not telling the truth (e.g, CNN, etc.). DEMAND action from policitians - don't let them hide behind the "Best interests of the child" lie any longer. Send them articles on CPS abuses - email them, write them, fax them, call them. Barbara Walther's phone number (at least her work number) is available on the Internet.


ACT NOW!!!!! They WILL be coming for your children, if we don't do something NOW!


I have posted on this and other sites several times over the past two weeks of my personal interaction with the FLDS. I have treated their families in my medical clinic for over 10 years. They are some of the most decent people I have ever met. I will vouch for the description of how the mothers love their children. I have watched the way the kids watch out for each other, and for the manners and respect they show. For the last month, my heart has been ripped out for them because I know better than to believe the crap being reported about total abuse in their community. Abuse there is more isolated than in the general population in my observation.

TEXAS! Free these people NOW!


Let's see...FLDS is buying some land and moving to our state. We can't have that..they're different.
Hmmm...let's raise the legal marriage age up 2 years to entrap them, regardless of the fact that we have ghettos and barrios full of underage pregnancies with no marriage intended.
The public is pretty gullible, then we could say "child abuse" (or some other buzzword) and they'll all excuse whatever we do in the name of the childrens "best interest".
We'll let the media and CPS spew out accusations and most of the unthinking public will follow along like good little sheep.
the great state of Texas

Re: Grandma

Obviously today's designated spokeswoman/man for the increasingly hysterical (as in "frantic") FLDS propaganda machine.

They continue to ratchet up their rhetoric in order to distract from the real issue, child abuse. Their end goal is to get their children back without any strings attached so that they can continue practicing their beliefs without restriction, even if some of those beliefs promote child abuse and rape.

Vindicated 2

Either it takes forever to have your comments moderated or my last one got lost.

Either way...They way these mothers have conducted themselves is commendable and we truly have much to learn (or remember as it were) about the right way to raise kids, and much to learn about humility in the face of such horrific government abuse. I for one would have come uncorked if CPS raided my home on such flimsy evidence and the second amendment would have been in play.


Today the news is high gas prices, the primary elections and the earthquake in China but is there anything more important than these little children and their mothers that were kidnapped and are being abused by the Texas CPS?
Our elected representative need to be aware of your public outrage that this could happen in the United States in 2008. Please do your part and call them.
I'm not FLDS.
We can never accuse Germany again! We have our own guilt now.
Why is our army in Iraq? What are they fighting for when we are doing this damage in this country?


John Kight is not an expert in constitutional law, just a bureaucrat charged with administering within a bureaucratic government. Would he rather have children raised in a polygamous community, which is by definition a community based on illegal activity in which children are cultivated to continue the practice of law-breaking, or would he rather have children raised by families that honor and sustain the law? Society might choose the latter, realizing there are some sacrifices that might be required to accomplish that end. I applaud Texas for taking action rather than sticking their heads in the red sands of southern Utah. Mark Shurtleff is an ostrich.

To Bruce

FLDS did buy the land in Eldorado...under false pretenses...The snowball to hell started then.

Thank you

Deseret news for reporting the latest in this case.


Grandma. I'm not FLDS. But if they come after them, if you are old, you maybe on the list. How can you be so heartless?
Don't be blinded by 65 year old men, fraud, child abuse, ect. They need to be corrected but right now these babies and their mothers should not be suffering.


You FLDS people need to learn to spell. It is hard to understand your comments whenever you are ranting and raving, using really bad spelling. Also the CAPITAL LETTERING NEEDS TO GO! Too much drama.

The Texan

Let's see;

9 unsigned letters from how many people. Hey, wake up people there are over 400+ people assigned and 9 have a problem? Maybe, it's personal.

Stop stooping to gossip and rumors. Either the FLDS have a valid leg to stand on or this rumor mongering is going to bite them where they sit. Grow up, people.

Texas CPS is the greatest.

Hey Grandma (obviosu FLDS poser), abuse was found, that why the courts ordered the action they did. You have dementia or something.

This is stupid.


"Some sacrifices might be required..."

Some sacrifices are just not worthwhile.

Even if CPS has the best of intentions and the callousness they've been accused of is blown out of proportion, how can anyone say that all of these children will be better off for being suddenly taken away from their parents?

I can't help imagining my own children, 9 and 6 years old, in such a situation. I don't think they'll ever be in that situation, and I would never do anything to put them in it, but as a parent, I can't help but think of how my kids would feel. They would be devastated. They would never recover fully from that. I don't think I would ever recover from it, either.

There's no disputing that the FLDS marriage practices are against the law and considered immoral by the vast majority of society.

I also think there's no disputing that the Texas CPS handled this situation INCREDIBLY poorly. No matter what their motives, I just can't believe that taking more than 400 children away from their parents at the same time is the right response.


Respect american tradition and constitution - return the children to their homes, and THEN begin appropriate prosecutions of any law breakers.


My Grandma (11.57) should have read "Re Grandma" @ 11:26 am.
I agree wholeheartedly with Watcher 1:15pm

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