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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Who do you root for? And is there a way both sides can lose?


What one most notices in the remarks of the MHMR workers is the lack of substance in their complaints. Not one episode of actual abuse is described. Much of what is described is hearsay straight from the mouths of FLDS women angry about not getting their way. Some folks are easily manipulated and I think these MHMR workers were. That is partly because they wanted to be.

The remarks remind of the Terri Schiavo circus. Recall that there were health care workers testifying in news conferences that Schiavo had talked, eaten and drank, and even asked to go dancing. But, we know from the medical evidence that she was blind, incapable of swallowing and most of her brain mass had deteriorated within months of her injury. There are always fools who rush in regardless of the irrationality of doing so.

Last, but not least, this MHMR unit, apparently subcontractors, are in a dispute with DPS as a result of some of the workers being dismissed from that assignment. They've lost money and, from their perspective, been insulted. It is not surprising that they would get together and write remarkably similar complaints against CPS.

When will this be national news

How long will it take the New York Times and CNN to report on this story.
Our press is a dismal failure in getting to the real story.
Great to see these mental care workers have done the right thing and spoken out on the abuse by may of the CPS staff.
Lets hope this gets to the courts soon and compassionate judges will hear the facts and return the children soon.


ANYONE...being FLDS members or CPS members who inflicts abuse on another human, should be held accountable for their actions ! I, for one, feel the State of Texas has done what Utah and Arizona should have done years ago. Its also the State of Texas duty...to weed out the CPS workers who dont know how to treat others with respect,understanding and kindness. Its also the duty of any CPS worker who witnesses another CPS worker's mistreatment of these women and children to report it to the authorities.These abusive CPS workers need to be punished !


Way to GO Grandma!!!!!! I, too, am an LDS grandparent, and I have been following this particular case very closely. I wrote a letter to Pres. Bush, to my Congressmen, and to the Gov of Texas about all of the CPS atrocities and the obvious "exercise of unrighteous dominion". I doubt anyone will care or even read my one letter; however, they cannot ignore all of our letters. People, get off your butts and actually DO SOMETHING to help these children and families. I even donated money to their legal defense fund. I will do whatever these people need in order to assist. I have 9 children of my own and nine more grandchildren and I know that what Texas did to these people will not stop at the Texas border. We have a Constitution that is supposed to protect us from things like this. Barring that, the Declaration of Independence mandates what we are obligated to do in the event those who are sworn to support and defend the Constitution fail to carry out their trust. "Nuff said.


CPS vs. FLDS, if you are looking for a lose-lose situation, you have already found it.


I am ashamed of Texas and America today! How can the government think that it is ok to act this way in the name of 'right'? Why is someone not coming to the aid of these American Citizens? Shame on Texas, Shame on America!

Justice System?

What has happened to Innocent until proven Guilty? The system has already branded these children and mothers guilty without evidence. Let me tell you whats wrong with society today its all about politics its voting season; who can get the better story. So that Texas and the United States can have some more twisted people in office. Whats wrong with raising children to have responsbilties, morals,values,decipline. If everyone raised their children with these types of values the prisons may not be so full. CPS is stupid because majority of workers are just there for a paycheck, not because they care. Judges, Police officers, Cps, You are no better than the next person we all came from the same creator, we all bleed red, so dont try to act all big and mighty, because you have a uniform and a title, Once apon a time you were helpful,caring, loving citizens, come back. Put yourself on the other side how would you feel if someone made a false phone call on your family.


Interloper, it doesn't surprise me that you take the side of those who would beat down the vulnerable - Terry Schiavo, that is. ANYONE who would side with the CPS has to not only have something seriously wrong with their mind, but their heart as well.

What makes people like you so cold? You'll pull the plug on someone - Terry Schiavo - who is loved and cared for and still has joy in her life (and you could see it in the videos which were spread all over the Internet)JUST as quickly as you'll consign hundred of children to a life of torture and misery.


Why are you so intent upon your cruelty? What abuse have you suffered that you must re-inflict?

E Plurus Unum

Sadly this is typical behavoir for CPS. Perhaps a silver lining in all of this will be the exposure of CPS for what it is. This si what happens when you give government unlimited power and allow them to operate in secrecy - an abuse of power.

To interloper

I agree with your posting. There is so much that is not being said in this article. I am a nurse and worked MHMR for 10 years. There are some truly good people who work MHMR but there are also many who are very disgruntled about salaries, benefits, etc. Some MHMR employees have extensive training and others receive very little. "Mental Health workers" is a very broad term. Anytime there is an incident such as what is happening in Texas, some people will always play "Devil's Advocate".


What a great man to stand up and tell the truth, no matter how unpopular it may be!!!

just thinking II

to Interloper
this is the problem with this issue. we all want to believe what we want. if someone writes for the FLDS then they have an agenda. if someone writes for CPS then all the charges are 100% justified. where is the truth. i have had dealings with flds. i have been in their homes and have seen how the children are treated and how i was treated by the flds members. they are shy aroung strangers. but that does not make them evil. i think the quotes in this article are true of how the flds are. my experience with cps is also true accourding to this article. this is the best article that has been published. good work. please reunite these children with their mothers. cps pull out while you still can. i know this will not happen but i would hope the governer would step in and do something. he wont but we can hope. after years it will be sorted out. what a black eye for the state of texas.


Brings to mind a statement I once heard:

"Now we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men."

Guess that can be applied to both sides of this argument.


I think the lesson is clear. Next time a 14-year-old girl shows up at a Texas high school pregnant, we need to sieze her and everyone else in the school, eh? Now there is precedence, no family in Texas is safe.

Jack from Ark

Finally some one coming out to help these unfortunate people. I absolutely do not condone what they do in there faith but this nonsense has to stop. These folks at CPS don't need to be fired, the guilty ones need to be brought up on charges of brutality, of over stepping authority and child abuse. Maybe if they had a little of their own medicine (like taking their children from them) they might be a little more compassionate themselves. Just remember That Germany did exactly the same thing as CPS during the second world war under the guise of taking care of the children. they harassed the mothers and intimidated the fathers with arrest. They then started eliminating all the children. Do you think the CPS would do that to protect their power? These jack booted thugs have gotten away with this as of now. Now lets all just sit back and do nothing and we won't be held accountable for this disgusting travesty of justice.

Interesting to the interloper

My last post seems to have gotten lost....again..I do support what you are saying. I am a nurse who worked MHMR for ten years, for the State of Texas. The term "MHMR workers" is a very broad term. Some of these staff receive extensive training, others very little. They are still grouped together. People need to check into the allegations of abuse and neglect that have been filed against some of these MHMR staff. Their hands are not lily white by no means. I asked a psychiatrist with MHMR once why they do not do psychiatric evaluations on people before they are hired. He stated "If we did, we would have no staff. Some of these staffers have more issues than the people they are hired to take care of"

To interloper

Lets see if this posting gets past the censors. People need to check into the allegations of abuse that have been filed against MHMR workers before they start believing all they have to say. Their hands are not lily white.


"They get their minds made up that they have unlimited power to do what they want and it's not right."

This should be the final word on the attitude that is running the show in DCFS/CPS.

What most people are not aware of is that the entire Child Protective Services authority is NOT found in criminal law but instead civil law. This means that the normal 'innocent until proven guilty' does not apply. This means that your Constitutional rights are NOT protected.

Remember the Parker Jensen case? He failed a cancer test. The parents wanted a second opinion, the arrogant doctor said No. He wanted to do chemotherapy right then. The parents got a second opinion, which showed No cancer. The doctor was infuriated and called DCFS. The parents ended up having charges of kidnapping for wanting a second medical opinion! In the end, several more tests showed No cancer. Turns out the first test was mishandled, the arrogant doctor was wrong and the parents were right.

The civil court law that governs DCFS/CPS allowed them to charge the parents with the felony crime of kidnapping their own child.

The system is majorly flawed! FLDS case is also flawed!


If CPS workers mistreated FLDS members while they were in protective custody, that is inexcusable and, if proven, CPS workers who violated CPS procedures or broke the law should be held accountable.

That doesn't excuse the FLDS from abusing their children, which is even more inexcusable. If it is proven that the FLDS members sexually abused and/or raped their children, everyone involved, directly or indirectly, should be held accountable.

This story is an unfortunate distraction from the real issue, child abuse.

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