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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Now that the true character of CPS is coming to light (no doubt just the tip of the iceberg) and considering the well documented horrors of the foster care system ... we can only imagine inhumane treatment and terror these kids are likely facing hour by hour, day by day.

I suspect whatever we might imagine is not as bad as atrocities those FLDS kids are actually forced to endure at the hands of CPS (the alleged "protectors").

Maybe the WACO kids were relatively luck to be burned alive. At least they did not have to suffer systematic humiliation at the hands of CPS. I don't think we have heard the worst yet.


nonsense, just another man trying to get some publicity for himself. the mothers and children were lying to the workers. we dont even know what children were theirs, all the so called wives claimed them all as their own.
the children are in safe places, in safe hands, may god be with them. not the travesty of religion that the old men and pedofiles had waiting for them. the mothers were so brainwashed they could not protect their own children from the men in this cult.

I've noticed

I've noticed that "Deseret News" fails to post many comments. Heavy censorship. Wonder if CPS might be pulling the strings?

From another psychologist

After reading many of the ignorant and unprofessional statements made by Texas authorities and their supporters I was not surprised to read the accounts of mental health workers who observed and recorded the abuse of children and mothers by the CPS. Its too bad that the mistreatment of the FLDS is being overshadowed in the media by the downturn in the economy and the presidential elections.

It makes me angry that innocent children are being more severely abused by the CPS than they may have been abused in their community. I'm not FLDS and don't know any members. I live in a different part of the country. But I do know about child abuse, and so far, from reading many media reports, I see far more evidence of child abuse from the CPS than I do from the fundamentalists.


Betty--you are dead wrong! This has nothing to do with any cult--just because they believe different than you do. We live in a land of religious freedom remember? If you don't remember, go read our history books.

Texas MUST release those children they kidnapped and give them back to their mothers and let them GO FREE. We do still live in a country where we can go to and fro freely. But apparantly not.

TEXAS, let these children go home to their mothers NOW! Release them before you do more harm to these little ones.


I hope and pray that some day the full truth of the situation in Texas will come to light. When it does, it will be interesting to see what average Americans find more repulsive -- the lifestyles of the polygamous FLDS or the brutality of the CPS.


First do no harm. I was struck by the MH worker who cited horrendous long-term outcomes for kids who have dealing with CPS. I am sure part of the issue is that most kids coming into contact with CPS have already been through really awful damaging experiences.

Feeding a kid into the maw of CPS with overworked caseowrkers, lack of followup, high staff turnover, chronically insufficient resources, and a hundred other hazards MIGHT be an improvement for a kid whose mother is a crack whore and dad is cooking meth, but those kids are already heavily damaged.

On the other hand, the risks, hazards, and damage caused by the dynamics of the FLDS community are a lot more subtle. People who come across as loving and well-connected may in fact be poorly equipped to cope with disruptionsof their routines or circumstances that challenge their deeply inculcated coping mechanisms. In the best case, FLDS members may regard this as just another test from God. In that case a state agency hell-bent on destroying elements of the community will only make things worse, increase the chance of bad long-term outcomes.


This article left me in tears. The thought of a little boy, just barely past toddler age, carrying a little pillow, walking down the rows, just begging for someone to rock him (like his mother rocked him), to comfort him, broke my heart.

It was sad, too, that a boy went to a uniformed policeman, seeking help, and the policeman said he couldn't help him. I wonder how the officer felt. I imagine at least some of the law enforcement officers felt compassion for them.

It also makes me angry that a former prison principal was even hired, let alone allowed to serve in a place where frightened children and women were being sheltered (if you can even call it that).

I'm an LDS grandmother, and this whole thing is very upsetting to me. I can't, with a clear conscience, condone the actions of the FLDS leaders, who have broken several laws. But the women and children are suffering now, from abuse by the CPS. I have no doubt that there are innocent men who are suffering too, from the loss of wives and children. I fear there is neither justice nor mercy here.


I think it's pretty insulting to call the FLDS men cowards. I myself have watched multiple cops'jaws drop when they thought I was admitting a felony. I wasn't but the resulting legal entanglements gave me headaches for years. So I do not blame the men for keeping a low profile or relying on lawyers. In this case, although I would not mind in the least if this experience made these guys rethink some aspects of their faith which I consider downright creepy, the lawyers are going to do them more good in the near term than their prophet

I think the FLDS men DO need lawyers with the guts to point out all the social structures aimed at getting non-FLDS men who father children with multiple women to be responsible for the children they father. By that standard, however strange and disturbing I find many elements of the FLDS faith, these fathers cannot be faulted. CPS / DPS will have to dig up some real dirt or smear a very biased spin over some facts to overcome that point.

For the record I do not endorse much older men marrying teenagers; i do endorse men supporting the children they father.


My heart goes out to these mothers,children, and their families. The state of Texas is clearly in the wrong. These people were minding their own business and hurting no one and especially not their own children. This is an atrocity. It all probably stems back to some (anti-Mormon) religious fanatic that doesnt agree with polygamy and decided to "punish" these innocent people.

Amen Lynn

Thank you grandmother, for telling us like it really is. The children and women are the victims of a few evil men. Unfortunately, the victims are now suffering further abuse at the hands of CPS, who is above the law. I wonder if Gov. Perry and the state legislature will take any action.


Giving CPS the EXTREME benefit of the doubt:

--Consider near disaster conditions, (partly erroneous) indoctrination about what to expect, and what they consider a legal mandate to protect children according to their definition of protection. Take scissors or knives. People not used to beign around mentally ill or suicidal people think these are completely innocent objects. CPS workers, besides their baseline experience are thinking "doomsday cult" or something.

--Consider a population of people many of whom are closely related from both sides of their families, who look a lot alike, who have similar names. Today I was reading about one family who has two children named Joseph both under 5! Keeping track of all those people would give me a headache even if I were not also trying to be objective about the collective motherhood and communal breastfeeding..

--Just taking a wild guess, I bet state personnel rules actually make it sort of logical that someone who for whatever reason needs not to work in a prison anymore might have lots of skills and background relevant for CPS.

The CPS behavior is unfortunatelyabout average for CPS but it is a direct result in teis case of otehr legal overreaching.


I made several comments on here earlier, now they are gone. I was not abusive, but I did have a plan to stop this illegal action from continuning turn off your tv's and radios.don't go out of the house don't drive, we as a nation can bring these people to their knees in less than 2 days but it must be followed by almost all of this great nation. I know we can do it and if we don't our constitution won't be worth any more than toilet paper.

Not Surprised

This whole story has smelled bad from day one. Thank goodness for some people with courage to come forward with what they have seen and witnessed first hand.
Please prosecute with evidence through our court system anyone who has molested or abused children but don't punish innocent people by association. I cannot believe what is happening in our country. CPS system needs to be revamped. The biggest culprit? Judge Walther(sp) she should be monitoring this out of control agency.


To the defender of CPS: I bet it is was investigated thoroughly YOU would be found to be affiliated with CPS. Trying to cover up for the brutality that cannot be denied now. No one with an I.Q. past 70, or a heart over 1/2 ounce, believes that CPS is operating in the "best interests of the child." It's way to late to try to garner sympathy for a gang of brutal thugs.

If there is a hell, I'd hate to be a CPS worker.


Anonymous, 10 minutes research will show you that CPS is like this the world around. I have personally read case after case where families were ripped apart by lying, cheating, stealing CPS workers. Unchecked power is a vicious, dangerous thing. When you can operate with unlimited power, and in total secrecy, you had better believe there are going to be massive abuses of power. There is no other entity on the face of this earth quite like CPS. Their power to do harm is like nothing else. They can put you and your family through hell, and there is no way out of it. Families who have had a child die of natural causes and also had one stolen by CPS, say that it easier to have a child die, than to have him or her stolen by CPS.

The cruelty is incomprehensible, but all too real.

Let's band together, and put a stop to this now! Let's truly work for "the best interests of the child."


Our country is founded on a Constitution which assures checks and balances...unfortunately the CPS has no checks nor balances. I am pleased that some crazy in the FLDS group has not committed some retaliatory act that would jepordize the entire lot. Given the current trends any such act of violence would probably result in the execution of innocent associates or worse their women and children. Where are the good men who seem to be doing NOTHING in rectifying this horrific situation...Where is the Governor? Where are the superior courts, and their judges? Where are the voters who elected Hildabrand, looking for their minds? Its time to demand that the children be returned to their parents...and the FLDS men who have committed crimes located and prosecuted...along with anyone (including judges, CPS bigshots and workers, and organizers of this inept removal) responsible for this violation of this groups civil and human rights. It is not sufficient to say they are weird...if weirdness is the standard for persecution and abuse half the country would be in trouble. Crimes are individual events and should be prosecuted as such. In our society the Rule of Law needs to be supreme.


What a travesty. I can't believe that this is happening in the United states. I can see separating children from the fathers, but only where there is probable cause to believe that the children have been or will be abused. I see no justification whatsoever for separating the children from their mothers. The argument that CPS only wants to get the truth from the children and believes the children will be unduly influenced by their mothers if they are allowed to stay together just doesn't fly. If CPS wants to question children outside the presence of their mothers, do that, but don't separate them.

re: Betty

So Betty, what do they pay at CPS now days?

What if...?

What if the state is afraid to allow the mothers to take care of their own kids because of any harm the mothers have on their children? What's very sad is that this crazy, possibly abusive care that the kids are recieving is the first glimpse of the outside real world that the rest of us interact with daily. The women and kids may be abused by CPS but they're no longer in the control of the warped FLDS minds.

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