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Published: Wednesday, May 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Land of the free?

Home of the brave? Our founding fathers are weeping in the heavens as this travesty continues to unfold before our eyes. Where are the freedom fighters in this day? Has patriotism died?

The Truth

As we are seeing the CPS has created this nightmre for these families. Whom ever is in control of this operation should be charged with kidnapping,extortion,assult amoung other charges.

I cannot beleive the Judges of Texas have not steped in en masse to stop this before it gets alot worse.

I hope all the families sue and win big settlements as they have been the victims.

As far as any of the readers who feel that this unlawful seizue is justified please follow the Police
to the the kool aid dispenser so you won't mish the train to heaven.



Don't forget Barbara Walter [a judge] gave the order and is still running things. She's heartless.


That is the most horrific thing I've ever read--honestly.

Those supposedly "superior-culture dwellers" from CPS showed the very worst traits of humanity. The offenders, each and everyone, should do jail time. For assault. For unlawful detainment. For kidnapping. Each and every one should be tried, convicted and punished under our legal system. To serve justice ; And even more importantly, to deter others and re-inforce to our society that we are a decent people. Not a police state.

can't believe this

If this is all true, it is horrendous. I don't believe these parents should be allowed to treat these children as property (as they do) but that does not justify the insane actions of CPS. I was on their side until I read this - now I'm ashamed of them.
I think they should investigate and fire anyone that acted like this. There are good CPS and bad CPS - get rid of the bad. But just as important, don't send those kids back to that compound - give them a chance at a real future.

It's about time

It's about time some of the truth comes out about what CPS has been doing. I have a brother and a sister there as well as numerous other close friends whose families have been torn away from them. I knew they were being mistreated, but reading this is appalling! And this time, you can't say it's the FLDS just telling lies.

Thomas C. Inskip

It is my experience that money makes the World go-round. What monetary incentive set the State of Texas to capture the YFZ compound? Separation of Church and State was established in The Constitution of The United States of America. Some American Native Tribes held separate religions; and continuing as tribes, none confront these powerful groups. However, we do see unaccounted confiscation of wealth from some American Native Tribes. What is under the YFZ compound? Please, get real...


I bet if it was to be investigated throughly those Mental health workers are affialated with the FLDS. Trying to cover for them that poor parents syndrome those children are better off in CPS custody.


When good people stand by and do nothing, freedom will die. The people of Texas should be ashamed of this travesty. The CPS officials as well as the judges and the governor and the legislature are no different than the Nazi butchers of the 1930's and 40's. They are reprehensible and beneath contempt. All freedom loving people of this country should rise up and condemn what has happened in the USST, the Unrepentant Sorry State of Texas. I would not be surprised if some of the worst offenders are those calling themselves good christians. Their actions are anything BUT christian. Shame on them.


When is the movie coming out? This is so horrific that I wonder why isn't anyone or agency or official coming to their aide. This is a blatant disregard for human rights. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Perhaps it is guilty by association.

Somehow I am reminded of Waco...


Christina, you take my breath away. Just how do you think all those mental health workers are affliated with the FLDS? Very few if any of the FLDS held jobs outside the compound. Honest people are standing up for what's right. They did say some CPS workers were good - most were not. They are telling the truth. CYS, CPS, whatever you want to call them - power mad.

retired psychologist Ph.D.

I'm appalled that this could be allowed to happen in the United States of America.

I'd never live in a FLDS compound, but American Citiziens' rights are being seriously jeapordized here. Children and adults are being treated as criminals by some sort of "guilt by association".

I look forward to the removal of many folks from office and the review of blunder by the State of Texas in the Supreme Court.


Adoption is big-business in this country. Healthy, drug-free white babies up for adoption are hard to come by. Child protective workers in many states are given quotas as to how many children they must place up for adoption every year.

These agencies usually target single-mothers because they know that these mothers are incapable emotionally and financially of fighting these bloated government behemoths.

What an opportunity the FLDS presented! A years quota in one fell-swoop! Who would care about the holocaust of this weird group!

It seems a lot of people care.


This is the worst case of human rights violations that I've heard of in my life time. Texas should be ashamed for letting this take place in this day and age. Did we learn nothing from Hitler? A shamful day for America in general. Great article.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Well folks, If the FLDS Men were not such big HUGE Cowards these kinds of things wouldn't be happening now to the woman and children. The FLDS men have themselves completely to blame for this event. So to all you FLDS Men...PLEASE DON'T BE BOO-HOO-ING AROUND TO THE REST OF THE WORLD! You FLDS men have put your families into this predicament with all your many lies and lying to the authorities!


May the Lord be with them in this time of trouble and may the bigots like Pants on Fire have their hardened hearts softened.


When people are given too much authority, they abuse it. Our third-rate grandstanding politicians have afraid to rein in these CPS People and here is the result.

Reginald Day

The CPS has just admitted to judge walther that a girl who gave birth and has been held, is an adult - not a minor as CPS had previously maitained.
The woman showed ID, birth cert., license, but CPS would not admit she was an adult and held her.
More proof that the CPS are liars, and in this case, have been holding and adult woman against her will! - this is Kidnapping! let the charges fly - and there'd better be someone held accountable!!!!!


I totally agree with these statements. I, too, spent two weeks volunteering with the ladies and their children at the coliseum. The ladies, voluntarily there, were gracious, compliant and wonderful mothers, completely dedicated to their children. CPS workers were like prison guards..harsh, suspicious, standing around them as they slept. They lied to the mother's the night of the hearing saying they wouldn't lose their children, they wouldn't tell the whereabouts of their other children and most weren't allowed access to the hearing or to newspapers. We were even reprimanded for writing down one mother's chidrens' names so that we could pray for them! However, the Texas Dept. of Health and the Texas dept. purchasing supplies for the ladies were excellent, sensitive to the mother's and children's needs and very agreeable. I commend those dept. but am disgusted with the action of CPS.

Been there

I'm surprised that the "Retired Psychologist Phd." is surprised. It's your occupation that help create this mess. I've been up against CPS. Even sued them. Won the law suit, but they're protected by law and didn't collect a thing. The damage they caused can never be rectified and made whole. Yes, CPS is needed, but they have too much uncontroled and unsupervised power. Some accountability is needed.

It's like a lot of other issues that have evolved in America. Unless something is done to stop this kind of garbage, we'll end up imploding just like Soviet Russia. How sad. Yes, "Land of the Free", our founding fathers are rolling over in their grave.

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