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Published: Tuesday, May 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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US Citizen

No surprises here. The immigrants from 100 years ago did not arrive to a welfare state willing to sign them up for free prenetal, child birth, emergency room services, WIC, food stamps all offered from bi-lingual speakers so you don't even have to bother learning English.

It seems that we have endless businesses attempting to capitalize on Spanish speakers. There are multiple TV and Radio stations, Newspapers, stores, banks, etc... It seems that I'm back in Spanish class, every time I visit Home Depot and see their bilingual signs everywhere. No wonder I keep seeing interviews with Hispanics who came here 10 or 15 years ago and they still need a translator to communicate.

Having learned a foreign language by studying abroad, I found myself fully immersed in the language and culture of my host country. By my 4th month abroad I was able to communicate pretty effectively. After a year, I was mistaken for a native speaker.

lost in DC

There needs to be a desire for assimilation for there to be assimiation, and there is very little, if any. All they want is to take our jobs and our money, send the money back home, and transplant their own culture here. And not all the jobs they take are those we won't do.

While there are many praiseworthy aspects to their culture such as strong family bonds and a strong work ethic there, the culture can bear part of the blame for the inability of their owns nations to develop economically to the point where they wouldn't need to come here.


Can someone please tell me why immigrants have to assimilate to us? Why not have native-born assimilate to the immigrants as well? Why can't we meet the immigrants half way?

By expecting immigrants to change without changing ourselves, we are assuming that we are superior.

Why bother?

As long as we tolerate their lack of desire to become Americans rather than people of other nationalities that just want to live here and benefit from the other citizens, why should they bother. Not only is the assimilation rate down, but he illegal rate is up.

liberal larry

Immigration is a horrible issue for the republicans. The capitalist, greed based, branch of the party loves the cheap labor, and the way semi-slave labor drives down the cost of wages in general. The right wing nut, fear based, conservatives are terrified of people who are so different from them, and are committing unforgivable crime of being "illegals!!!". It's time for both factions to grow up and come up with a workable solution to immigration problems.


More evidence that immigration is broken.
Our nation depends on a healthy immigration system to keep our society and economy vital.

No business could function long if 30% of it's "custoners" were shoplifters.
Our immigration system will not survive long when 30% of "immigrants" are in fact illegal aliens.

It has devastating implications for our nation.

That system has broken down and


Of course, why should they. We have made it easy for them not. That us why they have no love for this country because they don't feel any need to become a part of it. Once again the socialists are winning at destroyig this country.


Why should the Mexican illegals learn English when everything is given to them in Spanish?


Interesting to compare and contrast the DNews article and the Washington Post article.

Washington Post: "Report: Foreigners Adapt Quickly
Immigrants have been assimilating at a notably faster rate than previous generations, study finds."

DNews: "Slowdown found in assimilation of immigrants"


There is also a deep current of resentment, bigotry and prejudice among many Utahans. Take, for example, almost native speaker above. Has he tried to reach out and use his language skills to reach children in the public schools that desperately need role models with minimal spanish skills and a whole lot of compassion? Why dont you start being part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem with your blanket statements. How do you think a legal immigrant child feels when she/he hears you talk about their culture like this. Amazing you served a Mission for a Christian church and cant even see the suffering of the immigrants in our own country. Stop blaming the victims of racial and political injustice. Look into the eyes of the children and ask yourself how you can help.

Why not?

Selwin Duke explains that immigrants fail to assimilate for two reasons:
1) They don't want to
2) We don't ask them to
I find it interesting the way different news outlets are covering this study.
The Washington Post headline: "Study Says Foreigners in US Adapt Quickly"
UPI:"Latin immigrants to US don't assimilate"
Miami Herald: "Newcomers assimilating quickly in US"
MSNBC: "Immigrants assimilate quicker today, study shows"
And Deseret News: "Slowdown found in assimilation of immigrants"
I hope people read the report themselves to find out what it says.

martha thousand oaks

It isn't necessary to our corrupt govt for assimilation of illegals---gaze upon all of the signs, directions, instructions in Spanish along side our marvelous English signs, directions and instructions. This govt gives the message illegals do not have to learn English. After all, the 33 million illegals which have invaded our country are essential to Bush's No. American Union (which will replace our USA with a union comprising Canada, USA and Mexico) --it is already underway. Look up N.A.U. on the internet.


Assimilation is very important for immigration to happen. Having immigrants not wanting to assimilate or pandering to them so that they don't have to creates civic, community & country problems of division.
Telling people to learn English, fly the proper Flag, advance their education et. al., this is not racism (or whatever -ism), this is just what is needed to have a Country prosper.

martha thousand oaks

Our corrupt govt. does not want assimilation from the 33+ million illegals who have invaded our country. Notice the Spanish signs, directions, instructions, etc., placed next to our English signs, directions, instructions, etc. in every store, restaurant and most places of business? This president is currently replacing the USA by the North American Union (which will be comprised of Canada-USA-Mexico). Look up the N.A.U. on the Internet. Assimilation of illegals in their invasion is not necessary to the current US president. Wake up America.

US Proud

I completely agree with US Citizen. We - the US - give immigrants no incentative to learn our culture when we bend over backwards to be so accomodating to them. They came to this country willingly - they should learn to be in this country. You can't have one foot in the US & one foot still in your homeland. Either you want to be an American or you don't. You can't have it both ways. My husband is a Border Patrol Agent in SWTX & I find myself being more & more irritated with invading cultures & much less tolerant of people who speak Spanish. While I applaud our early immigrants (of every country), they embraced their new homeland - they didn't sneer at the new things to learn. America is fast losing it's identity & it doesn't even know it.


The first comment is right on the money. This is where good enforcement and no incentives for illegal behaviour is key. Add to this is that America has really become a prescriptive nation and people. I believe that is the term to reflect that we expect more to be done for us. We are not quite as self-sufficient as prior generations of Americans.

What we need is a great public or private program of assimilation. This would educate the Legal immigrats on the concepts of individuality, free markets, etc.

New immigrants are learning powerful lessons about modern America. Every time they receive WIC, foodstamps, free health care, etc they are learning that Karl Marx was right. From what I understand this learning is part of their assimilation, and it is not good. We are incorporating entire generations of 'Americans' who believe money grows on trees and the supremacy of government.

We need to be much more proactive about this. Fighting legislation is only one part of this discussion.

To Anonymous

It is not our duty to meet them halfway. It is not our duty to assimilate to their culture. Whom is coming to whose country. They are coming here. It is not about superiority, it is about being American.
By your token, those living in other countries should all learn English and assimilate to American culture and meet us halfway when we go to their countries. It is unfair that our missionaries should have to learn a foreign language. Do they think they are superior to us?
The simple fact is, if you want to move to a new country, for whatever reason, it is your duty to assimilate to that nation and their language and culture. It is not an unreasonable thing to ask. It is on the otherhand unreasonable for a minority to attempt to force an overwhelming majority to learn their language so that they do not have to learn ours. Every other immigrant group has done so, why should this group of immigrants be any different.


There's also the simple question of numbers. Studies show that we'll reach 500 million people by 2050, due to immigration and new births to immigrants. Otherwise, the population would largely stabilized.

If you think immigration is good and that these higher numbers are good, is there a point at which the country would be "full?" If not 500 million, how about a billion? Can we stop at two billion? Is that enough for our country?

Of course . . .

. . other papers put a different headline on the story.

They are liberal rags spinning the propaganda that illegal aliens benefit America.


Elisabeth- You must support illegal immigration and its propagation based on your statements. It is not the duty of this nation to take on the burden of illegal immigrants and providing not only for their general education, but also for extra support that we cannot afford. There is a budget deficit, and our government already spends too much money on discretionary pork projects, not to mention extra law enforcement and Border Patrol that is a direct result of illegal immigration. If individuals from Latin America did not try to illegally enter our country, or smuggle drugs, we could slash the Border Patrol spending by billions. Instead, they believe they are not subject to our laws and sovereignty.

They also do not believe it is their responsibility to help fix things in their own country. While Americans try to fix things in their country, illegals just flee to another nation where things are better. And they would all flee the USA if they thought the economic situation was better somewhere else.

They want the easy way out, which is why they also do not learn English or assimilate, because it is too hard and they have no loyalty to the USA.

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