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Published: Tuesday, May 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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i guess the jazz players are so desperate to make it look like they beat the lakers with a healthy kobe.


i mean, even if kobe was still attacking the rim and shooting, it was obvious to millions of viewers out there that it wasn't the same kobe on the court- he was obviously much slower, less accurate, and less able to make his usual spectacular moves to burn the jazz defenders (which is why all the jazz defenders had the rare chance to actually keep up with him that game)

Ak Fan

Charles Barkley said " Kobe hurts when he misses shots or on defense." He tried hard to be hero aka MJ but did not workout that way and Lakers paid price.

re: anonymous

dont matter none if we beat you with kobe in the lineup or with kobe out of the lineup, IT'S STILL A W!!! When we are in the conference finals we will send y'all a get well card. Have fun w/ that BACK injury, doesn't sound too serious, hee hee hee.

to Anonymous

Excuses, excuses.


What an actor. This is as bad as the article a couple of days ago saying he is now humble. Give me a break!!

Poor guy

Don't you feel sorry for the poor guy? Haven't you ever gone to work when you didn't feel good? Weren't you expected to do your job just like any other day? I hate this guy. he should be in jail for what he did in Denver.
Oh, I forgot, another famous, virtuous athlete, OJ Sompson, said, "No doesn't always mean no."

david stern

please don't hurt kobe further, i need him in the finals healthy to go against that wonderful boston team with 3 super stars of that fabulous king james in cleveland....utah you've made your point, you are a tough team, but lets get things back to normal...i have 'discussed' this situation with the referees and they have assured me anytime kobe is touched they will act accordingly...thanks for a great season though!


I just hope we don't have to watch Cobe wince anymore.
What about Boozer? his back has been sore for 3 months. the point is a lot of players are hurting.

At Least

At least he didn't pull a hammie. If he had he might miss not only game 5, but all the games until next March or April. Just ask Boozer.

Faker / Laker

Even Kobes mom said; "kobe as a young boy used to fake sick, when he didn't want to eat his veggies"


Too many times a "hurt" or "sick" super star has won the game against the Jazz. The Jazz players MUST play Kobe, and everyone else that steps unto the floor, as if that player is playing with 100% of their capability. If the Jazz players do not do this they will lose.


When AK can Block Kobe's shots without jumping, well there goes the "I dind't know" excuse.

Never giving Jazz credit

In response to the first comment: I guess Lakers players and fans are so desperate to give themselves some other reason why they got beat. Not because the Jazz could possibly have out-played them, no, never. "The only reason Lakers didn't win is because Kobe was hurt. "

This is just one more way to cheapen the Utah Jazz, and refuse to give them credit where credit is due.

Get Over It

Kobe having a hurt back did not make a difference in the game when he is fully healthy true he is more explosive, gets to the rim, and hits jump shots but since he was in pain he took his game to the post in which he scored at will just like he did any other way he still scored over 30 points so Laker fans cannot use Kobe having a hurt back as an excuse Michael Jordan had the flu when he beat the Jazz that would limit you in the same ways

Quit whinning

Danny Ainge played his best ball when he was sick and MJ beat the JAzz when he had food poisoning. Bryant might be able to shoot and dribble, but he'll never be great!


I am sick of hearing the excuses about why the jazz won for example Kobe being hurt. The jazz does not have the home record out of luck. 5 losses all season including playoffs is not luck!!!!!


Phony... just an excuse for a solid beatdown in SLC !!!!!!!!

Healthy Stars

So, the only game in this series where both teams main stars were playing well was game three and we all know the result of that game - lakers could barely stay in it.

Fakers are excusing themselves because of Kobe. At the same time Boozer hasn't been himself either. Let's see what happens when both stars show up to play - I think we will see more of game three and the Fakers will go home crying from Utah after being eliminated in game 6.


I can already hear the excuses coming if the Jazz win the series. It's ONLY because Kobe had a sore back in Game 4. Nevermind that every other player on the court is banged up. Williams is playing with a bruised tailbone and an ailing wrist (shooting hand) and you don't hear people making a big deal about that. Barkley nailed it. Kobe only hurts when he's embarrassed about missing a shot or something and wants to give the media an excuse as to why he missed a shot or missed a play on defense.

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