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Published: Sunday, May 11 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I love her books! Thanks!


I just finished Eclipse last night and can hardly wait for the fourth book in the Twilight series. I went online last night to find out when that book would be published (Aug 2) and was overjoyed to find she had written The Host. Not only that, but the first Twilight movie will be released in December 2008! I watched the trailer. Can't wait!

Meyer is a wonderfully talented writer and I look forward to many more of her books.


Who says authors can't be attractive? Mrs. Meyer is stunning.

And kudos to Meyer for finding success in the fiction world; where tens of thousands long to break in every year, but only a handful actually succeed.


Can't wait to read the new one! What great work she will have for us in the future!


How does an apparently orthodox, Sunday go-to-meeting Mormon justify her affinity with the occult? Vampires, blood lust, aliens? Please, all you rabid readers, enlighten me. I thought that stuff was taboo for LDS.

Go Hawks

An Alta high school grad!.


She didn't graduate from Alta! She grew up in Scottsdale, AZ. She still lives in the north scottsdale/cave creek area.


Nobody says authors can't be attractive, Sub-Odeon. Nobody. Leave the strawman arguments to the political pages.

rabid reader


I'm firmly LDS and a geek. Reading and writing fantasy and sci-fi is not against the standards of the church at all. I don't read individual books that contain offensive material, just as Meyer doesn't write it. There's no reason the two very broad sci-fi and fantasy genres would be considered taboo altogether. They're just stories. That would be like asking how an orthodox LDS sports fan can justify watching football on Monday night because the team plays on Sunday too.


My bad, I thought she graduated from Alta now I'm told she attended Alta High. Still a Hawk!


After reading Twilight, I think she would be a much better model than writer. She is hot!


Occult mschult. Writing about vampires isn't occultic. She's not teaching kids how to become vampires and suck people's blood out. She's telling a fantasy derived story. Where a young man finds himself to be a vampire, and still tries to rise above his natural tendencies to be a better being. I can't believe how overly literal people can be when it comes to FICTION.


I just love her and her work. Everything she has done is just so addicting and she just has this amazing personality. Thank you for this.


Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe how awesome her books are!!!!!!!!!!! I have read the first one 30 times, I've counted! I can't wait for trhe 4th book in the twilight series to come out!!!!!!!!!! I have read the 2nd book only 8 times 'cause it has too much Jacob. I've read the 3rd one 24 times!!!!!! Stephanie Meyer is such a powerful writer! I started the series in February!!!!!!

Ceily Thomas Age 11

To Occult

I am LDS and served a mission and I lover her books. I have never in my lifetime heard any teaching or anything saying books, movies or entertainment about witches,vampires,monsters etc. is off limits. We have been told to avoid R rated movies. There are several Christian denominations that would call her books Occultic and evil. Similar to what they said about Harry Potter. And I have even known a few LDS people who felt that way. However, the majority that I know of do not feel this way. And there has never been any church position on such matters, that I know of.


I love you Stephenie! I'm LDS and her books are amazing. Keep on writing!


Brilliant article. I am always eager to read anything on Stephenie. I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.


Don't forget one of the most famous sci-fi writers of all time, Orson Scott Card, is a devout Latter-day Saint Mormon. In fact, he often incorporates some Mormon ideas in his writing.

Also, Glen Larson, who wrote Battle Star Galactica, was also a Mormon, and he put some pretty obvious Mormon ideas in that show, including allusions to temple sealings, eternal marriage,etc.

Obviously, reading or writing sci-fi and fantasy novels is not against church doctrine, as long as it is done tastefully, and doesn't promote immorality, or other sinful behavior.

As for connections with the occult being evil at face value, some people say Mormonism is occult. People need to realize, the true meaning of occult is simply unknown, or hidden, secret (sacred) wisdom. By that definition, the study of occult teachings is not necessarily evil. Otherwise, the teachings of the Temple, which are sacred, and thus hidden from the outside world, could be considered evil.

judy A

I find her books to be a waste of time.Why not use her talent to do something up lifting. There is nothing in them that could be a role model for the many teens reading them.


To Judy;
you are entitled to your opinion however how can you say I quote "There is nothing in them that could be a role model for the many teens reading them." when this series obviously promotes the idea of abstinence until marriage, in a world where morality is easily exchange for money or popularity is refreshing to find some solace in a popular book, also how about the subtle background theme of trying to be a better person regardless of the hand you've been dealt. Please read the series before you make such an ignorant remark.

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