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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 8 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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Nevada fan
Washoe Valley, NV

WHAT THE !! Am I that stupid and management that smart or is it vice e verse. They need a 3pt and a pick and pop shooter badly. This team will go no where if someone besides Big Al and Milsap starts scoring. For the most part most of the team will play defense, but all but 2 players turn into passers (except CJ he will shoot it, but well you finish that statement). Maybe he is the outside shooter we need?

Logan, UT

Eh? Kind of a surprise move here.

To me, this only makes sense if they are going to package Jeremy Evans in a 2 for 1 trade with someone else. For example, trade Harris and Evans for another point guard, or something like that. Then Demarre Carroll is probably better suited to play the wing than Evans as a back up off the bench, and probably better suited as a smallish power forward as well.

Curious to see if this guy sticks around. Or will the Jazz waive him again in a week or two?

Rexburg, ID

This definitely makes you wonder if they are thinking of trading one of their forwards in the near future, because why else make this signing? There are already 3 guys on the bench who get no playing time, why add another?

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT


They made this signing because the jazz are going to have a back to back to back soon. They need more energy when they go back to back to back on the road and i think adding carroll can give the other players some rest. But i agree with the others that we need to trade harris, but not evans. Maybe add raja or even a future second round draft pick.

Fredericksburg, VA


The article says he's signed through the end of the season.

This is also making me believe the Jazz are setting up a trade. I could see the jazz bundling up Evans or even Miles. Miles has been good enough lately to be attractive to other teams and Jeremy has always been a walking highlight reel. Think they'd trade off Howard? He might be good trade bait with his contract expiring at the end of the year. Things look like they might be getting interesting.

Ivins, Utah

If this new signing is going to get any minutes on the floor at all, who will he be taking those minutes from. It can't be Evans because he barely gets any playing time anyway. We have Millsap, Hayward, Miles and Howard that can all rotate in at the small forward position and I would have thought the Jazz are content with the minutes they all get so it seems like a strange signing to add a player at a position that doesn't seem to add to what we already have. There must be something else going on here.

Provo, UT

I know we all like Evans, but I think Evans, Harris, Miles are all likely on the trade block. The question is finding a taker. I would like to see Evans stay but if the right deal comes, you gotta make it if you are KOC.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


Has to be something else in the works. I'm not sure why you need another guy to ride the bench..we already have some guys doing that and some others that deserve to.

Me thinks some trade may be in the works.

No wonder O'Conner "was not immediately available for comment". This makes little sense unless their is a deal in the works.

I sure hope Harris is going somewhere....his head is already gone (because it is never in the Jazz game) so I think we ought to ship his body out of town town too.

Los Angeles, CA

This guy is not an outside shooter and has very limited minutes for the teams he has played for the last few years. If the Jazz wanted a practice player or a player to deepen their bench (as if it needs it right now), a 10 day contract for a D-Leauge guy would make more sense.

I smell a 2 or 3 for 1 or 2 trade coming down the pike (and Carroll was picked up to keep the Jazz at the required minimum 13 players.

Crotty Kid
Salt Lake City, UT

Like others have mentioned, this looks like a prep move to help compensate for a loss that will shortly happen via trade. I personally would like to see devin and big al get traded. I think big al does some good things but Favors and Kanter can fill in nicely and it'd free up minute for evans. Harris just needs to go. He doesn't fit in the system and at this point, I'd be happy just to see them get a draft pick or something for him and have Watson start, Tinsley come off the bench and have Burks be the 3rd option at PG.

Provo, UT

Eric Maynor? Remember him. I could see Burks getting dealt. I don't want that to happen but I think in the right situation it could happen.

Provo, UT

A couple notable 2 guards available on the market are:

1-Kevin Martin with Houston
2-Andre Iguodola with Philadelphia

I also like Francisco Garcia with Sacramento. Not a huge difference maker but he can shoot the 3 and spread the floor a little bit.

We have a trade exception in our back pocket, and we could use our draft pick and if it comes down to it, young guys like Burks and Evans. Even though we like these guys, if we could bring in Kevin Martin, I would be all over that.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

I am glad it is KOC making the deals and not some of the people commenting.

Richfield, UT

Every one thinks a trade is in the air since this acquisition makes no sense whatsoever, I think were underestimating the stupidity of the Jazz front office. They knew we needed outside shooting when they signed Tinsley and Howard for our last 2 roster spots. Without a shooter or 2 there is no way we make the playoffs.

Delta, UT

I like it! I remember this guy at Mizzou, and he is tough. He will bring toughness and defense off the bench, and its obvious that there is a trade waiting to happen. bye bye Harris, and either CJ, Evans, or even Howard. KOC knows what he's doin smart move.

Delta, UT

I read a comment somewhere that its all a conspiracy..... D Will is gonna opt out and come back! it made me smile, itd be great if it were true :) he just took one for the team so we could get a guy like Favors, and a few draft picks.

Richfield, UT

@Bacapo, don't worry the Boo Birds made sure DWill will never want to come back.

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