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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 7 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Alexandria, VA

Fortunately we still live in a Republic (and to the "Republic" for which it stands) and not a Democracy. In our Republic the minorities cannot be trampled upon by the the majority (whether the voters have spoken once twice or ten times). I fail to understand why this point has not become very clear.

Mesa, AZ


"it'd be a mess. Let's say you have a guy and he's married to three women, each of those three women are married to him and two other men each. Legally how would this be handled? Do you just keep gathering deductions on your taxes? You'd have to change the structure of some things to work for a non-2-person model. What if there's divorces? Who pays alimony and to whom? If there were a way to straighten out that entire mess then I'd be fine with it being legal... even though I think it's morally wrong."

That is what congress and lawyers do best they think of ways to write new laws. Those problems you bring up could be addressed. An entire new area of law would be opened up and I am sure there are plenty of lawyers that would jump at the opportunity .

The truth shall set you free
Bay Area, CA

I'm sorry you find the Laws of Nature ridiculous even though you are governed by it every second of your life. Man are not supposed to have sex with man. Bend whatever you can bend but it is what it is. My special Operation friend once told me that even the toughest unbeliever will call God when the situation presents itself and you are not an exception.

Mesa, AZ


"If you are talking about the "laws of nature" being physical laws, then homosexuallity does absolutely nothing in violation of those. Clearly a homosexual act is quite possible under the physical laws of our universe."

It is a law of physics that opposites attract or join. There are positive and negative charges. Same charges repel and opposite charges attract. Take a pair of magnets and see if you can join them together if they have like charges. Try to connect out- put to out- put and see if you get sound from your speakers. So it is in biology the male and the female connect and become one. Marriage is the joining together of two opposite not same parties. Marriage of two same sex people is not biologically possible.

Salt Lake valley, UT


"It is a law of physics that opposites attract or join"

I'm not aware of any such law in physics. It is true that the laws of magnetism are such that unlike poles attract, but that does not imply that in all cases objects with opposite characteristics attract.

"Marriage is the joining together of two opposite not same parties. Marriage of two same sex people is not biologically possible."

In reading your statement about marriage (quoted above), I think you are referring to having children, not to marriage itself. Marriage is a social contract between two persons and has nothing to do with natural laws or with biology.

layton, UT

The 10 commandments define sin: #6: 'You shall not murder.' #8 'You shall not steal .#5 Honor your Father and your Mother,[not other or mothers].
@zoar 63 Do you believe any of them?

The truth shall set you free
Bay Area, CA

You can't support the Proclamation of Marriage but defend gay marriage and everything that comes out of it. You can't rationalize sin.

Medical Lake, Washington

Some argue that defending traditional marriage is a waste of time, considering the high divorce rate. Therefore, the suggested concept here is that gay marriages will somehow change the trend. I'm not going to say that is impossible, but before quotes are rendered suggesting that gay marriages/families are just as "normal", just as strong and healthy as heterosexual marriages/families. Personally, I'll wait a few thousand years to collect sufficient evidence to be sure of such statistics.

And so point to examples such as Greek and Roman civilizations to herald the cause of gay marriage, consider that each of those groups imploded within a short time after embracing that practice of "equality". And I'm not saying that gay relationships were the cause of downfall for these two societies, but evidence would suggest that it didn't do too much to strengthen or prolong them.

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