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Published: Saturday, Feb. 4 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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I'll call it
Ogden, UT

It might be back to the future but mending fences with the "golden spoon" Miller will definitely be awkward. May never happen.

Larry, Karl and others built the Franchise. Now they over pay several players who under deliver.

No doubt, Karl and John were never over paid and worked for peanuts relatively speaking.

The younger Miller should keep his mouth shut.


Both of them just need to be quiet, they each made millions of dollars of each other. It has some of the same sounds as these Utah BYU arguments we get into on this site. Not a real big NBA fan but dang these guys don't need to be doing this. Very unprofessional IMO.

Salt lake, UT

Greg Miller should have never responded to Carl's remarks.
How dumb do you think we all are? Everyone watched Jerry Slone's career ,and we are suppose to believe he just quite . Yah right!
Carl Malone was right and Greg can't handle the truth.


Come on Brad, Greg Miller will never fill his fathers shoes. Larry would've never run Jerry Sloan out of town and definitely wouldn't have ever backed up a spoiled punk like Deron Williams at the expense of the team and the best coach the Jazz ever had.
I'm glad Malone isn't afraid to tell the truth, it's a shame the Jazz think so little of their fans that they tell bold face lies and expect us to believe them. It's a good think Malone had the guts to bring the story to the press, we all know the press here didn't have the guts to report it otherwise.

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