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Published: Saturday, Feb. 4 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

It was awesome the first time, go for it again!

Riverton, UT

Is there any chance SLC would be awarded the Olympics again so soon? It seems extremely unlikely to me. We shouldn't waste the effort if there's no chance.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

If SLC is going to be going up against Denver and Reno-Tahoe, might as well give it to Denver. They've never hosted, great city, beautiful city and area, everyone knows where Colorado is, Denver as an amazing airport which is BIG, it would make their tourism even bigger, and overall they seem like the most deserving and most likely choice.

Olympic hosting cities are becoming big cities. Gone are the days of Lake Placid, Salt Lake, St. Moritz, Squaw Valley, etc. Now we have Vancouver, Beijing, London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

Well Read

The governor as usual is dreaming. There are many cities who have never had the olympics. we have no chance to get it so soon after 2001.

Heber, Utah

Portland- I disagree! The airport is expanding, but it wasn't an issue the first time and won't be next time. The Denver area is a nightmare. It's several HOURS to get to the slopes from Denver, it's several MINUTES from SLC to Park City, and most venues. It actually makes sense to go back to a place that has PROVEN itself and not a new venue that may, or may not be able to pull it off. Utah could really use the exposure once again, and the small headaches it caused or will cause are well worth it. I say do it!

well read- just because other cities haven't had the Olympics, doesn't mean that they should. There are few if any places, that are as well set up as SLC to host such an event.

City, Ut

yankees27:"It's several HOURS to get to the slopes from Denver"

I'm with you on all your points but especially this one--takes forever.

Gillette, WY

DO IT!!!

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