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GOP frontrunner says his focus will be on middle class

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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This is a non story.Mitt would be good for America.

Northern Utah, UT

Romney was correct on this issue, and the liberal msnbc/cnn crowd is having a field day with it? Obviously they must believe that Americans are too stupid to see what this is, an all out class warfare attack. When are we as Americans going to wake up and see that our country is better than this nonsense that the Obama administration keeps spoonfeeding to all of us. The bottom line is that most middle class Americans are hurting between loosing jobs, the high cost of food, and housing, and the rising cost of healthcare. As a True Generation X'er I am getting sick and tired of politicos who make high in the sky promises they don't intend to keep. Frankly I don't really trust anyone in government these days.
The poor do have a safety net, working at a poor title 1 school in the city it's obvious. My poor students get free breakfast and lunch daily. They get reduced daycare through a fabulous after school program, they get free tutoring, top of the line classroom materials and small class sizes. My own children in a middle class school get NONE of these types of programs. I have talked to teachers where these students are coming to school hungry, and tired. These kids are crammed into huge classes of over 30 in some cases, and these middle class families are struggling to make it. Too "rich" for welfare, yet scraping the barrel to get by. Who needs the reality check here?

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

After watching Mitt for the past few years, I've come to the conclusion that he is sometimes guilty of putting his foot in his mouth, and saying things in such a way that they DON'T say what he's trying to convey. When he said "I'm not concerned about the poor" I am positive that he did not mean he doesn't CARE about the poor. There are many definitions of the word "concerned": involved, focused, attentive, regarding, attending to something viewed as important...and many more similar meanings. If you read the whole comment, he is explaining that his focus or his concern, is not on the people who currently have some type or means of care. The rich can take care of themselves pretty well. There are many programs in place for those who are poor for whatever reason, but there are very few programs available to the middle income people who are seeing their incomes eroded by loss of job, reduction of hours, etc. They make too much to qualify for help, but not enough to meet needs. This is his FOCUS, or his CONCERN at this time.

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Denver, Colorado

You have to love the media, they'll twist it and turn the truth to anything you allow them to do so!! Anyone in Utah should know we take care of the poor!!

Palm Bay, Fl

I agree with Mitt. There are programs in place to care for the poor. The rich do not need help, just stop trying to punish them for working hard. I lost a good paying job with benefits and was out of work for a year and then found a part time job paying $8.00 and hour untill a full time position opened and now I make $8.50 an hour with no benefits, no sick time, and no insurance, I drive a 1996 car, payed my house off early, pay property taxes and utilities,buy groceries, and pay tithing.

My neighbor next door is getting welfare, foodstamps, medicade, subsidized rent on a house, subsidized utilities,has a daughter with children by different fathers, never married living there and they get a welfare check every month and can buy smokes and beer and drives a new pick up truck.

I am not looking for a handout, just relief for doing what is right and working hard and paying my own bills. So yes Mitt, I agree with you.


Our wonderful media has to find something about him to criticize. I agree with Romney though, there are lots of programs in place for the poor, it's the middle class that needs the most help. If you help the poor too much, it takes away any motivation for too many of them to rise out of poverty.

Lafayette, IN

I consider this much ado about nothing. And we wonder about why a lot of quality people will not run for office.

sports fan
Provo, UT

well that was a dumb thing to say.

Springville, Ut

It is laughable that Mr. Romney's advisors would actually blame this gaffe on the media. I watched it live. Ms. O'Brien was actually quite good about the situation and stated that she was sure this comment would be awkward to many Americans and then offered him the opportunity to correct it. He didn't. He chose to try to play the Newt card and blame the media for spinning his words. This was not the media's problem. If you make a mistake, whether you think it was justified or not, own it. That's what damage control means; it doesn't mean you continue to try to convince people that you didn't mean what they're all thinking. Quite disappointing for Mr. Romney.

Unfortunately it's hardly the first time. While one gaffe can be excused and you might even get away with two, you combine this with the "I like to fire people" and the "Let the foreclosures run their course" and the "Corporations are people" you begin to wonder whether these are really gaffes or are glimmers of the real Mr. Romney (the question everyone has been asking is who is he).

If he wants to win, he has got to learn to not say everything that comes to mind. It may make sense in his head, but it sounds ridiculous out loud, something we all have a problem with from time to time. Unfortunately, a Presidential campaign is not as forgiving.

Average, SE

Mitt Romney also said he doesn't care or isn't worried about the very rich too. Where's the outrage over that comment?

What Romney said is entirely true. He's not ignoring the difficulties of the poor but for those of us who qualify for all sorts of governmental programs because of our low income, life is quite comfortable because of the help we receive. Yes, I could waste money and have all sorts of difficulties but with frugality (which people of any income should have) and with the governmental programs (Medicaid, WIC, EITC, etc.) in place, my lifestyle is quite comfortable.

What happens is when you start to make just enough money that you do not qualify for much if any governmental assistance. Then the costs of things can add up.

That's all Mitt Romney was saying - that the poor have safety nets (we do); it's others who need more help, by improving the economy.

I love the Gingrich campaign comment about Romney being out of touch with the average American; actually, that's exactly who he is in touch with - the average Americans. The poor and wealthy are not the average Americans - they are outliers.

Layton, UT

This is a meme the media is attempting to float to the general public that Romney is a robot, that he doesn't relate to the poor, that he is rich and we all know the rich don't deserve their riches, and that Romney isn't in touch with common people.

All are lies. Romney has demonstrated at a personal level a deep devotion to people regardless their economic status. He is focused on real problems in the econonmy and of course his policies will benefit America as a whole.

It's telling to me that the critics can dismiss the middle class except when pointing the finger at republicans to make the absurdist claim that republicans don't care about the middle class and only the rich benefit from their policies.

Junction city, Oregon

Whats the issue here, its the Dang Truth.
In fact, the system is broke for the poor, and now there lazy and acting like children.

City, Ut

Everybody knows exactly and precisely what Mitt meant--but its just too tempting to the sharks to let words like this go by without turning a big nothing into a flaming something.

If he is to go on to the nomination and the fight against Obama, he will lose the ability to just speak his mind. He will have to carefully weigh every single word and carefully craft every sentence, knowing so many will not take the meaning and spirit of what he says (as in this quote) but will leap on every little thing and make it a mountain, when it really wasn't even a molehill.

Salt Lake City, UT

The poor have better health benefits than congress....they have zero copy.......call it Marxist medical

Huntsville, UT

Middle class Americans may be suffering, but the pain started long before Obama took office.

Romney is aware of that (hopefully, if he isn't then is certainly isn't suited to be president), but chooses to blame Obama becuase its politically expedient and boosts his chances to become president himself.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

In the article;

Still, John McCormack at The Weekly Standard pointed out, "A candidate can say he's 'focused' on the middle class without saying he's 'not concerned' about the very poor, just as a candidate can say he's 'focused' on the economy without saying he's 'not concerned' about national security."

Romney chose terrible words to explain his focus. He definitely shot himself in the foot.

Draper, UT

This is the Mittster's problem. He doesn't know how to communicatate with the masses. He seems incapable of "hunkerin' down and drawin' in the dirt with a stick." He meant well and the point he was trying to make was logical and reasonable. He just said it wrong...again. Don't personalize it, Mitt. Don't say you don't care. Just say, "There is a safety net for the very poor, and the very rich can take care of themselves."

If Romney loses the nomination and/or general election it will not be because of his ideas and agenda; they're solid. It will be because he doesn't know how to communicate them.


What the article didn't report:

Romney is catching it from BOTH sides of the political spectrum on this one.

Conservative Senator Jim DeMint (Tea Party favorite) called for Romney to "backtrack" his comment, saying:

" But I think he was trying to make a case that theyâre taken care of. But, in fact, I would say Iâm worried about the poor because many are trapped in dependency, they need a good job; they donât need to be on social welfare programs. I think he needs to turn that around...."

Both Ann and Mitt Romney grew up in affluent homes and attended private prep schools.
Neither Mitt or Ann worked while Mitt was going to school, they paid expenses by selling stock that Mitt's dad had invested for him.
They bought their first house when Mitt started Harvard, with money loaned to them by George Romney, and sold it 7 yrs later for more than double what they had paid for it. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Ann remarked, "we lived rent-free."

Bottom line: Mitt enjoyed the great benefits of family wealth and his attempts to portray himself as anything different is not accurate.
His father, George's story, on the other hand, is inspirational.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lets be honest for a change, Mitt may be the best choice, but he is out of touch with the poor and the middle class, that is why he continuously puts his foot squarely in his mouth. Don't blame the media, blame the person who made the comment. To lump the poor and the wealthy in the same sentence is stupid when talking about anything economic is quite simply a stupid thing to do. I do understand why he is not worried about the wealthy, because under his economic plan, they will pay even lower taxes. As a member of the middle class I don't see the love he claims to have for me. I don't see anything he has proposed that will help me. His policies are the same ones that republicans since Reagan have been pushing which make the wealthy wealthier, the poor poorer and the middle class working more for less.

Jeanie b.
Orem, UT

I'm just glad I don't have untold numbers if reporters breathlessly waiting with recorders in hand for me to say something that can easily be taken wrong. I'd be quoted in the news all day.

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