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Published: Thursday, Feb. 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Dietrich, ID

Of course people disagree doctrinally with eac other and since the Lord is not the author of confusion diffrent doctrines can't be right. Good to find the truth and live it. However those who elect not to worship with us that is there right thoug we would like them to worship with us. We can still help each other in terms of living better lives and community betterment all worthhile goals.

Springville, UT

I generally agree with this letter. My issue has to do with listening to Mormons pray in church. Over the years, I heard them pray for the welfare of Republican presidents, but rarely for Democratic presidents. Doesn't this reinforce the cultural connection between the church and the GOP? Is this really in the interests of the Church to be so closely identified with one party? Shouldn't we pray for the success of whomever is President?

salt lake city, utah

Dear higv..if God is not the author of confusion..and confusion exsists..the implication is that man is the creator of the confusion not God..isn't reasonable to conclude that man created the religions conducting the confusion..and that God doesn't exsist..just the man made confusion?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Gotta love how repubs are asking that religion not be a part of the election.

When just a few years ago they were accusing Obama of being Muslim.

Like everything the GOP does today, it stinks of hypocrisy.

Salt Lake City, UT

'When just a few years ago they were accusing Obama of being Muslim.' - The Real Maverick | 8:56 a.m. Feb. 2, 2012

LESS THAN, one year ago:

**'Trump on Obama's Birth Certificate: 'Maybe It Says He's a Muslim' - Fox Nation - 03/30/11

But after this:

**'Fox News host: Romney not Christian' - By Hal Boyd, Deseret News - 07/17/11

**'Rick Perry backer decries Mitt Romney, Mormons' - By Jamshid Ghazi Askar, Deseret News - 10/08/11

**Cult of Mormon comment leads Newt Gingrichs Iowa political director, Craig Bergman, to resign - By Tad Walch Deseret News 12/14/11

**Rick Santorum-backing pastor plays the Mormon cult card By Joseph Walker Deseret News 01/20/2012

suddenly, politicis is NOT about religion.

FYI, those examples of criticizing over religion?

None of them, are Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

The LDS church has not endorsed a canidate, it's true.

It's PAPER, prints out stories favoring one, but NOT the church.

However, we DO have examples of the LDS church getting involved in politics:

**'LDS Church's in-kind donations to Prop. 8 total $190K' - By Lynn Arave - By Dsnews - 02/03/09

And not JUST this one:

Prop 8 supporters: 2008:: Amendment 3 2004:: interracial marriage 1967:: segregationists: 1954:: Polygamy supporters 1890.

So, to review, Pasor Joel Osteen IS an excellent example of what it means to be Christian. To avoid saying negative things of both canidates, and praying in SUPPORT, for either side.

Other Christian faiths...?

Not so much.

American Fork, UT

You're clawing for every scrap of mainstream credibility you can, and it's obvious it's because that's where the political power is. And why we need to keep church private and politics public. And separate from one another.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

I was taught in Primary and Sunday School to pray for our leaders, ALL of them.

Today's hatred and outright lopsided disrepect for some of our leaders while giving a Free pass to others by some LDS members, only adds to the confusion that Mormons are Christians.

In the Championship of who's the True Christian:

Pastor Joel Olsteen - 1
some Utah Mormons - 0


Christians seem to always forget they have more in common then differences. Some trifle doctrine isn't anything to get wound up about. We live in a big world, embrace commonality, not differences. It will make your life easier. Osteen is a shining example of how Christians should be acting towards each other. Take a lesson from this guy.

Sandy, UT

Is not an unspoken endorsement an endorsement non the less

Why is this an issue? If a man states he is Christian, who among us have the right or ability to declare otherwise? Whether it's Romney or Obama no person can make that judgement. This is one of the reasons religion has no business in government. If you are so insecure in your faith that you expect approval of other faiths then you need to reevaluate things. I don't believe dogma will save us.

West Jordan, UT


I want to substitute a word into your reasoning here...

If the sun is not the author of confusion...and confusion exsists...the implication is that man is the creator of the confusion not the sun...isn't reasonable to conclude that man created the religions conducting the confusion...and that the sun doesn't exsist...just the man made confusion?

My point?

The Sun exists. We see it every day. Religions and whole belief systems have arisen that are convoluted and evidently not true based on the sun, moon, stars, and seasons. Deities have been created and behavioral mores established in the name of those deities. Despite the confusion...the Sun exists. We see it every day. Even on a day that is overcast or the dead of night, there is evidence that the sun exists.

Some of us see God every day. My belief is that if you search for God long enough, you too will see him.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Joel Olsteen is a good man. He says many wise things.

salt lake city, utah

Grundel.."Some of us see God every day. My belief is that if you search for God long enough, you too will see him." Actually it was that very search that left me an atheist. When I finally became honest with myself I knew that a belief in God didn't explain how I experienced the world, rather when I finally accepted the world, as brief, random, indifferent, and cruel, things feel into place. I found that I had choices to accept and to try and change the world..but it is what it is and God doesn't add any value to the explanation.

West Jordan, UT


All the Best!!!!

salt lake city, utah

Grundel..Thanks..you also.

Orem, UT

It's unfortunate that so many in the evangelical community reject Osteen. He's a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of stale religious bigotry.

Bakersfield, CA

Big Rich- Whoa- "stale religious bigotry"?! Lemme know if teling the world that "all their professors, creeds and Bible" is corrupt falls into your category.

That's not stale in my book, that's blatant.
But what do I know- I'm just a Christian, and we believe that Jesus "is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me."

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