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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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JP Skillet
Murray, UT

And the jokes just write themselves. He said the same thing a few years ago.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bronco needs to tone it down a bit - honestly. Goodness sake - "the most qualified to do it all"? BYU isn't even in the top 75 this year and they have the worst QB to ever have a Y on his helmet. Also to suggest that the QB position is stocked for years to come....say what? Is anyone really excited about ANY recruit over the past 2 years? Somehow smallish running QB's don't excite traditional BYU fans who have grown up on Jim McMahon, Steve Young and Ty Detmer. BYU has no conference - is locked out of the BCS - was passed over by the Pac 12 AND Big 12 who took Utah and TCU instead. BYU football is starting to remind me of the basketball program under Roger Reid. Roger was out there trying to gin up support for a mediocre program and it just fell flat with fans. Things didn't turn around until Dave Rose came of board. BYU football is simply MEDIOCRE and unexciting!! Sorry but it's true!!

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Y's little brother

I think the Y is the little brother now. The U is in the PAC 12 and has won two BCS games. BYU hasn't even had a single NFL draftee in two seasons now and hasn't even been close to the BCS! The Y isn't respected nationally anymore ... not like in the days of Young, Detmer , etc... The Y used to place all sorts of O-linemen in the NFL along with plenty of QB's and line backers. No more. Good grief the U slaughtered the Y at home last year by 40!! BYU football has fallen off the map and is now one of the have-not's on the outside looking in. By the way - the U is picked to finish 2nd in their division this year in the Pac12. The U dropped BYU from their schedule remember - not the other way around. BYU has become Utah State. Sad but true.

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