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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 1 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Coach Bronco Mendenhall called his 2012 collection of recruits "the most qualified class to do it all."

To do all of what?

Keep Utah's win margin within 43 points?

To beat Boise State on their own Blue turf?

Win the Independence Conference?

Win the Poinsettia Bowl?

Please Bronco, don't say its next years slogan " The Band of Brothers most qualified to do it all"

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just like Jake Heaps was "most qualified" to win the Heisman?

All hype... again.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hopefully, Mendenhall will do a better job of developing quarterbacks next season. Otherwise, BYU will enter 2013 "their toughest schedule yet" without any experience at QB.

thunder struck
Murray, UT

every stinking year this is what they say. "this next year will be our best," blah blah blah.

Redwood Valley, CA

"What his heart is, and the way he acts, and who he is and what he stands for. He comes from a phenomenal family...He likes to run people over."

Football is such an interesting sport.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Number one recruits yet again. As always we beat Utah for every recruit.

Heber, UT

Sounds familiar.......oh yeah Quest for Perfection, and we all know how that turned out. It's same thing every year.


And then there were three.
According to Kitty Kat fans several schools were going to follow BYUs lead to independence.
Well you lost one. Navy is now part of the BE.
Come on! Show us how great being independent is with your new recruits.

Frisco, TX

Wow! Ute trolls are out in force tonight. They say they've moved on, but they continue to compare themselves to the BYU standard. I checked out the Rocky Mountain News, and there is not a single comment from a Ute fan about the Buffs recruiting class. I guess we know who the Utes still see as their rival.

In fairness, it looks like the Utes got one of their better recruiting classes, but they're still ranked as the 8th best recruiting class in the PAC12.

BYU will always have a hard time comparing in the recruiting class wars because of the numerous RMs. Add in the RMs for this year, and BYU is probably 10 - 15 places higher than were most media put them.

Y's little brother
The Hill, UT

LOL at our BYU obsessed little brothers up north. Having the 8th or 10th best recruiting class in the PAC 12 is meaningless to the kids on the hill as long as they thinke that the Utes had a better recruiting class than the Cougars. Despite their "big boy conference" status, the #1 goal of our little brothers is, and always will be, beating their big brother down south.

Salt Lake City, UT

"You'll see a cluster fighting for our quarterback job after this next season (when starter Riley Nelson graduates)."

Well, the Heaps-Riley competition was certainly a cluster.


Ute trolls: If you're going to quote Bronco, here's one to try on for size. Regarding the QB situation. If we"re going err, we're going to err on the side of having to many instead of not enough, because it's such an important position. Instead of the Ute faithful reminding us all on how many offensive linemen they have in the NFL, it may bode well for them to have a quality man behind the center. Of course they'll read this and remind us all how Hayes led them to the season of almosts. Maybe this season you can hope the whole conference will be put on sanctions so you can make it to the conference championship game. I love my BCS membership. Always and forever still trying to use BYU as the measuring stick. Ute fans...get over it, we're not your rival anymore. Put into place a scheme and game plan that can beat Colorado.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Keep in mind that Bronco would rather have a quarterback that can't throw than one that can.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whatever Bronco.......you won't see a top 20 ranking with your current QB and unless the Hill recruit gets some experience and is good, 2013 won't be a year that the Cougs will be ranked in the top 20 either. BTW, the only reason you finished #25 in the AP is USC couldn't be ranked in that poll, so 10-3 didn't get you ranked at all, truth be told. Hope this class does work out but it will take returning missionaries for this class to contribute right away.

Raleigh, NC

Ville whatever. USC would have been ranked 25 which makes BYU 26 in both polls. So what is your point. According to u BYU should have finished 100 and something. Where did u finish?

Mcallen, TX

Future of the Utes:

* will never win a conference championship
* will never again play a BCS bowl game
* will be on the mid to lower standings of the conf.

This team will be Buffaloed.

Tooele, UT

Sounds like both schools had a nice recruiting class.

A couple things. First, Bronco needs to drop this whole bash on Heaps. Its over, get over it! Nobody cares anymore but apparently you.

Second, in response to a comment, Utah according to Ted Miller who personally covers the PAC 12 for ESPN ranks Utah's class around 5-6 in the PAC12. Yeah, not great, but when you have Stanford at 5, Oregon, USC, and UCLA all with top 20 classes, its hard to compete. That said, Utah came in with the #28 overall recruiting class. Not bad!

We all know that it doesn't matter what the rankings are. What matters is who develops in a giant step above high school level.

Nobody knows who is going to be who in a few years down the road. But we know that both schools have a knack with developing talent and getting the most out of their players who seeminly have less talent.

Good luck to both schools recruits.

No Conference Will Take Us

Future of my Cougars:

* will never win a conference championship. But unofficially we won the WAC this season!
* will never again play a BCS bowl game
* will be always rely on WAC scheduling to boost wins

This team is WACked.

Cougar Passion
Riverton, UT

"What a refreshing thing to have someone that highly recruited come in and be thankful to get an offer from BYU. Not entitled to get an offer from BYU, but thankful to get an offer from BYU."

Sounds like a swipe at a certain departed quarterback. But the problems with Heaps likely could have been prevented by not starting him right out of high school. We need to emphasize to the highly recruited that they are wanted here, but they will not be coddled. If they expect prima donna treatment, they will be better off elsewhere. I would much rather lose those recruits to begin with than lose them after they have used a scholarship and scared away other good recruits who may believe they will never play regardless of the effort they give here.

Mcallen, TX

No Conference Will Take Us:

Great comeback.

If a BCS game comes, the cougs will get it first.

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