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Published: Sunday, Jan. 29 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

I'm glad that there is at least one person in the State of Utah who is excited about this year's recruiting class.

Very truly yours,

Uncle Otis

Sandy, UT

What's not to like Otis ? BYU is bringing in 2 QB recruits that are better than any the utes could hope for. They're also signing the top Utah high school recruit as well as a top linebacker from CA and 2 top WR's from AZ and CA. Sounds like a great class to me.

Orem, UT

Obviously not jealous Utah trolls like U

Too bad your coach has never put a premium on stocking his QB position with quality QBs, which is why the U will always be a bottom tier PAC 12 program. Get used to 4-5 finishes.

Frisco, TX

I'm sure there will be a few other Ute trolls who make uninformed comments like Spudlock.

The reality is, Utes will probably be able to attract a few more recruits because of their PAC12 affliation than they could in the MWC, but they'll get them over other PAC12 schools not BYU. Hooker and Poutasi are classic examples of this. BYU will also continue to get top prospects like Taysom Hill, Ammon Olsen Tanner Mangum, Hinds, Pau'u, Weeks and others. And their recruiting pipeline will be bigger because of Indy and ESPN.

Both schools are likely to remain ranked somewhere between 25 and 50 for their recruiting classes. BYU's ranking is definately skewed more because of the missionary program. If the returning RM's were counted in this years statistics, BYU would jump 10 - 15 places.

The schools only competed against each other for a handful of recruits. BYU got a couple of those recruits and Utah got a couple. I'll take Hinds over any of the recruits we both went for.

Neither school will ever compete with the top SEC, Big10 or Big12 schools for recruits. But both schools always seem to get the best from their recruits.

I think it is more important to look at the final AP or Coaches ranking after the season, than it is
to look at Scout's recruiting rankings. There will always be some 4 and 5 star recruits who are a bust, and their will always be some walk-ons who make a name for themselves.

Remember there are more 3 star recruits playing in the NFL than there are 4 or 5 star recuits.


Alta, "Top" seems to be a very subjective term. Glad you're happy with this year's class, though. I assume the two QBs you mentioned are Hill and Mangum? Both of Utah's QBs this year and Jordan Wynn were rated higher than Hill was, and not far behind Mangum. I love these unrealistic emotional responses to dumb comments looking for nothing more than what you've given them. Good job.


How about brining in QBs that will actually stay there and produce.
Hey SportsFan. Get used to sub-par bowl invitations. If even BYU will accomplish that.


CFIT, I found myself nodding my head "yes" to nearly that entire comment EXCEPT two points:

1. "If the returning RM's were counted in this years statistics, BYU would jump 10 - 15 places."
Conversely, if the departing missionaries from this class were discounted, BYU would fall another 10-15 places. You don't get to count them twice.

2. "Remember there are more 3 star recruits playing in the NFL than there are 4 or 5 star recuits."
I wish I had the time to research what percentage of 3 star recruits are in the NFL versus the percentage of 4 or 5 star recruits, because they are very far apart. There are likely at least a thousand 3 star recruits scouted every year. Several go on to be pros, the vast majority do not. There are typically a dozen or so 5 stars, the majority of which play pro ball.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Wow! Otis was the first to jump on and read another BYU article. Then followed by more ute fans.

Try to explain how you really don't like BYU, you just like to read the articles...Hmmmm ,that sounds firmiliar.

Sandy, UT

re: StgtoSLC

From the Scout rankings -
#15 Mangum
#30 Hill

#27 Wilson
#34 Wynn
?? Hansen (not ranked as a QB)

I guess I was off by a few spots as being totally accurate but my point still holds.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

Joe DuPaix ?

Who ?

What ?

Good Luck Cougs!

Next years slogan; " Quest to Perfect, Band of Coaching Experts"

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Sounds like a fish story to me!.

Recruiting's up because of ESPN Thurs. & Fri. night exposure?

A fisherman can cast his net out into the ocean and catch all the little fish he wants, its the skilled fisherman that catches the trophies one cast at a time.

Enjoy your hukilau Capt. DuPaix

Iowa City, IA

Looks like a great recruiting class to build on last year's 10-win, Top 25 team! Coming from a Midwesterner, it will be great to see the Cougars play at Notre Dame this year and it looks like most regions in the country will have a chance to see the Cougars play live. Of course, this excludes the fact that the entire nation can typically watch them play live via ESPN.

The first year of independence brought great results and showed me that BYU has a hungry team that gets better by the week. I'm looking forward to seeing these new recruits join the team and keep the same momentum going forward!

Oh, and don't worry about the Utah trolls -- they will just tell you that it's not wins and rankings that matter, but rather who you lose to...unless it's to a 10-loss team, in which case the opponent must still be impressive simply because of which league they belong to.

Draper, UT

This is shocking! He is positive about the recruiting class? No matter what side of the argument you fall, would you expect him to say anything different? Slow news day I guess.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Exactly StGtoSLC... BYU can't have the counting of returning missionaries and Utah at 24... and not ever having been a perennial top 5 program along with the fact that they only started these mythological dream recruting teams in the 90's... really again redundantly proves that Utah or BYU cannot claim any real supremacy whatsoever over each other in projected Recruiting. Utah may lead in wins over BYU over the last 10 years of which Whit has a 4-3 advantage over Bronco...the only two coaches pertenant to this lastest round of recruit speculation...but BYU has the element that they have repeatedly finished higher in the final standings and in the top 25 more often than Utah... and as a staunch BYU fan I'd still have to say there doesn't exist any supremacy either way.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Remember there are more 3 star recruits playing in the NFL than there are 4 or 5 star recuits.


The higher number of 3-star recruits playing in the NFL is not important. After all, there are far more of them. The percentage of how many 3-star vs. 4-star or 5-star recruits make it in the NFL would be a far more valuable statistic. I don't know the percentages, but my guess is the percentages are far higher for 4-star and 5-star recruits.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

If I were a recruit and was being looked at from BYU Coaches, I'd look elsewhere, as I don't want to play a bunch of WAC schools that are weak and feeble 8 games a year!!

Iowa City, IA

Hi Honor Code,

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have a basic understanding of how football scheduling works. Bear in mind that teams usually fill their schedule multiple years in advance. Now, imagine a school that suddenly has 8-9 game slots to fill within one or two years. Will they be able to fill the entire schedule with great opponents? Not likely, but BYU still put together a decent schedule for such short notice. Now, if you take a look at who is already scheduling BYU in 2013 and beyond, you'll see what recruits are excited for.

Then again, I'm sure you would rather play for a team that drops Boise State from its schedule in order to accommodate a team from Montana that doesn't even play in the same division. To each his own, I suppose.


Alta, there are more services than just Scout. Rivals 2009: Wynn #22, Hill #30. ESPN 2009: Wynn #41, Hill #61. Not saying these are a huge deal or anything, because we don't know how ready to play these guys are until we see them, and we know that when Wynn is healthy he can play, but none of those other guys we have seen yet, nor will we for likely a while. But "2 QB recruits that are better than any the utes could hope for"? Come on, let's be rational. Also, the name Scott Mitchell comes to mind...

Salt Lake City, UT

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado
If I were a recruit and was being looked at from BYU Coaches, I'd look elsewhere, as I don't want to play a bunch of WAC schools that are weak and feeble 8 games a year!!

The key word in that sentence is "if." Glad you were spared the ignominy, given you were never recruited and never played.

BTW, how's that "guys with standards aren't any good" logic working out for that Heisman winning, NFL Division winning, Playoff Game winning, "100 guys who could play in an era" QB in Colorado? The Top 25 Cougars are enjoying it.

Salt Lake City, UT


"the name Scott Mitchell comes to mind..."

Go ahead and add the name Alex Smith...

And Virgil Carter, Gary Sheide, Gifford Nielsen, Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Ty Detmer, Steve Sarkisian, Brandon Doman, John Beck, Max Hall -- 8 All Americans, a Heisman winner, several college HOF, 11 NFL QB's, 8 NFL starters, 2 Super Bowl wins (as starters - a few more as backups), 2 NFL MVPS and an NFL HOF to your list.

I wish I had time to research how many Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Briens are among them or what percentage of BYU QB's have gone on to the pros vs Utah QB's, because they are very far apart.

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