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Published: Sunday, Jan. 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

Mitt Romney has been trying to get his policies and positions on the State of our economy and government for 18-20 debates. The other candidates don't have any clue in how to do that. They attack him from the right and left flanks to stop any progress in doing that. In 2007-2008, Mitt sort of kept his composure and let the other side keep on rambling. He has learned in this season, that the President, who has been stomping the country with his political and not national agenda for 3 years, glows with all the attention he gets from the public and especially the Press. As we are learning after the incident the other day with the Arizona Governor and her book, the President doesn't like anything adverse to his dreamland story of the nation. Mitt is not more prepared for the DNC and President Obama. I still think the DNC would like nothing else than to have Newt as the nominee. They will roll over him like a roller on the pavement. The DNC and Unions are spending mountains on negative ads against, Mitt, not Newt. They don't want to deal with a man of Principles/Family

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