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Published: Thursday, Jan. 26 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Oakley, ID

I love to watch BYU football on tv. Joining a conference may eliminate that.

Syracuse, UT

I think people are crazy if you think being independent permanately is the solution, the Big 12 is where BYU belongs, in all sports. I would rather play Kansas St, or Baylor in november than Idaho St or Weber St, or have two bye's. That's just me, I honestly think BYU will be in the Big 12 starting the 2013 season.

Dog Fur
Prather, CA

First I love KBYUtv. Second I can wait to see, I'm not a spoiled child who has to have everything right now. Third I trust those in charge at BYU will make the right choice with the opportunities they have.

Orem, UT

I think Mr. Holmoe's comments show that he is interested in joining a good conference if the option becomes available to BYU, and the conference is willing to work with BYU on it's unique aspects (such as no Sunday play).

He didn't say we didn't join the Big East because we don't want a conference, he said that they didn't join because they didn't like what the Big East had to offer.

Cris B.
Sandy, UT

But then they couldnt be WAC champions!

Boise, ID

I'll help you out Rock. Thought you would have figured this out by now but I am sure you are busy looking for new regarding Majerus.

BYU wants to be in a BCS conference but they are not willing to get shoved into the cellar. BYU would join the BIG 12 today if they gave them the right to televise any non-televised game on BYUtv. Of course Sunday play is a non-starter. Otherwise, Indepence is moving right along. BYU is already has a strong schedule in football and all the games are televised.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Blah, blah, blah! Write the article once the Cougs make a formal announcement yeah or nay. Rock, you're just rehasing yesterday's news. Getting tired of articles each and every time BYU comes up in any conference discussions.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I think independence will be fine. If BYU really wanted to be in the Big 12, they could have settled for less and joined. However, we can tell by the discussions that BYU won't join a conference until it is clear that they won't be put at a disadvantage by doing so.

I think fans need to lighten up with Holmoe. I understand the frustration at being left in the dark, but BYU's reason for keeping quiet is obvious enough: too many schools have been burned for speaking too soon. Let's just agree that Holmoe sees the big picture better than we can. He hears things we don't.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

You mean BYU is not in a BCS Conference already?! From reading comments in the BYU Sport's section, you would think BYU leap-frogged college football altoghter and has now entered the NFL.

Yes folks, BYU is just that good.

Lindon, UT

I think BYU has been pretty clear in what it wants but also knows there are some things making them unique. To jump to a conference BYU is after 3 things.
1-No Sunday Play. This one in non-negotiable and everyone knows it. It's not a problem for football but it's complicated for the other sports.
2-Have at least 3 football games broadcast on networks while retaining rights to remaining home games. The money part of this doesn't seem nearly as important as the viewership since BYU's never had a hard time with profit sharing in the past.
3-BCS access. There's no reason to leave independence if there's no tie to the BCS-- might as well stay put.
We'll see if a conference and their broadcast partners can bring these things together. The Big12 seems the best fit but their broadcast folks struggle with #1 for all sports. Right now #3 is the only thing missing. We'll see if BYU would give up #2 to get #3. As a fan, I'm fine to wait it out.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU wants to play remain independent , play Idaho , and bo-diddly-tech at home and win 8 games so they can play in the Armed Forces bowl. Isn't is already clear?? BYU wants to play small ball.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The church should alter its present mission and focus primarily on BYU athletics by making every concession possible in order to join a BCS conference. This will serve to maximize its sports revenue stream, create opportunities for its Football student athletes to play on Sunday and ultimately maximize church exposure for greater conversion opportunities.


Under the current system Conference affiliation has major advantages. However, while I think BYU could play and have success in the Big 12 I would still be very skittish. It is a distinct possibility that the Big 12 (minus 2) may lose more teams, as Oklahom and Oklahoma State have indicated they would like to get out from under the control of Texas( a team which they have both dominated recently). The college football landscape is still going to experience significant changes. While independence is a struggle (back half of the schedule) the ability to work through it is there if they are patient and wait for the landscape to settle. That said, I can see where fans would like to know one way or the other

Ogden, UT

From this BYU fans perspective, I'm just fine with BYU sticking by their guns with respect to no-sunday-play and exposure via BYU-TV. If that means the remain independent until a suitor agrees to those two bedrocks, I'm just fine.

As for this blather about BYU fans have angst over this or that. I for one would have much, much, MUCH greater angst if BYU sold out to Sunday play (they won't and I'm not worried) or gave up trying to serve BYU fans across the country and around the world with exposure.

Your trying to characterize BYU fans as upset or anxious or ... you fail to understand the breadth of the BYU nation and our understanding that sports has its rightful place ... as Bronco said 5th. Faith, Family, Friends, Education, Football. Fine with me. Oh that my kids grow up as grounded and wise

Lindon, UT

Patriot-- You've fallen for the Ute fan misinformation. The contract with the Armed Forces Bowl was only for one year. Next year they are under contract with the Poinsettia and then Kraft Fight Hunger after that. Granted, they are mid-level bowls but will be getting better. Strength of schedule is impossible to guarantee since some teams with over-perform and others will tank but looking at the next few years, BYU will have very challenging schedules as an indy.

Proud Ute

Have to say it...... brace yourself for some major flip-flopping from some of the Cougar faithful.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Give it a rest Mr. Rock. ---how do you know most BYU fans are just waiting to hear something about joining or not joining. -- speak for your self and the few who like you want to try to run the show from their narrow and limited prespective.I and many others I know would prefer thosse best qualified determine what is best for BYU and I have greater faith in them than journalists. If they decide to join a conference if invited -fime -- If they decide not to join --- fine -- I'm not a part time fan.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Don't really care right now. Bring it up again in October. And like any other athletic director at any other school, Tom Holmoe is not the decision maker in these types of policies and choices.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"Have to say it...... brace yourself for some major flip-flopping from some of the Cougar faithful."

Proud Ute, are you suggesting that BYU will be invited to a BCS conference? Ute fans don't usually admit that. Of course, if BYU joins a BCS conference, the contract will contain some BYU terms on it. That is the reason why BYU never got an official invitation from the other conferences; they didn't agree to BYU's terms, and BYU wasn't willing to go with their terms (like another team did).

Washington, UT

I think Brad Rock is engaging in some bad journalism here. What does he know? so BYU has not "revealed" it's intentions, it's unimportant. And yes, maybe it's possible BYU does yet know what it's intentions are. With the daily changing of the football landscape out there, why would you commit now? tomorrow could be a whole different world. So I respect BYU for staying mum, and look to do the best it can for the school, sports, and the fans. But certainly, this issue should not be driven by the fans, they just come to watch games.

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