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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

@ Pagan

You can reduxe you tax burden, too, by donating to charity. It appears maybe you ought to consider doing that, rather than critisizing other who choose to donate.

@ Ms Molli

Going to heaven (using your logic) is indeed voluntary. No one holds a gun to your head to tithe, live the word of wisdom, be faithful to your spouse, go home or visiting teaching, teach a sunday school class, attend church meetings, etc. Its just like no one will force you to be a good neighbor, friend, relative or business associate. And no one will force you to be a "member in good standing" either. You choose for yourself....that's called agency and you enjoy it as do I.

hope a lot

Can any one tell me the name of"a business,or a church, or any other entities that does not pay a staff to administer their products or believes?" plus the thousands of construction workers,and office workers who are not on welfare because of tithing.
How about the perpetual education fund, sending many people of other nations to school, the list goes on and on. I love to pay tithing. Irv

Dark Reaver

I have no issue at all with the idea of voluntary tithe, other then how it ends up spent. Though that is between the religion and it's diety.
I do find the ideal that amount tithed is tied to the level of eternal salvation, a bit disturbing. Though again, between you and your diety, he/she will determine your judgement, not the religions followers.
To each their own.
I do find the thought that God would require any defined level of financial donation related to treatment in afterlife, annoying.
God's love is free, afterlife would be determind by faith in that, anymore is like buying a plane ticket, will you spend for 1st class or buisness class.
What do I know though? I'm just man.

rock springs, wy


If you paid more in taxes than Mitt Romney, you are a very fortunate person.


Pagan is mistaken. He claims he pays 30% "back to his country": assume that's federal income taxes and no state, sales, property, or FICA, which go elsewhere than "his country." Assume "Single" for tax status, with minimum standard deduction.

2011 Single tax brackets:
10% $0 - $8,500
15% $8,501 - $34,500
25% $34,501 - $83,600
28% $83,601 - $174,400
33% $174,401 - $379,150

Pagan claims he pays 30%, which isn't a marginal tax rate, so either he makes over $89,401 ($5,800 standard deduction + 28% minimum) and calls his 28% marginal rate "30%", or his 30% is a lie, or he grossly overpays and needs TurboTax or H&R Block. Calculating tax for marginal rates below his 28%, he only pays 20.4%, and this assumes no 401(k), state tax, or mortgage deductions he may claim. Absolute worst case, earning $89,401 (good money for a single guy in Utah), Pagan pays ~20%.

The reality is most Americans pay a smaller percentage than Mitt Romney in taxes. Google search "Media Myth 97 percent Americans pay less" or IRSdotGOVslash PUBslash IRS-SOIslash 09in11si.xls.

Salt Lake City, UT


"At the same time, Romney gave nearly $3 million to charity about half of that amount to the Mormon Church which helped LOWER his effective tax rate to a modest 14 percent...' - article. Less than I pay in taxes, I know that."

I suspect you paid the tax rate in accordance with, and required by the tax code passed by the US Congress.

I also suspect that Romney did the same thing... else he surely would have been under audit by the Federal Internal Revenue Service Audit Division.

To feel that Romney should write a check to IRS for taxes due... then add some additional tax amount according to someone's calculations, is fool hearty.

Warren Buffet thinks the rich should pay more in taxes. Well, Warren, Write a check and send it in.

It is understandable why Warren wouldn't mind that the wealthy pay more since his entire wealth, at his death, will be donated to charities. What difference to him if it goes to IRS or a charity?

I'm sure Mitt (and millions and millions of taxpayers, myself included) would rather their wealth go to descendents instead of the government.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Pagan is mistaken."

Pagan may not be mistaken.

The tax 'rate' and the 'percentage paid in taxes' could be two different numbers. For example, a single person with $175,000 (2010 year) taxable income will be in the 33% tax bracket but pays only 24% in income tax. That's because income taxes are progressive... the tax rate increases as the taxable base amount increases.

Murray, UT

What he gives is between him and God. It's only a issue for those who want to make it an issue.

Eagle Mountain, UT

None of the current field of candidates is without something akin to odd behavior. None of them are without something that screams "don't vote for me." None of them, as is painfully obvious in poll after poll, seems capable of garnering sufficient national votes to win in November. The best the Republicans can do is to hope for a brokered convention where they can essentially start over and mount a serious campaign. These candidates are outdoing each other by pushing everything further right when the country as a whole seems far more moderate or centrist overall. This is one of those inherent problems with our system. Every 4 to 8 years we elect someone who is on the opposite side of the same coin as the previous president. They don't really represent the majority. And even when they stick with their platform as a candidate, they are badmouthed and targeted because people only listen to extremism on the radio.

Hyrum, Ut

It is very interesting to see how many of you (who I suspect have nothing to do with the dispersment of church funds) know so much about the dispersement of church funds. I have served as a Bishop and I do not know all about this subject but I can tell you that if a missionary needs help funding his mission, it does not come out of the tithing fund. Most of the time individual member come forward to help. The living allowance for GA's comes out of the taxable funds of the church and if a member needs help with their mortgage or food, that is supplied by the Bishop from the fast offering fund.

Many commentors bash on the media for not getting the facts right.

Please, in any of your "reporting", get the facts and not just something you have heard or you think sounds right.

Farmington, UT


So you pay a higher tax rate than Mitt. So what? Is he cheating the system? No. Since the majority of his income is capital gains, taxed at 15%, then he's paying what the system tells him to. Should he really write a check for the difference that you think is appropriate? That's the problem I have with liberals, they're always so eager to spend other people's money.

Are you also saying that you don't take deductions on your taxes that you're legally entitled to? If you do take legal deductions then please explain the problem here with Mitt? If you don't then the majority of us would consider that incredibly foolish. Either way, you're just plain wrong in your criticism of Mitt.

Sierra Vista, AZ

Well Thinkman, you did miss a thing or two. Included is Humanitarian Aid in America and all over the world, donations for the poor and needy and many others. Apparently, the government long ago, decided it was a good idea to have Americans help others all over the world and that it was worthy of a tax deduction. Maybe you should try it. I have seen many Mormons working - for nothing, no pay, to help a neighbor or someone on the street, etc. These are people who just care about people. We help even if we can't deduct it when we file our tax. Why are you concerned about this?


Article is misleading at best. Tithing is NOT under any microscope. Mitt might be, and tithing is a part of that, but LDS tithing is not under fire and won't be and hasn't been. The persecution complex in full swing right now.


Wait, Midvaliaen you just said tithing is not under any microscope. Mitt might be, and tithing is a part of that. So, if Mitt is under the microscope, tithing is a part of that, therefore tithing is partly under the microscope yet is not under the microscope? I don't understand. Can someone explain this to me?

On another note, we as LDS believe that god asks for 10% of our increase. This is his world. Us being here and what we receive are because he allows it. Giving him 10% of what is his is too much? I don't understand this concept either.

Murray, UT

Okay let me get this straight. First, people were worried about how much money Mitt was making and if he was paying his fair share of taxes. We discovered he indeed was paying the amount he was supposed to. Now people are concerned that he's not paying exactly 10% tithe? Oh, he paid to little, must not be a good church member. Oh, he paid to much, now the church will influence his decisions as president. What's next, did he give to much to the Salvation Army. People will try to knock down Mitt anyway they can. They can't believe he's just a decent guy, unlike his opponent, Newt.

Less Is More
Ogden, UT

To me taxes and tithing are fundamental principles of investing in God and Country equally. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to contribute, take ownership, participate. In this case tithing, at 10% for everyone, all participate at the same rate. I have found that living on the remaining 90% of my income has been a sacrifice, but never overwhelming from childhood to raising children with low-income, to my current above average wage. The checks are now larger, but I feel grateful to participate just the same. By donating to charities outside the church, I feel like I'm part of my community. My feeling is that taxes should be administered the same. We are disenfranchising citizens if they don't participate, take ownership of their country. To me a flat consumption taxes with deductions, exceptions, and credits makes the most sense.

Time For A Tea Party
Ogden, UT

Mitt Romney donated $3,000,000 to charity and paid $3,000,000 in taxes and somehow this is considered bad or questionable. Obama panted a wall for the MLK day of service. I rest my case.

Less Is More
Ogden, UT

"To me a flat consumption taxes with deductions, exceptions, and credits makes the most sense." Sorry, I meant to say without deductions, exceptions, and credits.

Pullman, WA

Excuse me. Does any Christian really have a problem with paying 10% of their increase to their Church? All of these candidates are Christian men. Don't they all pay 10% of their income to their church? I mean, if they are Bible believing Christians they all pay 10%. Its right there in Malachi 3:8-12. And everyone knows a tithe is a tenth. So I suspect all of these guys pay that and it is a non issue.

Provo, UT

UtahBlueBell: Not a member are you? If you were you would know.

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