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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Washington, DC

Sounds like Romney has left an opening for legal residency as opposed to citizenship, which is smart. It allows him to talk to the right, but come back to something reasonable in the general election.

I've noticed that people who oppose immigration never quote reputable, objective, unaligned sources such as "The Economist" in posting their arguments. Perhaps it is because "The Economist" has multiple studies showing that immigration helps the economy. Those who deny this fact need to go back to Econ 101 and Adam Smith.

In ~878, the Chinese killed at least 120,000 Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traders in Canton. Some estimates put it at 200,000. Canton stopped being an extremely profitable trading port, as the silk/spice trade moved to other cities where immigrants were safer. Those trying to "kick the Mexicans out" need to realize how hurting freedom also hurts the economy - just like Canton in 878.

Farmington, UT

This is the first article I've read in the DN in a long while that actually touches the topic of discussion between two GOP candidates, even though the mudslinging is still present. I'll deal with the mud--keep the actual content coming!!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@ rhappahannock

Emigration can be good, and yes when a huge population is wiped off of the map, people do tend to look elsewhere where it's safer.

At the same time immigration can also be horrible to the local population. As far as loss of local customs, languages, society norms etc. I'm not saying immigrants necessarily don't contribute; but, look at what is happening now. The growing latino population is upset when they are asked to speak english in school. So they protest and demand that eveyone else learn their language. Their family size on average is double or triple that of the local population. The illegals don't have insurance, and use our charity at the hospitals adding to the burden of the local population. Illegals steal social security numbers adding to the crime. Illegals drive without insurance. Illegals can own property and get a loan, yet US citizens cannot buy land in places such as Mexico. It's forbidden.

Where's the equality, when illegals take and not contribute? They don't pay taxes on their income, food stamps, emergency room, car insurance, home insurance, etc.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

Romney has it right on here. If the government would crack down on greedy employers hiring illegals, as well as to stop giving out all these benefits (WIC, free emergency room care, and free education and welfare to anchor babies) then what else would all these millions of illegal freeloaders do but to go back to mexico?

Newt has stated before that he wants to give illegals amnesty. Well, we all know that isn't going to work, but will instead just make a bigger magnet for illegals to hop the border. What has Newt done to curb the invasion from mexico that was going on on his watch in Congress? Newt has ZERO credibility on this issue.

Cedar Hills, UT

Gingrich knows how to work an audience. The problem is what he said in South Carolina would most likely be opposite of what he says in Florida. The man is a showman. Romney is a vanilla CEO type but I trust him much more than Gingrich.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@Jazz Bass Man

"If the government would crack down on greedy employers hiring illegals, as well as to stop giving out all these benefits (WIC, free emergency room care, and free education and welfare to anchor babies) then what else would all these millions of illegal freeloaders do but to go back to mexico?"


Those "anchor babies" (ugly, near racist, dehumanizing term) happen to be AMERICAN CITIZENS. Just as American as you or I, and deserving of every right WE enjoy as such.

While I in no way condone illegal immigration, I support opening the borders. I did nothing to ask or deserve to be born in this wonderful country, certainly did nothing to deserve my citizenship here, who am I to say who can enjoy these blessings, and who cannot?

Staff Sergeant Darrel Ross-United States Army

Provo, UT

We allow over 1 million people to immigrate legally here each year. That's very generous. Legal immigrants should show their gratitude for the opportunities we are giving them by assimilating and becoming Americans. Illegal immigration should not be tolerated. Crack down on the illegals and their employers.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah


First off, thank you for your service to your country.

To address your responses, first of all I didn't mention anything about RACE. Illegal immigrants come in all races. Mexico is a country, not a unified race. Second of all, there are BILLIONS of poor people in the world who are MUCH more impoverished than mexicans, who only wish they could come to this country and get free welfare, school and health care. I know, because I sponsor kids in Africa who live in conditions that people in this country could not imagine.

You say we should "open the borders", well can you explain how it's fair to keep out poor kids in Africa, but let border hoppers from mexico stay here, just because mexico is our geographical neighbor? How is it fair to give amnesty to illegals while thousands from all over the world have come the legal way, and spent all kinds of money, time and paperwork to do it the right way, and many are still trying to get their citizenship? Just how long would our country last if we opened our borders to the entire third world?

Bountiful, UT

The reason America has such a dominate, vibrant and rich culture is because of immigrants. American culture is dominate in the whole world. What happens is immigrants from all parts come toether and if the magic works as here in America, the best tends to survive and the other not. Survival of the fittest.

Sandy, UT

Here's another reason why a vote for Newt = a vote for Barack. The general voter population will ask, "Why should we vote for an Obama clone when we already have Obama?" Just one more illustration of the fact that Newt is a Washington insider, a political elite, and an enemy to the taxpayer and American citizen worker. Just keep the insanity coming, and we'll be a genuine third-world country in no time at all.


Legal immigration may improve the economy, with studies taking both sides of the argument, illegal immigration is a drain.

Birthright children do have a right to be here, but if they are under 18, and not living with a citizen, they are to be with their parents until 18. Then they can return on their own. Darrel, your ancestors paid your price for being here, by coming here legally.

If a person has been here for 25 years, I doubt they want to be an American. They are here for the jobs and social services.

Iowa City, IA

Romney is right and in fact Gingrich two years ago used the exact same term "self-deportation" and the proper solution. His short term memory is going to be his downfall.

Thanks Gingrich for opening the door up for Romney. You actually mocking your own policy.


Gringrich is a side show and a clown that says what the audience wants to hear - he is good at that. But the reality is that if he wins the nomination - and I fear he will be able to appeal to the people that enjoy a side show - he will ruin this country. He will lose and another democratic Congress and Senate will follow - it will be a landslide.

Romeny is not exciting but he is solid and has a huge hill to climb - unfortunately for him most people feel like the coach that yells the loudest and gets all worked up on the sideline is what they prefer.

These are days of concern to say the least.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Sounds like Romney has left an opening for legal residency as opposed to citizenship, which is smart."

"Newt has stated before that he wants to give illegals amnesty. "

Newt has said that he supports an opening for legal residency, not citizenship. If you think that's amnesty then based on the top comment you must think Romney supports amnesey too.

Farmington, UT

Self-deportation is the most humane choice of any in this problematic issue.

This attack just makes Gingrich look more and more like the old shark we knew and didn't love, way, way, way back when... ,

Miami Area, Fl

"and I fear he will be able to appeal to the people that enjoy a side show"

Yes, you are correct. And to be honest, those "people that enjoy a side show"
are the solid GOP base.


People have been using the phrase self deportation. The first time I saw it was in this paper on an opinion piece by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Newt said he would give a path to those here for 25 years, how is he going to get rid of the rest? If he doesn't use self deportation, then he's going to round them up and deport them?


I'm just curious, is this the same Gingrich who has said that Spanish is the language of the ghetto?

I thought Romney's "self deportation" attitude was interesting and speaks to one of the distinct problems with immigration reform, businesses that encourage illegals by hiring them under the table.

If the jobs dry up under the enforcement of the law and prosecuting the hirers of illegal immigrants, those here without credentials will have no incentive but to return and potentially re-enter legally.

For those die hard liberals who insist on softballing this issue, Romney offers a sensible moderate solution for those who Gingrich says speak the language of the ghetto.

Junction city, Oregon

I ask myself everyday, which one would beat obama.
I dont like gingrich, but many like him to out debate obama.
I like romney, but many think he is not tough enough to beat obama.
So this is our problem, not romneys.
We the people need to Grow Up.

Carlsbad, CA

Re: Gingrich's constant referral to Ronald Reagan. Thank goodness for Reagan, football fields, golf balls and freight trains. Without them we would have no field of reference for anything. Reagan, any act deemed praiseworthy; football fields, anything as big as; golf balls, anything the size of; freight trains, anything as loud as.

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