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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

Huh? No TV? What's up with that?

If the Utes were still in the MWC, a game nearly halfway through the conference (albeit against any of the following...SDSU, UNLV, CSU, WYO, TCU, AFA, New Mexico, and even BSU) would be availabe locally.

at least this year... MWC > PAC12 (aka "Conference of Champions")

But, on the bright side, the Utes would not have two conference wins already either.

Go Utes. Glad it's clarified that it still says "UCLA" on your next opponent's jersey.

Good Luck!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Yeah too bad the Utes aren't in the MWC anymore - not!

If the cougs were in the MWC, they would be in 3rd or 4th place. I agree the MWC is the best basketball conference in the west this year. The PAC 12 is undoubtably down this year but teams like UCLA, Arizona and even Utah for that matter won't stay down for long.

I will take one year of not having our basketball games on TV (this year that's a good thing) to the rest of all our games starting next year to be nationally televised.

As for this years team, I hope they can compete this week on the road. This coaching staff is improving this team.

Go Utes

Bluffdale, UT


Utah is not a great basketball team. So, why are you so jealous of their schedule? Just let it go already.

Sandy, UT

Obviously this has not been a good year, but they have exceeded my expectations. I look forward to seeing what the Utes can do in the next few years once we get some more talent. I'm very optimistic about our future. Krystkowiak will get this team back where it used to be.

West Jordan, UT

Hi Razzle2

My name is in your post, but I have no idea why. It seems pretty non-responsive and rambling. Why would I be jealous of the Utes schedule? Did I mention that? What am I holding that needs to be let go of already? As to the success or talent-level of the Utes, I guess I'll let your own comment stand.

Good luck Runnin' Utes on your swing through SoCal this weekend.

Hang in there, Jordan Loveridge is on his way.


Let's go Utah!

Very excited for this week and hoping for a couple of dog fights in these two games in LA. I am extremely pleased with what I see from the coaches.

Lincoln Park, IL

Qwest Perfected

Utah became a conference bottom feeder before they left the MWC and the Utes are now one of the worst teams in the country. Programs sometimes fade and never return to their glory days. It happens.


A couple of 5-15 teams going at it for last place in the PAC 12; that'll get the ol' blood pumping for sure.

Salt Lake City, UT

Gonzaga at Portland rates ESPN2


Utah at UCLA rates zip, nada, zilch?

It's embarrassing how far Utah basketball has fallen.


Anyone bagging on the Huntsman Center's attendance needs to see how sad the attendance is at the UCLA game right now.

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