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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Scott Gordon omits the changes made to the Book of Mormon under President Hinkley. I'm not opining on this because it really doesn't matter. What I will say is that Joseph Walker, this newspaper and the LDS community still has a persecution complex and are thin-skinned about criticism from other religious quarters. It's time to get over it and be confident in who you are. So what if there is criticism. You aren't alone in being criticized.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


Labels like "persecution complex" are logically fallacious and distract from the truth.

Anyone who understands the core philosophies behind our beliefs, the nature of God, the nature of the entire work behind the church, etc. would know that when people 'fight the church' it is a real concern and one that we believe in addressing as best we are able or as God wants us to.

The Book of Mormon has accounts of anti-Christ's fighting prophets of God. This mentality of "what's the point defending" is incompatible with our own beliefs, even the very nature of believing itself unless we believe in 100% indifference to everything (one then questions the point of existence). The entire point of this work is to convince others of the truth, to get up, get working, and help lift up others. The only "what's the point" that should be asked is why people criticize to begin with. Criticism is inherently a hostile action. After being attacked for beliefs, now you're claim is that we're illogical for defending them. This is far from any reasonable argument in any scholarly realm or school of thought.

Mesa, AZ


"The church may not be racist now, but it used to be. If you have ever read the journal of discourses with talks by Brigham Young and others you would agree. I will not put those quotes here because I think they are rude, but if you want to check them out I encourage you to do so."

That may have been true but it also reflected the mood of the country at the time in which those statements were made. The United States back then was also racist for the most part even after the Civil War. Research the attitudes of churches towards blacks and what they believed and you will see what I mean. Allso there were laws passed by congress that counted slaves as only one-third of a person.

Mesa, AZ


âBiblical Christians are appalled at Mormon doctrines because they completely deny the veracity of the Bible as God's infallible Word, they deny His character and essence as given in His text. They rewrote and redefined historic Christianity.â

I think the council of Nicea wrote and redefined historical Christianity. The oldest new testament in existence can only be dated to the third century A.D. If you know of any other documents that contain the full texts of the New Testament that come from earlier sources preferably during the times of Christ and the apostles and before the Roman persecutions, I would be very interested in reading them. Joseph Smith has been accused of fabricating the Book of Mormon but who is to say that those responsible for compiling the New Testament did not resort to a little creative writing of their own.

Morgan Hill, CA

Since the term "cult" is seldom (if ever) defined, I am forced to conclude that a cult is basically any religion that right wing Protestants don't happen to like.

As for me, I rejected right wing fundamentalist teachings long ago. Their continual degrading and belittling of the individual - coupled with liberal doses of unexplained guilt - alienated me as an American and a human being. Their Doctrine of Original Sin (wherein we are told to blindly accept guilt for the sin of Adam) contradicts the American concept of justice (wherein we are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law).

Their continual harping on how we are "by nature evil" or "totally depraved" fosters an attitude of little more than self-loathing. This is unhealthy - especially for young children - I don't care how "Christian" it may be.

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