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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Nashville, TN

I have never been an Obama fan, but under the circumstance we are in with everyone running I think we may be better off for another 4 years. Mitt just doesn't understand the average person at all.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think the good pastor was actually thinking of the Pearl of Great Price (Moses 7:22). Most modern LDS would bristle at the thought of this being used to prove the Church is racist; but then this passage may have been read differently 40 years ago. LDS practices from many years ago may well come back to haunt prominent members in the 20th Century. But then we have never burned people at the stake for heresy. Catholics rarely get stuck with that responsibility these days. It was the product of a different time.

Junction city, Oregon

Makes me even more solid in my foundation.

Bakersfield, CA

What's more scary is that Mormons won't own up to, or worse, don't even read their own history from source documents like Church History, Journal of Discourses, The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, etc.

Let's take our own Pew Poll here, my pew. I'm 7th generation and I know my history. Who organized and when were the Danites first dispatched? Who and how many participated in the massacre at Enterprise, UT? Where were more victims murdered- Haun's Mill or Mountain Meadows? What were the lovely words of Brigham and his council, from the pulpit, on the "curse of the negro man"? Who said that all Christian denominations were an abomination and that all their creeds and teachers were false? Who allowed one man of the 50 to meet the firing squad in 1877, after allowing him to dine with him for over 20 years?

My ancestors died in the Willey Handcart Co., forged across the plains, eked out a living as potato farmers, and sacrificed everything they had for this church. They would be appalled at the total lack of honesty in claiming the truth of the prophets they followed.

I could go on, but it is pointless.

American Fork, UT

Sometimes you have to put your own windmills at which to tilt.

Bakersfield, CA

Well thanks, FAIR apologist. I just spit my coffee all over the table. Your twisting and redefining of the word "black" is truly a pretzel adventure of contortionist proportions. Wish I would have had your eloquent gifts when I was growing up LDS. Then I could have explained to my friends how I wasn't racist or bigoted, my church just had different definitions of what black really meant.

I could have foregone all those squints and guffaws when I tried to explain that my great-grandaddies went to prison for being polygamists but that now we didn't believe it, but that we believed we would be living it in heaven, which was filled with polygamists. I could have just passed on the Mother in Heaven thing and the Celestial Kingdom requirements we learned in seminary.

But I shared and defended it, no matter how irrational and unbiblical the new revelations were. Yes, we can become gods, why is that strange?

Biblical Christians are appalled at Mormon doctrines because they completely deny the veracity of the Bible as God's infallible Word, they deny His character and essence as given in His text. They rewrote and redefined historic Christianity.

Stop bloviating.

Temecula, CA

Two Cents: It is a matter of Principle to not vote for someone like Newt Gingrich who endorses and wraps within his campaign anti-mormon supporters. He embraces this divisivness because it supports his desire and greed to become President. He is a known lier and cheat. Why would one of us assume he could not stoop even lower? His pride owns him.

I will not vote for the better of two if both espouse intent of low moral character.

Brigham City, UT

The attacks will come from the left----count on it, Frank Rich is a huge Democratic figure and he thinks LDS are monsters---you can google his comments he made in 2008. Pres. Obama respects all religions, (and owes a lot to Harry Reid for keeping the senate in 2010) but many in his party, most in his party is anti-religion----and that is media, universities, scientists, and the Hollywood elites.

Brigham City, UT

From the quote in article, "..that the church is doctored up and painted nicely.." The media and Hollywood have ignored religions (and especially the LDS church) for 50 years now and yet the Brethren have never sought to be popular with them, and now that the Church is all over the news, the media elites are embarrassed that they have ignored the truth for so long and while this was all happening, the Church was winning (and has been winning since 1830) and keeping very humble and subtle and quiet about how the truth will eventually prevail. All churches a hundred years ago lacked diverse leadership, but the difference is one church changed in one day while the others changed over time. I don't think Mr. Obama would ever bring up the 1978 revelation, but so many in his party haven't forgotten it.


Is it wrong to be Anti-Mormon? Is it wrong to be anti anything?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

The right's slime machine is much worse than the left's.

Port Alice, B.C.

I wonder if evangelicals are really Christian.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Brahma I would just like to point out that every church that was controlled by white people had to deal with racism. Even Lincoln the great emancipator was racist. God can only work with those he has at his disposal. At the time they were ignorant of the truth slowly God educated them. Remember we teach line upon line precept upon precept as mankind is able to bear the truths revealed.

Although to refute that in the JoD Brigham has also stated that blacks are to be treated equally along with other leading brethren at the time.

Eureka, UT

I'm amazed how this article starts with Obama criticizing Romney for his Mormon faith and then it tells of all the Republicans who are already doing it. I just have to ask why Obama would even care, it's evangelicals that think Mormons are a cult and constantly attack and write the anti-mormon tracks. Also if you look at history, it was the democrats that supported Utah Statehood, not the Republicans. I think there is plenty in Romney's platform to argue against, his faith is not one of the things that are important to democrats. As an active LDS member and a democrat, that's the way I see it.

Colorado Springs, CO

Interesting comments in this article by men-of-the-cloth. And yet, they are unaware of why this country was established with the phrase of "freedom of religion" and why it is a bad thing to have religion controlling a country. It is also apparent that they are unaware of the establishment clause in the constitution.

but, I am wondering, since they are so anti-mormon, if a person was a hindu, sikh, jew, etc; would they also be so anti-conformity? I suspect they would be.

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

I love it when some members purposely mislead and say things that are half true.

President Brigham Young said some things that has many today gasping at what was said. There were some other early leaders that said somethings along the same line. So what. When HUCKLEBERRY FINN came out it was and is still a classic. So is UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, but today these books are banned in many schools as being discreminatory. They were written in a time much different than today. The same is said of these early leaders. I recognize the fault of these men and yet I have read these books and find them quite entertaining and without any gall. The same I find from early leaders of the Church.

I don't fully understand why blacks were not allowed the priesthood and honestly it has no affect at all on me or who I am. To hold these men to today's standards is totally and completely wrong and misleading. It just makes them men, not perfect by any nature. I have more respect for them than I will ever have for those who purposely mislead and attack these men after their deaths.

Kirk R Graves
West Jordan, UT

Tornogal | 4:18 p.m. Jan. 25, 2012

I am LDS and I don't really know. Joseph Smith ordained at least 1 black man to the priesthood, so it wasn't theological as far as I can tell. I can tell you that living it Utah, race (especially black) simply isn't an issue. There simply aren't enough black people for people to get racist about. Besides, with all the return missionaries here, who have served all over the world, we are a pretty racially tolerent group as far as I can tell.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

We're a peculiar people, except when we don't want to be.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I would agree with Marvin Perkins and disagree with Gordon that even the 2nd Nephi mention is to "blacks". Black is being used figuratively in that passage, and has nothing to do with "race" (which is in most respects a false notion anyway). While it is at one level a nice quote, to use it as a reference to people of African descent is to mis-read the Book of Mormon as a modern text.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I would point out that some of the nasty things said against Romney and Mormons have come from Democrats. My class mates saying mocking things about Romney serving a mission in France were by no means Republicans.

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