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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 25 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

The Republicans are the ones with the anti-Mormon slime machine. Watch it work wonders for Gingrich and Santorum. But of course (wink, wink) it is Obama's fault!

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

The most depressing aspect is that people who deal in this siliceous material are eligible to vote. Plato worried about this and 2500 years later it hasn't changed.

Mesa, Az

Nothing like false doctrine to scare people...Nowhere, absolutely nowhere in the Book of Mormon will you find the word Negro or black skin. Yep nothing like a bit of false doctrine to scare people.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

My husband served a mission in the south.

He told me that many churches have their once yearly meeting to warn their members against Mormons. He rightly pointed out that I would probably be biased against Mormons too if I had a yearly Sunday School lesson planted right in my manual that relied on obscure facts and details that made Mormons sound crazy and strange. Those who are biased are hardly bad people, just misinformed by those who hold influence in their lives. We don't need to feel outraged.

Having both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman running gave not only one face but two faces to what a Mormon looks like. The more exposure we can get the better I say. All the mud slinging in the world can't be worse from what people are already believing and teaching in private.

My brother just graduated from Harvard Med school last year. There was a highly educated medical resident there who believed that because he was Mormon he was a polygamist and was wary of him for months before she finally confronted him on the issue. He was shocked and dismayed, but glad to explain.

Let us be patient as the Lord rolls forth His work and more and more walls are broken down. I am pleased to be a part of this great generation and see His great work spread on every continent in His way and in His own time.

Florissant, MO

OK, everyone tonight at midnight, go outside and look at the sky, then write what you see. Guess what, we are all going to see it differently, and some may not see the stars cause there are tons of clouds. I think that we sometimes don't see the stars because of the clouds that are covering the sky. So people will see what they want to see in Mormon's and they will not see who they really are, because of the clouds that are blocking their view. As for race, which is a view that many still want to have their view blocked, I moved away from Utah and attend a ward that has quite a few blacks in the ward. They are great people and I love them for them, not for the color of their skin. But I will tell you who I can't stand, is white people who constantly use the racist card. I think that when someone accuses a person or a group of being racist, the accuser is the actual true racist. Cause most people are not even thinking about that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let me be clear.

I take issue with religion. When people use theology to affect my FACTUAL life, I want evidencet. Not more theology.

And I think that ALL religions, whatever flavor, are not based on evidence, rationale, or facts. As such, I think ALL religions are 'cults.'

It is not specific to Mormonism.

That said:

I think Huntsman was the best GOP canidate. I might vote for him in 2016 and I think he would be a BETTER VP than Biden.

My experiences in Utah have shown me that there, like the bad, GOOD Americans who just HAPPEN...

to be Mormon.

People of EXCELLENT character, who I would want by my side in bad situations.

And if anyone has reffered to the LDS faith as a 'cult' (I think they are a Christian-based faith)...

It is the supporters of Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Obama has said NOTHING about Mitt Romney's faith, to date.


Murray, UT

It was Southern Baptist preachers who started the KKK and encouraged their members to join.

It was the Catholic Church who persecuted and killed Jews during the Inquisition and then killed millions of Native Americans with the Conquistas.

So why is the Mormon Church being picked on for not allowing those with African ancestry to hold the priesthood?

It seems pretty benign compared to what the religion of the other GOP candidates did.

sandy, ut

ClarkHippo - I don't think playing the numbers game and quoting that because there are 13 million members there must be some divine influence. So what, there are 15 million methodists, 500 million catholics, and over a billion muslims. So does that mean they are better just because of sheer numbers? All of them sprouted from 1 person with a claim. Every single one of them.

Big Red '93
The High Plains of, Texas

The LDS Church preaches that it has the truth,and we actively preach in all communities, so therefore, it is expected we should be attacked. And so it has been since its inception, nothing new there. And we shouldn't expect anything less from misinformed preachers who's livings depend on their religious base.

I am more and more convinced that the Republican ideals have changed over the years, and that they talk from both sides of their mouths. Being somewhat moderate myself, I see that as potentially a good thing, but it is all show and tell during the primaries. Personally, I don't understand how the evangelicals can endorse Gingrich with all his baggage and his smug attitude, and yet go after Romney for his clean living ideals and example. I wouldn't put it past Gingrich to have converted to Catholicism because he knew he wanted to run for the Presidency. It's all hypocrisy at its finest.

If Gingrich is nominated for the Republican party, I for one will waste my vote. I don't think I could take 4 years of Gingrich.

Salt Lake City, UT

'So why is the Mormon Church being picked on for not allowing those with African ancestry to hold the priesthood?' - Poqui | 3:24 p.m. Jan. 25, 2012

2 reasons:

1) This happened until 1978. Not some distant past.

2) Because if you are supposed to have integrity...

you do not rely on the actions of OTHERS, as 'justification' for discrimination that YOU, support.

Your actions will then ALWAYS be decided...by the actions of others.

REGARDLESS, of the flavor.

Mormon, Prodestant or Mulsim.

Having ingetrigty means that you are responsible for YOURSELF.

Regardless of what 'the other guy' does.

And, as we hopefully ALL agree that discrimination is WRONG...

justying it to OTHERS...

is exactly the same reason why Mormons have felt the sting of persecution, themselves.

Missouri executive order 44, October 27, 1838.

Phoenix, AZ

%poqui, You state: So why is the Mormon Church being picked on for not allowing those with African ancestry to hold the priesthood?

It seems pretty benign compared to what the religion of the other GOP candidates did.

Perhaps if you were black you would see things differently.


I am not a Mormon and I am confused.

If, as the article says, there is no basis for a "curse" on African Americans in the Book of Mormon, what was the basis for not letting Blacks participate fully in the LDS church until 1978?

Cora Smith

Obama has said absolutely nothing about the Mormon religion. Now, have any active LDS members repeated stories and made claims after Obama won the Presidency? Did you say things that you did not know were true, but you still repeated the stories? You remember dont you? Obamas a Muslim, Obamas a Marxist, Obamas a socialist, Obama is going to get your guns, Obama is not an American citizen, Obama is going to force everybody to make him king, Etc. The President doesn't care if Romney is LDS. Some of you might ask yourself if talking trash about our good President, who has tried, even in the face of his obstructionist cohorts in the White House, to help the middle class and the poor regain what they lost under the republican leadership of Bush. The wealthy don't need help. They have the Grover Norquist/Koch teams to lobby the republicans, the rest of us need Obama.


I find it amazing that a conservative writer would try to drag the Obama campaign into the behavior and tactics of the current Super-Pacs involved in the GOP Primaries. Then again maybe the purpose was to incite anger over something that has not happened yet....

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Well said Cora, well said!

Medical Lake, Washington

I have never known a time when arguing religion has ever benefited anyone; at least not in the long run.

I am LDS and for every positive thing I might bring up about my faith, someone will counter it with something negative --- much like a battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Whether it be right wing conservative, Democratic leftist, or some ultra secretive terrorist organization, ridiculing anyone's personal beliefs is never appropriate.

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

Big Red,
Don't waste your vote. If Newt gets the nomination, hold your nose and pull the lever. We CANNOT afford (in more than one way) four more years of Obama. I will do the same if it comes down to that.

ANYONE would be a better VP than Joe Biden. What a goofball.

I liked Newt two-three months ago, but he has gotten mean, and it's a turn-off. I wish Cain had stayed in the race.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...It is difficult to imagine that running against President Obama will draw out any more anti-Mormon rhetoric than the current Republican campaign has drawn...".


Salt Lake City, UT

"Saved by cheap grace and born againism has been Satan most effective tool in America. "

Well that's fantastic, an article about slime thrown at Mormons and your response is to throw slime at evangelicals. I hope you don't mind when the LDS church is called a cult, lest you be a hypocrite.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Boy of boy, all these comments I read certainly open your eyes and thoughts. I am a very grateful, active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From what I read there are many who are just confused about the truth of the Book of Mormon and we as God's children become negative and apprehensive when we don't know or understand something. I believe this is the case with all of the colorful comments about the Mormon Church. I would suggest that instead of making unwarranted and negative comments that you get down on your knees and pray to your Heavenly Father, read the Book of Mormon and then you too, will know what is the Truth. There will be no doubt in your mind and you feel a peace in your heart. I did and I do.

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