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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 24 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

BTW- Checking to see if Hunstman released his tax return as well prior to him dropping out? If so, was any tithe donations listed? Who knows, perhaps that "tithing thing" is just too tough to define.

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

tything is suppose to be a sacrafice and IMO it isn't one if you claim it as a deduction on you tax forms at the end of the year. It's like telling Heavenly Father, "I'm giving this to you now because I know that at the end of the year when I file my taxes I will get it back."

I for one have never claimed my paying of tything as a tax deduction and I have been blessed all the more for it as it is a sacrafice.

Heber City, UT

@CougarKeith - Oh yes, please do what CougarKeith advises...it will make for an even shorter career!

I live in Utah, most of my friends are members of your faith. That said, suggesting that anyone who thinks your religion is a bit off is a propagandist is a bit of a stretch. Your absolutism is what is wrong with the debate. It's not a debate of whose religion is best or whose god can beat up the other gods. In fact, Mitt's real problems have nothing to do with his faith but rather with his character and his here-today, gone-tomorrow positions.

But by all means try to convince us all that yours is the only right church. I always enjoy a good laugh.

Layton, UT

What a desperate attempt to spin something praiseworthy. Giving away your own income towards a noteworthy cause that you believe in should be commended. Although some of the LDS charitable donations are used towards operational expenses, a great deal is used to support one of the largest welfare and humanitarian aid programs in the world.

And I dont believe for one second Romney decided to donate millions of dollars a year (a good portion of his life) to charity so he could strengthen his presidential campaigning efforts. And it is not like he volunteered this information. There are less expensive things he could have done. It was his republican counterparts, the media, and many others who demanded and insisted that he release his tax records ASAP.

Ironic though that it is now Gingrich that is coming under scrutiny for questionable tax records, while the tax records of Romney are being confirmed as fair and legit.

American Fork, UT

Yes, they will be politicised.

Idaho Falls, ID

LDS Liberal

You better check your math before you make false allegations. In 2 yrs Romney made 41.6 million. He "gave away $7 million in charitable contributions over the past two years, including at least $4.1 million" to the LDS Church." That is NOT 5.5% as you stated, more like 10 %.


The irony of this article's title is hilarious.

That said. I sincerely hope Mitt wins the election and think he is clearly the best candidate. Newt will get killed by Obama if he goes on.

Sacramento, CA

I think that every person that lives in the United States of America should pay income taxes. Yes - even those on the dole of welfare and food stamps. Everyone should pay their fair share.

Mclean, VA

Im convinced that the Lord knows peoples hearts. Not us. And I am pretty sure that 90%, if not more, of the active LDS who pay tithing would continue to pay tithing regardless of the tax deduction. By the way, that is pretty much what Elder Dallin H. Oaks (LDS Apostle) said when he went before congress last year to support tax deductions for charitable donations.

He supported the tax deduction with many other leaders from various churches enough to address congress. He felt, and I am paraphrasing, the tax deduction was a significant incentive to support the principle and role of American society as a people to give to others. And effort not put the burden of welfare entirely on the Government. He also noted discontinuing the deduction would mostly effect other qualified charitable organizations, but not the donations received by the LDS Church. It has little impact on the decision of an active LDS memeber to pay a full tithe.

Mclean, VA

By the way and for example. If you fall in the 25% tax bracket, for every $100 dollars you donate, the Federal Government gives you roughly $25 dollars back. No way our shining example of efficiency government can spend your $100 better than you and do it for $25. That is the concept behind the charitable tax deduction. In fact, the charitable tax deduction is probably one of the only efficient programs the federal Government has.

On a side note, if Elder Oaks (LDS Apostle) and leaders from other churches accross the country feel it is OK to deduct your tithing and fast offering donations, than I am pretty sure the Lord thinks it is OK.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yes it will be politicized by the so called conservative republicans, but they will blame it on the democrats.

Springville, Ut

I've "enjoyed" reading the words of many commentators on here tonight expressing their sadness that some people will politicize this and it isn't fair because Mr. Romney is being a true Christian and living his faith and doing a wonderful thing. All those may be true. However, please note that if you are or are not voting for Mr. Romney because of his faith or because of his tithing status, YOU, yes you not everyone else, have politicized this. This article was not written for the at-large American audience (no pun intended) but for the LDS community that wanted to be able to say "See! Mitt is an amazing person because he pays a full tithe!"

Also, anyone who speaks out of one side of their mouth decrying the politicization of Mr. Romney's faith while using the other side to demean Mr. Huntsman for his honest characterization of how he practices his faith hardly has any room to talk.

opinion 47

Proud of Mitt and what he stands for

Anchorage, AK

alt134 posted:
I have never thought about that possibility until someone a few posts ago mentioned it.

LDS: Consider this. generally speaking, every $1,000 you contribute to charity, you get about $300 reduction in taxes. $300 more you can contribute to your favorite charity next year. Your refusing to take the tax break "takes" $300.00 from the charity of your choice. Think about that. ;-)

Anchorage, AK

Oh, alt134,

I might add. Last year I contributed a good chunk of my tax return to Japan relief efforts. A return I wouldn't have had if I hadn't claimed my charitable contributions.

Phoenix, AZ

Who Cares what he paid....It is his business not anyone else!

Layton, UT

To most LDS, Romney's charitable contributions means something because it shows he understands what the word commitment means. Something perhaps Gingrich still needs to understand.

Paying 10% tithing is not easy, something those who have never done it, may not get. So it could be easy for them to dismiss what it actually entails and how difficult it can be to continue to pay tithing every year. And don't give me the holier than thou bologna because bills are bills and unless you are a presidential candidate no one knows (accept your church leaders and the Lord and OK maybe the IRS too) what you donate to charity.

Also, it was Gingrich and others that planned to use Romney's tax returns against him which totally backfired. If anything his tax returns show a generosity that is uncommon.

As others have said, Romney did not volunteer his returns and it was actually his opponents that screamed and kicked for Romney to release them. So it is funny to say anyone other than those trying to smear Romney politicized the results of his returns.

Layton, UT


A $300 tax deduction does not equate to an additional $300 tax refund.

Also, if you pay tithing on your gross income, you do not have to pay tithing on your refund. Get with the program. ;) But then again, that is a personal decision.

Bountiful, UT

The public wanted him to disclose his financials and he agreed. If you disclose your taxes, everyone will see how much money you earn, pay, donate, investments, properties, etc, etc. I guess the reason why he didn't do it before is precisely because of the tithings. As members, we consider tithing a sacred personal action (I mentioned action and not duty because it's not a duty, we do it freely and willingly). Whatever I pay for tithing is between me, the Lord and the current bishop. Bishop only asks if I paid a full tithing. He doesn't ask if I paid only 10% or more. It looks like Romney pays more and thanks for that and being an example. His tithings are as valuable and worth to the eyes of the Lord as the widow's tithings. That's the beauty of the gospel. We don't brag about it, we are humble and grateful for it.

Huntsville, UT


I don't have a problem with him paying tithing. The problem is that tithing is not charity. Tithing goes to support the CHURCH not the PEOPLE.


I am saying that Tithing does not go to the needy. That is "Fast Offerings".

Tithing should NOT be tax deductible; nor should the Missionary Fund.

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