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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 24 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Roy, UT

So what if he pays a Tithe to the Savior Jesus Christ's Church? What is wrong with that? This is his chance to STAND FOR THE RIGHT! Anyone who criticizes him for it ought to be ashamed of themselves! Here is a chance to stick win the "Evangelicals", Catholics and all "Christians". Stand for your moral character Mitt and be proud of the fact that you pay your tithes and offerings to the Church of JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS! That is exactly how I would phrase it, put the "MORMON" phrase on the Media and correct them, Tell people to do research on members of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LDS for themselves and dare them NOT to take the word of someone else, tell them straight up, would you go to a NAZI to learn about the Jewish people, or would you talk to a Jewish Person, The Savior Himself said, By Their Fruits you shall know them. Almost all of those claiming Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS to be members of a cult have gotten they're information from Propogandaists who tell half truths and distorted facts. Learn the facts!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Simple Man
"wouldn't it be ironic if the real reason ClarkKent or atl134 so "nobly" don't take a tax deduction for their charitable contributions is they take the standard deduction because they don't have enough deductions to take advantage of itemizing? "

I have never thought about that possibility until someone a few posts ago mentioned it. It's new information to me. I have been working on the assumption that I am giving up something by not reporting the charitable contributions I make. Since I am thinking I am giving something up (regardless of whether or not I actually am) then my motive is sincere, though possibly misguided. If you must know I donated 2% of my income to charity last year, an amount that I am sure will now be scoffed at.

Anon 808
Waianae, HI

Most Americans are not thought tithing and it shows.

Miami Area, Fl

Mitts tithing is commendable. Anyone looking to make a negative out of it is misguided and partisan.

Cedar Hills, UT

You can bet with 100% certainty that it will be politicized. I have to give Mitt alot of credit for hanging in there among all the trash and misinformation that he has to put up with. I think I would just live off my investments, get back to my family and say to heck with this running for president crap...it ain't worth it! It seems like all the GOP and Tea Party folks want is a "showman" instead of a real CEO problem solver anyway. I trust Mitt more than anyone to turn this economy around but he will never get the chance. Gingrich is more of the pure politician and showman and Mitt is just sort of vanilla. Obama was elected 100% on fluff in 2008 and zero substance and maybe that is an indictment of the American people and how shallow and clueless we have become.

Mapleton, UT

RanchHand - are you saying donations to the LDS Church don't help the poor and needy?

lehi, ut


While we rarely agree I have to applaude you for your posts here. They have been both intelligent and sincere.

Anchorage, AK

Comparing Mitt to Newt
From Bloomberg:
The Gingriches reported $81,133 in charitable donations, according to tax documents they released Jan. 19. The sole named benefactor, the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington, received $9,540, and it paid wife Callista Gingrich $5,918. She is a member of the choir. Another $68,493 in charitable deductions were listed as gifts from Gingrichs companies to unidentified charities. The rest, $3,100, was labeled miscellaneous donations.

Newt donated $9,540 to his church, and $5,918 of that came back paying his wife's choir position. Net for their church about $3,600. 0.1% to his church. If he'd paid 15% tax (like Mitt), do you think he'd do his church any better?

Mitt's 17% to church and charities is astounding!

Mapleton, UT

LDS Liberal - I disagree that tithing isn't charity. I don't think there is enough money paid in fast offerings, etc to help people around the world when disasters occur.

Mapleton, UT

Pagan - why are you so interested in Mitt Romney providing private information but excuse Obama from providing his personal information? Why isn't Obama accountable? You seem to have a double standard.

Salt Lake City, UT


Your charity, however large or small, is commendable. I doubt anyone would sincerely scoff at that. However, I will scoff at your idea that taking a deduction is immoral, and that not paying money that is not owed is somehow increasing expenses.

By your line of reasoning, my company offering a sale on my product is giving money away to my customers. It's not. It's not reducing my revenues. My customers don't owe me anything for it.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Liberal,

"Besides -- Romney only paid ~5.5% Tithing based on his income tax."

Very Christian of you to point something like that out.

Cedar City, UT

It is unfortunate that tithing is being dragged into the political conversation. It should be a confidential and sacred act, not used as a symbol of politics or judging others or he's-better-than-the-other-guy talk.

I grew up a Protestant. As a convert of long ago, I know there is a great difference in religions regarding what tithe means. There is no stigma or reward or blessings from donations and offerings in most other Christian churches.

However, in our Church, there is a great deal of emphsis placed on tithing. It is a commandment. It is tracked. It has determination as to what assignments members can have. And if they advance in the Priesthood. If they can enter the Temple.

There is a huge difference between what tithing means in the Church versus outside.

Again, tithing should be kept confidential. It should not even be discussed out in public. It is a sacred trust.

Temecula, CA

So the result of all of Gingrich's blathering is that it shows Romney made money? Check! That he donated a substancial Sum to Charity? Check! That Romney was honest in paying his taxes? Check! And Gingrich is a Cheap Skate who has little compassion for the poor or suffering? Check! And Vice President Biden and the President are even cheaper? Check!

Heber City, UT

First, the title of this article is absurd. Of course he wants it politicized...provided it makes him look good. That was clear from his comments. To assert that he would prefer to keep all this private is unlikely at best.

Second, who cares? I know the DN likes to make much ado about anything mormon but the rest of the country is only wondering how this rich kid can really relate to their circumstances. Yeah, I know, Mitt was only modestly rich before and he really had to struggle to get really, really rich.

I don't care that he is rich. Donald Trump is rich and he is completely unqualified to be president. My problem with Mitt isn't his money it's his integrity. This is a guy that will say whatever is popular at the moment to get ahead. He wants to be president more than anyone else wants him to be president. In fact, I can't remember a candidate in the GOP towards which there was this much trepidation.

His background and having grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth and wearing khakis out to play only reinforces the belief of the masses that this guy doesn't understand what it's like for the majority of Americans who actually have to earn their way through life. He won't do well with staunch conservatives, won't do well with libertarians, won't appeal to the masses...don't worry, Wall Street Bankers love him and that's what will keep him in the hunt.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Pagan - why are you so interested in Mitt Romney providing private information but excuse Obama from providing his personal information?' - Woodyff | 4:05 p.m. Jan. 24, 2012

You mean...

Obama's long form birth certificate??

**'Obama shows birth certificate' - By Ben Feller - AP - Published by DSNews - 04/27/11

And 'yes' it actually WAS after the state of Hawaii verified Obama's birth certificate, more than two YEARS earlier:

"I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen."
- Hawaii: Obama birth certificate is real - USA Today - 07/28/09 - By Dan Nakaso, The Honolulu Advertiser

But conservatives kept asking for it, anyway.

**'Trump on Obama's Birth Certificate: 'Maybe It Says He's a Muslim' - Fox Nation - 03/30/11

Making themselves look foolish.

So, 'what' information, are you talking about?

You don't even know.

If you don't like the very SAME standards used on yourself that you use on others.... (i.e. Romney's tax records)

they are not very good values.

i.e. A Double Standard.

Colorado Springs, CO

Romney hopes tithing isn't politicized: Too late; we have this story and all these posts. It already is!

Layton, UT

This comment board started off on the wrong foot by someone who made an absolutely absurd statement that charitable donations are not tax deductable. Then you have a bunch of people who take the standard deduction on their taxes and who never itemize their taxes preaching their own false doctrine about how society should never take the charitable donation deduction on their taxes when they itemize.

You are kidding me right? Maybe none of us should deduct our mortgage interest when we itemize our taxes because we are causing everyone else to pay us back for the loan interest rate and payment that we signed up for. What a joke.

You completely lose credibility when you declare utterly false statements as fact.

Hank Pym

This IMO is a non-issue.

How, other than privacy, does it differ from dropping funds into a collection plate being passed around?

The Cayman Islands account and tax rate MR pays are bigger issues. Though, nothing to get all hot & bothered about regarding of religious or political leanings.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

RE: Brother Chuck Schroeder-- Romney had no other alternatives. He's running for the highest National office. He HAD to disclose all, including his tithing donations. I commend him for making these tax returns public, and only wish he did them prior to the SC Primary. I think he waited too long. I hope he can now break Newts momentum.

RE: Pagan-- Your responses make me smile. They really do. I tried to find 5 other articles to show they make me smile, so I could copy and paste them into my reply, but couldn't find them. Perhaps next time. Seriously, thanks for the chuckle!! :o)

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