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Published: Monday, Jan. 23 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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springville, UT

Ute grads/fans on the school board maybe?

Fishers, IN

Bravo! Well said.

US Army Veteran
Lindon, UT

Charger? It is either a warhorse or a large platter or plate that is placed under a dinner plate at either a fancy eating establishment or a royal banquet. It is very possible that these elite school board members were thinking of the second definition rather than the first because having a warhorse as a mascot would be inciting violence.

Danbury, CT

Love the Mark Twain quote. Could replace "school board" with "politicians". I just want to know: where are these people's minds? What are they watching? Other than a few low-budget shows with aging sex symbols, "Cougars" are not in the mainstream media.

And how do we know "chargers" won't become offensive in the next 40 years??

Meridian, ID

If a local school board can do this, just think what a national "school board" could do. The possibilities are endless.

Glenwood, UT

........read about this a week ago. Yeah, pretty dumb. Must have a (cougar) on the school board. Anything can be offensive or dirty. Just add ( if you know what Im saying!!! Wink Wink!!)

Lafayette, IN

Great article.

The cross-town opponents of the Indians would of course be the Pale Faces.

Hyrum, UT

I especially like how DN's articles can freely call people idiots, but not commenters.

Salt Lake, Utah

C'mon D Rob, The Board's just trying to justify their existence. I suspect they've seen too many episodes of 'Cougar Town' with Courtney Cox and have filled their heads with lacivious thoughts from which they are trying to protect others.

Layton, UT

In this day and age, Chargers are offensive. They are destroying our economy by charging so much on their credit cards. Clearly these people hate our kids and expect them to live mired in the surly bonds of financial slavery all their lives. I'm outraged and want the schoolboards to know that I'll be mortally offended until you rename your mascot something less offensive.

I know, how about the "Chinese Importers!" or the "Islamic Terrorists" or the "Illegal Immigrants". Nothing offensive about those three mascots, but unfortunately those are all I could come up with...

I'd make a few more suggestions but right now, but I'm afraid every mascot I can come up with has something offensive about it... or will... once I'm done.

taylorsville, utah

Who hired those people. Talk about being ultra sensitive in the extreme. It's ludicrous.

City, Ut

"Apparently, it occurs to the people who serve on the school board, which should be embarrassing.'


Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

... only in Utah.


Idaho Falls, ID

This was a great article! How in the world can we hope to teach our children to face the world when we, as adults, get hung up over such little things. Sorry, but if "Cougar" as a mascot is offensive to you, then you're simply TRYING to be offended. But, to me it's the school board's DECISION and what it infers that should be offensive to middle aged women. Are they saying that middle-aged women's emotions are so fragile and tender that if you use Cougar as a mascot, they will take offense and need therapy? If that is what they really believe, they could never expect those same middle-aged women that teach in their district to be able to handle a classroom full of teenagers every day (forget about the mascot)?!! THAT's what's really offensive!

Y Eng

Thank you for the article. I feel that the decision was kind of ridiculous as well.

Iowa City, IA

Let stop pretending the school board is telling the truth. The board is sprinkled with ute fans who don't want the school to have the same colors and mascot as BYU. It's really that juvenille. There, the truth is out.

Sandy, UT

Really.... I dont want those on the board teaching my kids anything. Thats a ridiculas reason for not using the cougar as the school mascot. The board members need to be replaced with logical thinking individuals.

Salt Lake City, UT

These people should have their names out there. Here goes..
Mont Millerberg, Kim Murphy Horiuchi, Paul McCarty
Tracy Scott Cowdell, Sherril Taylor, Steve Wrigley, Kevin Craig Cromar
Now if you voted for any of these people, be really embarrassed!


Funny article Doug, good you didn't post it as a comment it would have never got past the D News censors.


This was just a lesson in modern day politics. The actual will of the people who voted, was ignored. the option the 'Board' picked wasn't even in mentioned by those who voiced an opinion. Sounds just like the government, including local, state, and national.

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