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Published: Monday, Jan. 23 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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mcallen, tx

you're kidding??? he has money in a mutual fund that put money into the hands that put money into the hands of his eventual opponent? lame headline. romney is rich, he has money all over the world. if he didn't have money in fannie mae, i'd be shocked. too bad gingrich has taken more money out of fannie and freddie than romney ever will.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Investing in a business shows that at some level you think it will make a profit. It is a very different act than taking large consulting fees from it. For one thing, since the fact of the matter is the problem is that Fannie did not have enough money and the US had to save it, it is consulting fees and not investors who created its problem. Unlike Gingrich, Romney was not syphoning off Fannie's funds.

Eugene, OR

There is a world of difference between passively investing in a mutual fund that includes Fannie and Freddie as part of the portfolio and being paid by those same institutions to use your past experience in Congress as a lobbyist, er, historian.

This article is a raises a non-issue.

West Valley, UT

I am certainly no Romney fan, but it doesn't appear that he has done anything illegal. Taking advantage of any available tax break is what we all do each year when we claim deductions for dependents, mortgage, charitable giving...

I'll vote against Romney because of his positions on issues, not because of his tax returns.


What a misleading headline. it sounds like Romney intentionally invested in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
1. His money is in a blind trust. He does not know what is in his investments.
2. The Freddie Mac investment is part of a complex mutual fund. How many of us know all the assets in our mutual funds.

Romney is honorable in his duties. He is in compliance with the law. Why is this an issue?

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

So Romney invested with his personal money into Fannie and Freddie........Barack has invested with "all of our money" into a Money Pit that starts with "Stimulus, Solyndra, ATF (see Holder), Golf, Vacations and lavish parties.

Who's most responsible??? Mitt!

blue springs, MO

yes romney has money invested in companies. why is his income being blasted and not the others ? the liberal media is biased and making up stories in which romney cannot get the country to understand he is an honorable man. i trust romney.

Humble, TX

Why is this an issue? It looks like Romney was pouring money into Freddie and Fannie to pay Newt's salary. I don't know of any honest person or business in the country who doesn't try to minimize the tax burden on themselves and/or their business. The press is trying to make it look like it was a sin to invest in Freddie and Fannie. It was not and I don't know why they make it an issue other than to make it appear that Mitt has done something wrong.


Romney invested in Fannie and Freddie. Gingrich took $1.6 million from them, Bush gave them a ton of money and McCain suspended his presidential campaign at the time to fly back to DC and vote for them to get a ton of money. Of course they all want to run from that now. That is the main thing that bothers me, not that they did it, but that they run from it.

Why doesn't Romney run on his record as governor? He was a great governor and should be proud of all his accomplishments instead of running from them.


The returns show that Mitt and Ann Romney, who are worth from $190 million to $250 million, earned $21.7 million in 2010 and paid a 13.9 percent tax rate, lower than that of a person earning $50,000. The total amount the Romneys paid in taxes in 2010 was about $3 million.

Along with releasing their tax returns from 2010, the Romneys released estimates for their 2011 taxes, which have not yet been filed. The estimates show an income of $20.9 million, with the couple paying a tax rate of 15.4 percent, closer to the estimate that Romney gave at a January 17 press conference. The Romneys' income came entirely from investments, mostly from capital gains, which are taxed at a lower rate than other types of income.

Those investments are littered across a series of accounts in places stretching from America to the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg and even include a now-closed Swiss bank account.

In 2010 Romney gave nearly $3 million to charity, with half of that going to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon church.

Fern RL

I would rather hear from Mitt Romney what financial magic tricks he has up his sleeve to help the US economic situation. Maybe he could help us all to avoid having a tax burden greater than 15%.

Gray, TN

I'm excited that Romney is Smart with his money and understands how to make income - not how to go into debt. This is what we need as a leader. If Romney was poor, didn't understand finances or how to enlist investors into his capital funds, then I would be disappointed.
As long as he's paying all the taxes required under the law, then he's legit. Who would want an economic ignoramus running the country today...


Whether or not you like Mitt Romney, a close look at the fast and loose printed word will tell you that the authors of this article are less than honest in their telling of the story.So is the DMN in the headline.

Romney attacked Gingrich for his lobbying for the questionable Fannie and Freddie and acting to support their questionable practices.

Romney invested in a mutual fund with some assets in the two. Even at that, the headline is false by the admission of its author. One fund had $100,00 in it. The other had $250,000 in it. Hmmm... $350,000, not $500,000.

You may argue that I'm parsing words, but what bothers me is not the challenges to Romney, but the loose play with the truth. It is not the same to invest in something as it is to shill for something, but Gingrich should get a pass and Romney not? Is there an agenda here or what?

Romney paid $3M in taxes in 2010. Is that wrong when there are and have been sitting legislators in congress indicted for tax evasion. Why is it immoral in this country to succeed?

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

All the tax shelters and such make we ask one question. For Latter-Day Saints, are the tems "legal" and "ethical" supposed to mean the same? I expect more from card holding members, much more.

Somewhere in Time, UT

This information is completely irrelevant. The investment in Freddie was made by a manager in a blind trust. Romney had NOTHING to do with the decision. Absolutely irrelevant.

salt lake city, ut

Is it illegal to invest your own money in Freddie? What government laws has he been guilty of breaking? Hard for me to believe that Republicans are critical of Romney's wealth when they promote capitalism. Those that make money because of their strengths and do it legally is what America is about.

Ed Meyer
Kanab, UT

OK. I am a state retiree. The state retirement fund invests money everywhere. They may or may not invest in Fanny Mae. I don't have a clue. I'm bad, right? Give me a break.

Bountiful, Utah

"Romney campaign officials said Monday that a trustee handles the investments and that Romney had no role in choosing or managing them."

And will this be the excuse he will use should he be elected President when something in the executive branch of the Government goes wrong? He had someone else handle it and had no role in it?

Farr West, Utah

It is ridiculous to make this an issue. Investing in Freddie and Fannie (even if Romney had chosen those investments himself, which he did not) would not in any way make him responsible for the failings of those institutions. On the contrary, it would strengthen them. Gingrich, on the other hand, received large payments from them, which would weaken them. Payments for advice? The advice certainly didn't help. Millions of Americans are suffering from the housing crisis touched off by the poor decisions of Fannie and Freddie.
By the way, MANY DEMOCRATS in Congress and the Obama administration were right in the thick of the Fannie and Freddie mess, profiting from the tactics that led to the housing crisis.

West Valley, UT

Billions of people invested in Freddie and Fannie through various funds. It's part of the reason the whole real estate scandal was such a shocker.

In fact I would be more suspicious if he hadn't invested in them... because that would mean he may have known what was going to happen.

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