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Published: Monday, Jan. 23 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Great! Are we ever going to get a new OC?

Proud Ute

Welcome to the best program in the state!

CO Ute

If the reports are correct, he will 'gray shirt' his first year (basically pay his own way) and not count as a scholarship athlete. Seems like a great kid, lots of athletic ability, and a nice addition to the team.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I've heard the same thing about him grey shirting next year but he seems like a great athlete. Maybe coach K can use him on the basketball team while he is bulking up.

There are a lot of positives about this recruiting class, I just hope it all stays that way come signing day. The only surprises I want to hear about are a few high ranked players choosing the Utes over other schools.

Drum and Feather
Salt Lake City, UT

This kid is rated 2 star by Scout and Rivals has never even heard of him. I wonder of we are just trying to fill out the class with anything we can get at this point.

MN Ute

@Drum and Feather,
I don't think this is a move to fill out the depth chart. Like the article says, he only had 972 yards and five touchdowns. That's what probably got him the bad rankings. However, his senior year seems to indicate that the kid can play, getting 787 yards and eight touchdowns on top of being a good defensive linemen.

Like most sites say, stars are mainly indicators of how ready the kids are to play at a collegiate level. However, we currently have great tight ends who will be seniors next year, Moeai and Rogers. That should give this kid a good amount of time to bulk up and develop before we need him in two years.

Just remember the one thing when talking about the two stars. Stars don't mean squat if you can't develop them, and the reason many sites agree that Whit is one of the best coaches out there is that he gets the absolute most out of his players. So, I'm looking forward to seeing what he get's out of this 6'6 TE just as much as what he get's out of our new quarterbacks.


Troll and Feather, Rivals has "heard of him" (he is listed as Mia Valoaga), but has not yet rated him.

Salt Lake city, UT

i've said it a few times... star ratings mean nothing.

i invite everyone to google "eric weddle rivals"

Sandy, UT

@ Drum and Feather

The nice thing about the Utah coaching staff is that even if this kid was a two star recruit, they would develop his talent so that he ends up being a 3 and a half to four star athlete. That being said, go watch some highlights of the kid. He is a very good pass catcher, has a knack for getting open, and almost never goes down on the first hit. Looks like another good pick up for the Utes!

Santa Monica, CA

It's true, he wasn't widely recruited and we only beat out some minor programs to get him, but I have enough faith in Coach Whit that if he says a kid might turn into a good tight end, that kid will become a good tight end in our program. This guy has pounds to put on and years to grow, but Rogers, Moeai and Jake Murphy ahead of him. He will learn. Good luck to him!

South Weber, UT

I looked at his video and he does use that height to his advantage and he can stretch for the first down.
Check him out.
I think that he is another good find from the coaches.
This is a good class the coaches have put together. I'm happy to see that academics played a strong role in some of the recruits decisions.

Drum and Feather
Salt Lake City, UT

It appears one of the no star Allen kids that committed last week has decommitted and changed his committment to Kansas. Is this a bad thing or not?

CO Ute

I will repeat the same comment for all posters complaining he is only 2 stars, not highly recruited, filling out the class; etc.

The kid is going to be a gray shirt. He will not be on scholarship and not count against the scholarship limit at this time. He wants to play at Utah and is willing to pay his own way. How can you find a down side in that?


It's amazing that Utah can get a 2 star stud TE to gray shirt. How far Utah has come from begging 2 star guys to letting them gray shirt. This kid is 6'6"? Wow, he will be rocking LB's trying to cover him. No one will be able to cover him in the secondary.

Welcome to Utah Jeremiah!

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to the family Mia!! We can't wait to see what a year of filling out and weight training does for you!!

The fact that private schools were "recruiting" him for his senior year tells me a lot about his talent and his potential. The fact that he didn't sell out and stayed with his high school team tells me a lot about his character! That he earned all-California team honors with that high school team is just a bonus.

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

Besides - Utah doesn't need to recruit 4 star tight ends, we just wait until they come back from their missions and leave bYu!

Go Utes!!

South Jordan, UT

Drum and Feather is not a Utah fan.

Highland, UT

I'm sure he is just another 'should've been a 5 star' overlooked by everyone but Whittingham and New Mexico.

utah "fans" hypocritical since......forever.



I though that was pretty obvious. Can't blame the Troll and Feather though. If I were a BYU fan I would be obsessed with Utah too.

Las Vegas, NV


"If I were a BYU fan I would be obsessed with Utah too."

True, true! Just look at Ducky Hunter for proof of that!!

Go Utes!! It is great to be a Ute ... and RELEVANT!!

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