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Published: Saturday, Jan. 21 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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goochland, va

A true scenario. Policeman falls in love and marries a girl. She came here when she was two with her parents. Turns out she does not have a legal right to be here. She is currently illegal. They want to fix the situation. The only way under current law is for her to go home for ten years. So, what to do?

The policeman described how he was very much anti-illegal immigration until it happened to him and saw how utterly impossible it is for people of most nations to rectify their situations. I see this time and again. Until you walk a mile in someone's shoes, please do not judge as if you know exactly what their situation is.

Just Another Guy
Washington, Utah

I can't blame many of the illegals for wanting to come here especially when it is so easy to do so. Many if not most are illiterate even in their own language. They are ignorant. They really are. I know because I used to employ hundreds of them. I'm not saying they are unintelligent but they are ignorant and disrespectful because of their ignorance.
It is easy to sneak into the country.
It is easy for them to get work... Shouldn't we be upset with those who hire them? Hello!!!
We should be infuriated with those that hire the illegals!!!

Those who have compassion should help them, feed them, cloth them and give them a care package for their trip home with a promise that they will continue to get help if they care about them. Then the should go and help them help themselves.
If you really want to help them, go their and teach them how to fish not bring them here and give them fish.


The US has a law on the books to prevent this already. At 18 the woman is suppose to return home and apply for a student visa or residency. (6 month window). These children turned adults are moved to the front of the line.

If they don't, they are just as illegal as their their parents. The 10 year penalty for being here for one year illegally, (3 years for 6 months)is a deterrent for illegal immigration. It's difficult for most people to rectify their situation, when they have broke the law.

I have relatives that are here legally from Mexico. I see the much different life they lead compared to those here illegally. It's to bad the pro-illegal people, media, churches, some politicians can't walk in the footsteps of those here legally and start promoting legal immigration.

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

America has allowed in more than 1 Million legal immigrants per year since the 1980s. That is more than all other nations combined!

No one can claim that our immigration policy is broken, unless you feel that that number is too large, which it is.

We should not only be sending back illegal immigrants, but we should be cutting the number allowed to come here legally as well... until we can afford to fix our system and get things under control.

Right now we are headed for a serious disaster of monumental proportions... with our federal government totally out of control and our debt and unfunded obligations burdening the next couple of generations with "$120 Trillion!"

There is almost no way we can recover from that without a total collapse first.


If the churches cared at all for those in this country Illegally, then they would buy them a bus ticket & encourage them to Leave...Anything else is aiding & abetting aka enabling their Many CRIMES...!!!--when your teenager gets off track & mixed up in drugs, wrong friends whatever do you Score drugs for them???--NO, you must strengthen your resolve & administer a little Tough Love...IF you enable (as the Churches Are doing), then you just exacerbate the problem & prevent a Solution from happening...These churches have chosen to "don the blinders" And completely Ignore the Crimes committed by these Illegal invaders...they Are STEALING from America & her People, MANY of which sit in the same pews on Sunday...WHERE is the Churches compassion For Them...???!!!

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