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Published: Saturday, Jan. 21 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Waianae, HI

I do not think that this has much to do with Faith it more has to do with breaking the law, and helping people break the law.

I am on the side of States that have passed tough laws.

I also believe in ID Check when you have such problems going on. If you check everyone that is not Racial Profileing which I am not against, but is tacky at best.

I remember a bust in Sandy Utah that came about as people where check who where not breaking the law, they just looked different.

Some illegals are White and many other races. It does not mean you are legal just because your White and talk with a Southern Accent.

I just wish that you could apply some of there tough laws to Abortion.

If the Feds will not act then the States have got to act. If they do not act it is the same as saying its okay. Which it is not because its both against the law and eats your Tax Dollars.

How long do you think you would last as an Illegal in Mexico, trying to obtain the same things that illegals are in America.

Midvale, UT

Christy for one thing you like others like to throw that this nation is made up of immigrants, Well over 200 years ago it might have been, that doesn't apply anymore, and if you want to be technical, neither are the Mexicans, or did you all forget that.

and lets put this straight, we as the white and or black races may have killed or defeated to get this country, Yesh black, remember the Buffalo soldiers, but the most guilty of all, are the Spanish races, how many cultures did they destroy in obtaining this country, HMMMM, they are not natural to Mexico, or South America, now are they, right?

Lets see the Incas? the Aztec? Yucatans, or MAYANS? and smaller cultures we don't know? How about the American Indians in the Southern portion of the U.S.

So you people who wave a finger at the Europeans, or the British who say that we are the only guilty group that took this country you best remember your books, and remember they KILLED HUNDREDS of thousands or more to obtain it, so

This country of immigrants phrase, I am sick of it, our ANCESTORS made our country, not us.

Waianae, HI

I agree with botdriver.

I also think that ID Chips at Birth or evan tattooed numbers would be a great idea. We have great record keeping abilities now and I do not just mean America, I mean all over the World. Keep better track of the population from cradle to grave.

I am not on all fronts sure what to do about this problem in all situations.

Throwing them all out is one way but I do not think it is the way in all cases.

Case in point the illegals who have been here and came with there kids and the kids are now teenagers or adults themselfs, America is their main culture and English their main lanague.

What I do know is that the process is to slow with to many stages and appeals.

Yes you have familys that are cought up in it and are legal because of place of Birth or Mother or Dad being a Citizen. Yes the family suffers when the adult member is deported. However except in rare cases the family knew and are also breaking the law. I am on Alabama's and Americas side.

Port Alice, B.C.

Ah yes, the strident chorus of those saying, we have ours and we are going to keep it. Even at the cost of simple humanity and decency

Sandy, UT

Once again, it's not a matter of compassion, decency, Christianity, charity, or anything like that. It's about national solvency, national security, and ultimately national survival. There has never been a country that didn't enforce its borders and control access and residency and still survived. If you want to be "charitable," get on over and down to those third-world countries and help them with your own private funds. And as to enforcing the law, I suppose we should let a murderer off the hook just because someone somewhere in the state went 70 in a 65 mph zone . . . same logic. Sooner or later we've got to wake up and face reality. Being blind and weak is not working at all.

Kearns, UT

I think we can see what is happening here. Someone wants to shut us up before the battle begins, in keeping our jobs for the citizens of Utah in 2012.

Port Alice, B.C.

Yes, keep yout Utah jobs to yourselves. Keep this I have mine attitudes. When we are ripened in iniquity, then the end cometh.

City, Ut

RRB 1:34 said: As far as this article goes, according to Alabama lawmakers, harboring an illegal immigrant is only a crime if it is done with the intent to keep the person shielded or hidden from the authorities"

And it was the same crime the Dutch and others committed hiding Jews from the Nazis.

Nampa, ID

Immigration is only a concern during election time.

It's a subject that reminds people that they are either republican or democrat. Politicians only bring up immigration to get you to vote, not because they have a solution. You're kidding yourself if you think any politician is going to actually do something or has any idea what to do.

This American government was formed by our ancestors. Our government isn't dead. It's alive because we are now carrying forth the dreams of our ancestors. Believe it or not, our ancestors were just as divided in political thought as we are now. This is the system we've inherited.

I'm Navajo. I love this land. I appreciate the bleeding hearts that convinced a US government not to exterminate my ancestors and for my ancestors that fought and died for that same result. I feel for other tribes that were moved from their homelands because someone else wanted it.

This is a special land. I think God has blessed it. I believe there are good people and bad people. But for the most part, everyone here was led by God. There is no easy answer.

Orem, UT

1. There is no "line" to get in to come to the U.S. What don't you people understand about the process? There is no "line" (first come first serve!) 0.

A woman files over and over, seeking to come to the U.S. She pays all the money she has. A fortune to her. She is denied over and over. Why? Because she is a woman. She may not own land. She may have little money left after paying the U.S. Consulate fees. Denied. Denied. Denied.

The system needs to be fixed people! Families, Women with children, escaping brutality come out of desperation to find freedom. What don't you understand?

Yes, there is some criminal element. But many that have committed a misdemeanor (like you getting a speeding ticket) were trying to work a system that is unworkable, except for the wealthy.

Until you have lived this misery, and walked in the shoes, try a little compassion. Don't buy into all the media has told you...even our legislature and politicians are misinformed or uneducated...as they rip well-meaning families apart! God bless these wonderful brothers and sisters! --Bless us to love and not hate.

Spanish Fork, UT


That is no justification for illegals breaking the law. In fact, illegal behavior makes it even more difficult for that woman to immigrate legally.

It is impossible for America to take in every down trodden person on this earth that desires to immigrate (see Roy Beck: Immigration by the numbers on youtube). That is why we have a filter called immigration law. A much better solution for so many in need would be to aide them in their country of origin.

Allowing legal immigration on humanitarian needs only is not a viable answer. The sad part is that Mexico is a very wealthy and prosperous nation compared to most, yet many (either on purpose or inadvertently) are allowing this one demographic of people to receive the majority of the benefits at the expense of other nationalities and races. They seek to allow this one demographic to continue to break the rules and commit felonies that damage the lives of others.

Any law that seeks to reward this behavior is by definition, discrimination.

Just Another Guy
Washington, Utah

I have not read any comments yet so I don't know if anyone addressed this yet, but did you notice the poll on the first page? The media and or whoever took the poll took the liberty to generalize immigration with illegal immigrants!I've seen this a couple of other times and it is disturbing to me. I think or hope we can all agree that the facts and issues should not be distorted or misconstrued.

Does anyone know of a media source that shares only the facts and in an unbiased way? If you do PLEASE SHARE!

Montesano, WA

None of this would be relevant if one simple thing was followed. OBEY the law! just that simple its called illegal immigration why? because they broke the law! And a punishment is affixed with the choice to break the law. Sorry they broke the law, however we are a Nation of the rule of law and we as a church are to honor and sustain the law of the land we can not pick and chose what laws we keep and what we don't kinda like choosing only the commandments we agree with. won't work there either.

Just Another Guy
Washington, Utah

There is always a solution. People need to be creative, use common sense and good communication. But more importantly, for those who are religious or spiritual need to listen to their God.
I don't think God says to harbor illegal fugitives. I think he says feed them, cloth them and help them get to pay there debt if needed. Go to them and help them.

The issue is illegal immigration and all of the problems that it causes and brings with it.

I am empathetic and understanding of the plight of our neighbors and I would like to help them. We don't need to invite them here to help them though. We could just tell them to stay where they are at and we will send them money, but that would just be welfare. Or, we could go there and teach them how to take care of themselves so they can take care of themselves. This is, I am told, what the LDS church does by the way.
Those who have come here to take advantage of the US and all of its generosity should consider this. When you come here earn wages and then send some of those wages back to your homeland, it is just causing a perpetual welfare system (not good by the way). I have seen it. You would do better and be more honorable to take what you have learned and earned here and go back to teach your families, your friends and comrades and help them fight for there liberties. It is selfish if you don't.

Just Another Guy
Washington, Utah

OK, one more comment. Why are we over on the other side of the world trying to help nations with their problems when we have one just south of our own border which is a corrupt mess?

Is it because Mexico doesn't have anything we want?

Salt Lake City, UT

"But no one has gone quite as far as Alabama, whose law has been branded as radical. Its hard-line stances on hiring and renting to illegals, demands for schools to identify illegal students in classrooms and forbiddance of transporting illegals in any way, shape or form have many up in arms."

That's the federal law in a nut shell.

Federal officials such as Eric Holder should be held accountable for upholding the law. And that includes the President who swore a oath, at his inauguration, that he would uphold the US Constitution which says, in part (Article II, Section 3) 'that the President should take care that the laws are carried out faithfully.' Failure to carry out federal immigration laws and suing states who try, is tantamount to reasons for impeachment.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mary E Petty:

"It (illigration law) needs to be fixed so people can come to the US in an equitable and humane manner that has been America's historical melting pot."

People can come here. There is a way to come legally. Fill out the papers, pass the simple test and get in line. There are millions upon millions of folks who want to come to America to enjoy our way of life. We can't take them all in nor can we countenance those who break the law to get here. And that includes those who sneak across our borders and those who come here on legal visas but overstay.

If you want to see why we must stop or at least manage immigration, go to YouTube: 'Immigration Gumballs.'

"Immigration is a key component of America's greatness and should not be shut in some supposed legal mumbo jumbo that denies our roots.

Not so. The key component of America's greatness is that we are a nation of laws, and that citizens obey the law. Those who don't, get punished for it.

Mr. Bean
Salt Lake City, UT

@A voice of Reason"

"Love thy neighbor didn't mean 'except under these circumstances.'"

Supposing your neighbor wanted to move into your home with you, sleep in your bed, and eat your food. Would your comment be the same?

"What matters isn't enforcing the law."

Without laws we are not a sovereign nation. Without immigration laws and borders every square inch of this country would be occupied by billions of people. The reason we are a great nation is because we limit who and how many can come here.

"This country was founded to welcome those in need into a free world."

And we do welcome millions each year... those who apply, wait in line, and come legally. Those people are welcome. Others are not welcome.

"The most universally true rule I've been convinced of is that when you get help you give it, to raise others up."

The US gives billions each year in aid to countries around the world. If you feel that more is needed send a CARE package.

"Everyone receives help, yet far fewer are willing to give even an ounce back."

Americans are the most giving people in the entire world.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Last year he (farmer) decided to offer 50 of those jobs to locals. Big mistake. He couldn't find 50 locals and those few he found were incapable of doing the work. They didn't have the stamina to work an 8 our shift."

That's because they've grown soft on government handouts. Stop the handouts and they will have to work... or starve.


"I realize this is mostly about Mexicans but I don't want the Race Factor to be an issue."

The race factor is fast becoming an issue. We have mostly immigrants (legal/illegal) from Mexico and other Spanish speaking nations. It's projected that within a few years Hispanics will be the majority and the WASP will become a minority race. Then our language will change from English to Spanish. This is what all Hispanics are working and praying for. Hispanic is currently the largest minority group in America, outstripping Blacks.

All illegals should be treated equal... Deported.

Agreed... before it's too late. But it's already too late. Our politicians are loath to do anything about illegal immigration. They fear losing the Hispanic vote. Why do you think Obama and his henchman, Holder, does nothing about immigration?

Williams, AZ

I have read alot of the post and can't agree with some. I believe that the law is the law and needs to be follow, until they change the law or it makes it's way through the justice system. I myself don't care if it breaks families up, they knew when they got married that teir spouse was here illegally and chose to break the laws of this nation. The immigration system needs to be changed, but until that happen I must be this way. Some of your post say it's wrong to deine them food , rides and or shelter, but I say deport them back to were they came from and make them enter this country legally. There are alot of people waiting to enter this country, and they must wait. They should be the ones to get the frist shot at entering this country and not the ones who broke the laws and enter this country illegally. I defend this country for over 30 years in the miltary as a reseverist and worked Law Enforcement for over 28 years and now I am retired from both and believe what I believe.

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