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Published: Saturday, Jan. 21 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

There is no conflict between compassion and upholding the law. Those who say that there is are lying.


PLEASE contact your state elected representatives right now while the legislature is in session.
The amnesty advocates will be doing all they can to continue the illegal behaviors of the illegal trespassers.

Remind your state legislator that illegal immigrant trespassers cost the state of utah approx. 400 million per year.
That money SHOULD be used for LEGAL RESIDENTS and to help our legal citizens obtain jobs.
Ask your legislators to remove the "driver privilage cards". Since illegal immigrants AREN'T SUPPOSED to be here they won't need them anyway!
Ask your state legislator to please put legal citizens needs above those of unethical and illegal businesses.
This is an election year for legislators; they WILL listen to you if you try to communicate your feelings.

Murray, UT

So, it is a felony to work?
We should send people to prison for working?
There are of couse ways to level the playing field when it comes to work competion.
there are also ways to deal with idenity fraud.
Simply create one social security number for those without a ss card. also collect the maximum amount of federal and state taxes.
do stings for businesses who want to pay under the table; if caught take away their business license.
but in the end; if someone will work for less, and do a better job, then who is to accuse them of anything criminal?
I have no problem with someone who comes here to work; we should be collecting taxes from them as well.
We simply want to shoot our own foot to save face.

Ogden, UT

Someone get the violins hearts and flowers are in order. The lawless are in fear of the law. What a novelty!

New to Utah

Samantha Murphey and Elizabeth Stuart have done a great job for the DN in advocating the position of the DN that religious people help people who choose to be in the USA illegally. I think it is time that an investigative reporter looks into both the DN and the SLC chamber of commerece to see how much revenue comes from the hospitality industry and the construction industry in advertizing and membership in the chamber and fully examine if there is a vested interest. Since the citizens of Utah pay for the education, incarcaration,healthcare, infrastructure cost through both federal and state taxes and possible unemployment costs for breadwinners forced to be on unemployment because of undocumented hiring.It is time to look at both sides.

Clearfield, UT

As long as there is poverty, violence, and goverment corruption in Mexico and other central ameican countries there will be illegal immigration. All the laws, fences and harsh rhetoric will not solve a problem that economic, not criminal. KSL's Doug Wright did an interesting segment about a farmer in Colorado who brougt in 100 migrant workers every year. Last year he decided to offer 50 of those jobs to locals. Big mistake. He couldn't find 50 locals and those few he found were incapable of doing the work. They didn't have the stamina to work an 8 our shift. One last thought. Why do people believe illegals are eligible for food stamps and other government benefits. Not. I don't support illegal immigration. I support the church and their plea to bring humanity back to the debate. A lot of mean spirited rhetoric on this issue. To much emotion and not enough verifiable facts.

Alpine, UT

Sportsfan21, your argument is flawed. If love for our neighbor(illegals) is the reason to allow illegals to be here, then God's infinite love should permit all to return to live in His presence. But only those who abide by a Celestial law are given this privilege. God is bound by law, we should be, too. Are we greater than our maker?

Kaare Bye

I came here with legal papers.
It cost me 1 months wages in Norway 1957.
Most cost was by the USA Ambasade in Oslo Norway.
Trip over the ozean was 300.00 then..
Bus from New york to SLC was about 50.00 then.
To get all legal papers is very expensive

I can see why those poor people from South America has to walk ever feet on the sneaking into USA..........wish it was a better way. for them, now let some Eurepen come in with money, maybe they will treat the unlawful better?

Provo, UT

It's not the law that divides religion and communities, it's illegal immigration and those that hire them.

VIDAR, it's illegal to work here without permission from the government.
NeilT, same old justifications, same old answers. We can't stop murder either, but we can use laws that punish as a deterrent to keep it at a more manageable level. The farmer in Colorado has access to unlimited agriculture visas. Most illegal immigrants from Mexico won't work the farms anymore. They prefer the city jobs. The locals saw through him quite easily. As far as welfare, look at the states site
"You can apply for and get food stamp and medical benefits for eligible family members, even if your family includes other members who are not eligible because of immigration status.
You do not have to provide immigration status information, social security numbers, or documents for any family members who are not eligible for food stamp or medical benefits because of immigrant status and who are not asking for food stamp benefits.
Using food stamp or medical benefits will not affect your immigration status or the immigration status of your family.

Salt Lake valley, UT

I hope that all those who talk about illegals breaking the law (yes, they are) will remember what they said if they exceed the speed limit while driving. The speed limit is a maximum cap on speed. The speed-control laws are specific and exact. There is no buffer speed. The law requires that all drivers keep their speed at or below the specified limit.

I hope that our legislators and we as a people can find a middle ground between being here legally and being deported without their children who were born here and are thus American citizens.

American Fork, UT

Religion is totally subjective. And it makes any issue more murky.

Springville, UT

The only reason this issue is divisive is because some people profit (in one way or another) from illegals. And there are three key groups hoping to benefit: Democrats, businesses, and religions.

The rest of us were raised with the clear understanding that laws are to be obeyed--and that the rule of law is critical to our nation's stability.

The divisiveness is fed by those hoping to profit from illegals--and it usually involves the same name calling (racists, lacking compassion, etc.). They know the names aren't true, but they hope to influence public opinion through it.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans agree with me. These illegals have no respect for our laws and showed this the moment they crossed the border.

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

The thing that most people fail to acknowledge is how unfair it is for the millions of foreigners who have applied to come the USA legally.

They are honoring and obeying the law and yet are seeing millions of illegals come here, get jobs, be treated well, take advantage of medical and educational opportunities, even getting the possibility of going to the front of the immigration line, etc, etc...

Those good people are really mad about it. And if we don't solve the problem by making the illegals go home, apply legally/properly, and wait their turn... we are guilty of terrible discrimination.

To be a party to this discrimination is VERY unchristian! Why can't people see this side of the issue?!

Midvale, UT

I am absolutely sick of this. People that use the term we are a nation of immigrants. Sorry to those that state that, but those people that came here were over 200 years ago. This nation, is no longer made of people who are immigrant's.


These people are illegal, and it needs to stop. This is a nation like every other nation, it has mutual borders, and they need to be respected, and to those that are using that phrase you need a pop up side the head. ILLEGAL MEANS WHAT IT SAY'S ILLEGAL, you are breaking a federal law, not a state, a federal, and if the government will not do their job, then the state has to do it.

I am sick and tired of it when people play that trump card, "This is a nation of immigrant's". For one stop it, your ignorant. The second there are legal ways to enter this country, and if you can't do it, then you don't, and if you do, and you get caught, so be it you get the brand, and you get your fate.

Don't come to this country and expect a nice salutation.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I have very rarely hear any of these religious leaders (including Utah's leaders) speak out against the horrors of Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling which inflict real pain and suffering upon human beings. If they did, 60% of illegal immigration would rapidly stop. The delivery system operated by organized crime would become exposed along with the lucrative connections to the Chamber of Commerce's demand for disposable labor.

These leaders know about the horrors of trafficking and smuggling. Yet, like the religious leaders during the European Holocaust, they have turned their heads as say they never knew about it.


I won't begrudge someone wanting a better life. But does the United States really hold the answers to all the world's problems? There are many who are citizens of the United States who are every bit as impoverished as those seeking to come here. What's keeping the homelands of others from being as great as the United States has been? There are many who are willing to help others in need, but what happens when the giver no longer has anything more to give and has no means earn what they need for themselves, let alone earn more to provide for anyone else? Who is going to help those who are already citizens of this country who are in need, and who is going to help those who will eventually end up giving everything they have? Yes, we all need each other and at times we all need some help.

Steven Harper
Salt Lake City, UT

There is a very simple reason why there are literally millions of workers here without documentation: our economy needs them and our 1965-vintage immigration laws are hopelessly outdated. The way people emigrate to this country and become workers and/or citizens is broken. Why hasn't it been fixed? It's too easy for our politicos to drum up votes by appealing to the bigoted biases of too many Americans. The most recent evidence that bigotry trumps consideration of actual policy solutions? Gingrich's win in SC.

Beaverton, OR


We are not a nation of immigrants? Are your ancestors Native American? Mine are European, probably your's too. I was born here, probably you too. Pure luck. And for you to sit on your pedestal and point your finger and judge other human beings for coming here for want of a better life for themselves and their families -- just as our ancestors did -- is really ugly.

Our immigration laws need to be updated. Laws change as society changes.

Midvale, UT

Steven our Immigration laws were updated in 1996, and even earlier than that, they just have never been enforced like they should. They have been so to speak, given a slight glance over the shoulder, and then given a, "Eh." then moved on with, now it is biting those that are in government collectively in the butt.

Allowing illegal immigration only exploit's those that come here, and it only makes this country more guilty of allowing it.

Those that come here legally are also feeling this, from those that illegally enter this country as they are given a bad rap as well, so I have no compassion that enter this country illegally, and food for thought here, as with all the rest that bicker here.

If we illegally entered their country, and were caught, you would not get 3 hot's and a cot, you would be paying for a space to sleep, a blanket to keep you warm, food to eat, and you would have to pay the official's watching you to protect you, and yes you would have to pay to buy toilet paper to wipe your butt.

That's not the case here, something to think about.

Waianae, HI

My 1st thought is what are the illegal students doing in school in the first place.

Simple proof of Citizenship before being allowed in School is the answer to that question. You have a shot record why not a proof of Citizenship requirment.

I do follow the law and the law says that if you are born here you are a US Citizen regardless of your parents standing at the time of your birth. That is the law that needs to be changed. When that law is changed there will be less desire to come over the Border and have a child.

If a child is being born here I don't want a child to die for lack of services, this is America and we do somethings just because we can. We have walked on the face of the Moon, surely we can handle this.

I realize this is mostly about Mexicans but I don't want the Race Factor to be an issue. All illegals should be treated equal Deported.

This is not about Church and State this is about LAW and the Law say they go. If the Church objects then change the law. States Rights Issue.

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